Why is islam off limits?

But old man said…

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In 1969 I spent a lot of time in Malay village, where I made a lot of friends(all Muslim) A poor village, it had one person who had made the Hajj to Mecca. I asked him about Islam, respectfully , not arguing because I wanted to learn. He was very kind and went to a lot of trouble to explain Islam as he saw it.

The other time was on line about a decade ago. I discovered an online Yeshiva. (Jewish religious school) Orthodox Jews. Respectfully, I asked the Rabbi a lot of questions about Judaism, from dietary rules to their attitude on the Holocaust to the Jewish notion of heaven and hell. One thing which stuck is the explanation that Jewish law is based more on compensation than on vengeance.

The key I think was being respectful and non argumentative; I simply wanted to learn, not prove anything.

I think you may be right. Mr M does not seem to respect anyone who has the audacity to disagree with his prejudices.

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It’s not a matter of respect or not. He just does not give a shit. He has made up his mind and no amount of reasoning is going to change it. (I picked that up early on.) He even admitted it at least once. He just does not give a damn.


You’re right, I don’t anymore. In terms of respect for other’s opinions, it’s a two way street. I haven’t exactually been shown any respect since I made the mistake of making it known that I’m a conservative and Trump supporter. That makes me a minority in the atheist world.

My anger towards ISLAM is due to the frustration of seeing these types of attacks and watching our “leaders” say the same thing over and over.(We condemn these terrorist attacks) Then nothing happens. When was the last time that we actually got to see these governments respond in kind and hold these cowards accountable?

I have respect for anyone that is willing to stand up and say that you don’t believe any of their dogma and choose to live your life on your own terms. That makes us all minorities in our own countries. It can actually be life-threating in some parts of the world. ISLAM again, their intolerance for any other belief system puts them at the head of the line in my book.

I wasn’t sure what kind of response this would trigger, but I’m not really surprised at what others had said. What did surprise me was the amount of “moral indignity” that got thrown at me by those same 4 or 5 “intellectuals” who seem to be morally superior than thou in every response. How’s the weather up there?

Apparently venting your frustrations isn’t allowed. If I’m bigoted toward muslims like most of you think I am, there’s nothing I can or will say that will change your minds. But you’re guilty of the same thing, you will not tolerate anyone that doesn’t agree with your political views. I still think that a lot of liberals who call themselves “atheists” have just replaced religion with politics. It’s your new “religion” now.

All of my posts and responses have simply been my honest opinion.I am an angry old son of a bitch that has been living with depression and chronic never-ending pain for almost 10 years. I’m not looking for sympathy, maybe just a little respect for being an atheist in this fucked up world that we live in right now.

If it wasn’t allowed, you would have been banned long ago. You came here with a chip on your shoulder. It seemed like you lost it for a while; but I guess it is back!


Do you ever google arrests, or sentencing?

Uh…apparently when Biden starts up again with Syrian over backed Iranian militia.

Oh fuck! I forgot THATs mainstream news…shit!

You do realize right that “terrorists” have been around as long as governments?

Wahhh wahhhh … poor little Trump supporter - nobody likes me victim.

I don’t tolerate stupidity regardless political or religious.


Do you remember how you expressed yourself initially and the many insults you hurled around? Please be aware you did not make a good first impression and alienated almost everyone.

Shit, I don’t have a problem with anyone’s politics. But I can take issue on how they believe such politics must be practiced.

There is one thing I suggest you remember. We have a fuck of a lot more in common than differences. If we met in person, I would not have any problems sitting down with you and enjoying a beer or three, maybe watching a football game or listening to some kick-ass heavy metal. It is only one, and just one minor aspect of our lives we have a major difference, and to be honest, fuck politics.

Life is too short to get into piss-ass fights.


Nah he’s forgotten. Short memory. We’re the “moral” superiors right. Name calling, rage ranting against 1.8 billion - suggesting their families need to be tossed - no one doing “anything” is a coward… just pure hate.

No empathy. No understanding of radicals… no understanding of world politics or history. Just poisonous spew.

I’d land up throwing the beer in his fucking face.

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LOL… I supported Trump over Fuckshit Hillary too. Don’t get me started on the Fucking Clintons. Slimeballs from birth to death. I’ve not a single good thing to say about them.

Doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Atheism. Even now, I can’t say I am sorry. Yea, I don’t like Trump. I dislike the Religious Right. I also do not believe that anything can be done to stop America from going down the drain. The police state is coming. I don’t actually believe the president matters that much. The Supreme Court on the other hand… Well, there is where some power lies.

Anyway, I am around for another 10, perhaps 15 years and them I am pushing up daises. I’m leaving politics to the youth. Even with that said, I have a visceral hatred of Hilary and Bill Clinton.


So did I.

I had at the time preferred the chaos I figured Trump would bring, plus I thought it was hilarious that a reality show persona was getting in the mix to break the corporate Republicans and Democrats.

Fuck me!

Chaos and stupidity, authoritarian lazy-ass ignorant narcissist. I didn’t know he was that fucked-up.

Indeed. That’s what I gather from Sun Tzu, ca 6th century bce.

Being blunt all the time is an especially obnoxious trait of the insensitive and mentally lazy imo.

Before anyone calls ‘hypocrite’ I’ll add that hypocrisy is part of the human condition. That neither one-on-one relationships nor society generally could operate if everyone insisted on always expressing their honest opinion.

The behaviour of such people shows an innate lack of caring and respect for others. In return, no respect is earned.


Two cents on Donald Trump and his supporters: IMO Donald Trump is a criminal who should be in prison. Unfortunately, he managed to con the non thinking class in the US with his simple minded brand of populism.

I have only contempt for the man and his amoral behaviour. That does not mean I am contemptuous of his followers. As a group they seem to be ignorant and gullible people who have difficulty with abstract thought. I pity them, avoid them and and am increasingly grateful that I do not live in the US.

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That’s not true, though quite a few posters don’t respect that choice, and have taken care to explain why. You on the other hand have been shown respect.

I can’t speak for atheists globally, but the number of people who hold a view has no relevance to it’s validity.

Again why would you think nothing happens? Do you get this angry at all the murders and rapes that non Muslims commit?

What cowards? Can you cite a terrorists attack where the security forces did nothing to capture and punish the terrorists involved, assuming they were still alive.

You don’t get to tell people what they can and cannot believe, in the US the right to hold any religious beliefs or none at all is written into the constitution.

What does? Why do you say our own countries as if the country somehow doesn’t belong to someone who is a Muslim, are you forgetting the constitution again?

What can be life threatening? Who is at the head of what line? You’re making bigoted generalisations again. You don’t seem to understand the difference between challenging pernicious doctrine and beliefs, and bigoted prejudice, that’s bizarre.

Oh I suspect you knew.

Ad hominem, again you seem to want to express your opini8ns but don’t like it when they’re challenged. This is a debate forum. The views you expressed are dangerous, prejudice and bigotry are pernicious, you’re also making absurd claims that are demonstrably wrong. Like deporting entire families who’ve committed no crime, deport to where one wonders , as you’re also implying the equally spurious assumption all Muslims are immigrants.

I’m guessing you can’t see the irony between those two statements.

Has your unpleasant bigotry been removed? Have you been banned? Or are people offering cogent opinions that you simply don’t like? Why do you think you can start by trying to victimise others, like Muslims, then play the victim card when people don’t agree? Seriously why is that, do you think we’re too ignorant to notice or something?

You were making blanket condemnations of hundreds of millions of people based on religious prejudice, so that’s a particularly stupid think to say. The real irony is that rather than address peoples carefully reasoned objections you are trying to pretend they are the prejudiced ones.

Are we not allowed to offer an opinion contrary to your own, without one of these juvenile tantrums where you pathetically try to pretend you’re being victimised? Again I’m guessing the irony is lost on you.

Are you saying atheists can’t hold liberal views? Why do you get to express your political views if others can’t respond?

So what, they are still subject to scrutiny and criticism as are everyone else’s. I’m prepared to bet the views expressed by Hitler were his own opinions.

As have others here, and they’ve sympathised with you. That doesn’t mean you get to express opinions that go unchallenged, that wouldn’t be much of a debate now would it.

How many Muslims do you know personally? Do you know any?

Everyone here gets respect, the views they express are a different matter.



My tolerance only goes so far, with the unevidenced hope that if not yourself, others may see the uselessness of hate itself.

Should you, Mr. Macreme continue in sweeping bigoted statements, you will be ushered out the door :door: to find your freedom to offend with others likeminded. There you may continue to victimize yourselves and whine about all the wrongs in this world, never adding anything positive - but hoping in faith “somebody” will do something.

I’m not feeling the reciprocity there if I’m being honest.

You’ve been making that asinine claim since you got here. So atheists are not allowed to express political opinions? Unless of course it’s you, or they match yours, and anyone holding liberal views should not be allowed to express them if they’re also an atheist, and liberal political views are now a surrogate religion, whereas your political views are ok.

Hmm…do you really not see that you’re the one who offered an opinion, and then angrily objected when others offered their opinions because you disagree with them, and again while refusing to address any of the content of those counter opinions, but instead indulging in generic stereotyping, and ad hominem.

All the while hilariously insisting anyone who dares disagree with you is not prepared to tolerate you having an opinion.

How does this work then, we must all either agree with you, or remain silent when you espouse poorly reasoned diatribes against Muslims, involving bigotry and prejudice?



Strength of character. Small forward steps to help others. Inching towards awareness, inclusion, understanding and education. It is these accumulated actions that add up.

I cannot share the view that the world is “fucked up”. Anywhere in the world and at anytime in history a person can find the travesty. Religion plays a role for many travesties and so do extreme adherents.

As humans have increased their own means, ironically (or more accurately self-responsibility) the need for religion is dropping worldwide.

The one choke hold religions of all types focus on is “fear”. Whenever fear is “sold” take a careful look at the packaging.

The above study may appear contrary to my argument, projecting a rise in religions, especially Islam…BUT look and read it carefully. Through birth rates, government/theocratic strangleholds, poverty - fear and straight up lies.

These are the tools religions have.

Keep getting to as close to what is true as humanly possible, the lies fall, the fantasy fades and some are left to act out against those they blame.


I can. I agree, but not for the same reasons.

The world is populated by human beings, so of course it’s fucked up. Always has been.

A lot of people recognise that reality. Few of us have the courage to try to do anything about it***

I cannot image from where that courageous young women found the strength to begin and to persevere. It’s almost always safer not to rock the boat. Unless of course you’re say a Muslim in Myanmar.

*** No, I do not mean the treasonous behaviour of the bunch of fuckwits who attacked the US Capitol. The truly frightening thing is that so many of them (and other Trump supporters) don’t seem to grasp that they’ve done something untoward.


Every election cycle the Republicans consistently message that “democrats are going to make us commies, strip away our rights, our nation will be totally destroyed”. In fact, that is the little red pill conservatives swallow that leads directly to QAnon and all that entails.

I recall that mantra being chanted against Obama. Yet after eight years, their tales of doom and despair did not come about. And I am confident that once Biden finishes his term, the US will not be ruined as the Q crowd anticipate.

And the less liberal religions use this very scare tactic, that only they stand between the devil and ruin.

Be it politics or religion, from Islam to the roman catholic church this is terrorism on the emotional level.


I agree, there is a great deal I’d like to change about the world, and especially the way humans behave. I’d say fucked up is a matter of perception though, so perhaps @mr.macabre worded it poorly. There are certainly things about human behaviour I perceive as pernicious, whether that’s fucked up or not is a matter of subjective opinion.

Anything anyone does which one does not approve is fucked up by [my] definition .

IMO we humans are incapable of seeing the world objectively for any indefinite period.