Do Aliens Have A Religion?

As a pagan, we accept a creator but not a bunch of complex dogma (and no “created in god’s image”). Our faith would be malleable enough to accept evolution and to discuss religion even with an alien.

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for this belief?

There is do much wrong in the assertion it’s hard to know where to start. Firstly accepting a scientific fact doesn’t require any faith, malleable or otherwise, since scientific theories like evolution are validated by overwhelming objective empirical evidence.

Secondly, think about how self defeating faith is, if you care whether what you believe is true. Malleable faith strikes me as acrather meaningless addition, as there is nothing in cannot believe if belief is based on faith. Part of its attraction I suspect, is it doesn’t involve any critical scrutiny of beliefs.

I’d hope any species that mastered intergalactic travel, might have something of a little more value to share when they get here, than superstition.


Me too.

Given its more plausible, life in the universe, since we have life (therefore possible) and advanced species can evolve to whatever standard is considered “advanced” (say technological)… my guess???

Hope they have dropped superstitious beliefs…they may have concluded the universe was finely tuned just for them and their invisible friend/s have them on a mission to get everyone to serve a form of cockroach 🪳

BTW - channeled materials… folks are already talking to aliens about spiritual matters.

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Is “accepting” evolution supposed to give more credence to the rest of your faith? I mean, most mainstream Christian denominations “accept” a spherical Earth, doesn’t mean the rest of their beliefs aren’t wackadoodle.
Evolution happens. If your faith doesn’t accept it, your faith is wrong on that point.

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I guess we can always hope :slight_smile:. Intelligent doesn’t always mean rational. We appear to be taking our superstitions with us into space.

Under stressful, life threatening situations like colonizing mars, I’m afraid some people will become more religious, not less.
I agree with Stephen Hawkings that we can’t know what aliens would be like and we shouldn’t necessarily be trying to lead them to us.
Hmmmm Anyone know any Sci Fi where aliens have a religion? That is, not counting Star Wars.That could be an interesting read.

I guess I could find an alien channeler, give them piles of cash, and find out all about aliens religions :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I can always count on Whitefire to give me good ideas.

Star Trek. A whole host of them.

None of my ideas are original - just a touch of my understanding. I’m a curious person with a great memory for shit I’ve read, watched and heard. That’s about it.

Remember his time travellers party he threw? No one showed. He discounted time travellers…

BUT - what if they did show and they partied and talked and he learnt a bunch of shit AND then they set time “back” where it didn’t occur in Stephen’s conscious “timeline”…

You never know. Bwahhh haaaa haaaa :smiling_imp:

The Lensman series written by E E Doc Smith covers an interesting scenario.

There are two super-intelligent ancient races, the Arisians and Eddorians. The Arisians were “good”, while the Eddorians were “evil”, and each were in a protracted battle with each other, and the universe. It was the classic “good versus evil” on a galactic scale.

The Arisians seeded the galaxy with lifeforms (panspermia) and operating indirectly and unobserved, developed and guided civilizations toward the ultimate goal, the ultimate battle of good versus evil in the ultimate battle.

In a way, those two protagonist races were similar to gods, directing the path of history and the development of humans (and other races) while being unobserved and undetected.

If you can get past the blatant racism (a white dude saves the universe) and the sexism (the females all were in supporting roles) it is an excellent read.

I will have to check them out, it looks like there are even a couple of them in the Gutenberg project. I’ve liked Heinlein even though he’s accused of the same things. It can be hard to get past somethings, but it can make you grateful and hopeful for the future by the fact that times have changed.

LIAR! Define your creator, factually and simply, without a buch of complex dogmatic bullshit that defines you as a Pagan.

I believe that God and space aliens are real. Something made earth. I believe the God the Father Creator is made of nuclear white draft sun material. Revelations chapter 1 verses 13 to 17. And church Christians don’t know this and can’t think. I am a Christian but I am not rightous.

Can you demonstrate that the earth was “made.” If the earth was “created” how in the hell would you know it? According to you there is no difference between things that occur naturally, like the cosmose and all it contains, and those things that are made from the elements of the cosmose by actinge agents.

To what are you comparing “made” things to so that you can distinguish them from non-made things?

I assume you mean “White Dwarf Sun Material” Unless you are inventing your own material.

You do understand that “Revelations” almost didn’t make it into the Bible. It was the most debated of the books. This specific verse is responsible for the old man in the clouds version of God that is among the silliest out there and the version for which no modern apologist argues. It is also a version that does not support your claim of “white sun stuff.”

This is nothing but the New Trend in Christian Apologetics. No one is religious any more. DUH! Empty pew syndrome has raped the countryside where the Christians once held their Sunday services. Abandond Churches are selling on Zillow for under 50K. Religions are dying, and in a last struggling effort to save themselves, Christianity is being turned into a non-denominational amorphous, just follow the teachings of Jesus, systiem of chaos that anyone can fit into. You think you are something special… you are merely following the trend.

“:A new Gallup study finds the percentage of Americans who identify with a specific Protestant denomination has fallen from 50 percent in 2000 to 30 percent in 2016.”

“From 2000 to 2016, nones rose from 10 percent to 20 percent, while nondenominationals almost doubled as well—climbing from 9 percent to 17 percent.”

“Nondenominational Christians are also more diverse than many Protestant Americans.”

Some theologians worry the growth of nondenominationalism is part of a broader shift in American Christianity.

“There is a trend toward what I call ‘generic Christianity’ that is very feeling-centered and pragmatic and somewhat anti-intellectual,” Roger Olson, a theology professor at Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary, told Christianity Today.

You are merely protecting yourself and yor silly belief system in wishy-washy essoteric bullshit that is so vague and unrealistic that its the same thing as not mattering at all.

I have no dogmatic bull. And I love destroying atheism. It is fun. Look God the Father Creator is made of nuclear white sun material. King James, Revelations chapter 1 verses 13 to 17. You already heard that Jesus loves you. I came here to destroy atheism for fun. God shot magnetic lighting at the sun trillions times trillions of volts and billions times billions of amps and pulled the material out of it to form earth. It is still hot lava under the earth ok. And the temperature of outer space cooled off the earth’s surface to dirt and rocks. I would love to destroy atheism on national television. My pleasure.

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Superman and Spiderman tied god to a magical flying unicorn and sent him into 9th dimension. Once there all the other gods picked on him for having only created one simple little cosmose. While the other gods were playing with infinate dimensions and mind bending realityies, the retarded god of this universe, who was struggling to stay in control of a single planet, and trying to impress them with, “Look at this! A chicken! I made it.” All he got from the gods in the 9th dimension were looks of pity. So he grabbed a cookie and went to bed. Silly little god thing.

And the Lord said it was goooood :poultry_leg:

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The World’s first and Largest BBQ:
20 Noah built an altar to the Lord; he took one of each kind of ritually clean animal and bird, and burned them whole as a sacrifice on the altar. 21 The odor of the sacrifice pleased the Lord,… and he gobbled them up, bones and all. Then he opened his own Steak House.

Ken wasn’t the first to come up with the idea of an Ark.

To be clear I went with AND not OR

Perhaps a race of sentient beings sophisticated enough to visit us might already have their own (even superior) belief system?

It bemuses me that believers of all kinds tend to assume that non believers would believe as they do **if only they understood. ** Australians have a dulcet and pithy phrase for such arrogant and ignorant assumptions; “what a load of hot cock!”

Perhaps you might like to explain on what evidence such beings would be benign and even interested in communicating with us?

I’ve always had trouble believing any alien race would be interested in such a primitive species as man. Eg We have not learned to stop killing each other, and we remain engrossed in making our planet uninhabitable for ourselves and most other species.

What if Douglas Adams was right?.