Why is islam off limits?

Whenever there is a “terrorist” attack some where on this planet and we either learn or are told by those who carried it out that it was in the name of ISLAM, why are all of the other religions so afraid to publicly denounce or even respond with anything other than finger-wagging? What makes ISLAM so fucking special?
Is it just fear of reprisal or something else. What makes MOHAMMED so forbidden that even the guys from SOUTH PARK were afraid to show his image?
I hate all religions equally, so why are people so afraid to oppose it and it’s neanderthal (thanks joe) mentality.
The response to all of the shit that has happened in France in the last few years has been pathetic, Macrone is a fucking coward. People being be-headed in public, or in a church, are you fucking kidding me. Don’t you guys have police or a military that can react to these attacks, track down all of these mother fuckers, and either kill them or imprison them? Then deport every member of their family, this kind of shit doesn’t happen without co-operation and help from family members. Fuck all of them, send them back to where they came from.

I think it’s funnier than hell when we hear “scholars” say that ISLAM is a religion of peace, they are either lying or they’re morons. I don’t know a lot about this subject, but unless I’m mistaken, wasn’t MOHAMMED a warrior? Didn’t he marry a 6 year old little girl? Isn’t there a passage in the koran telling muslims to kill any Jew that they come across?

Sounds like the perfect person to become a god that has billions of followers who live by the creed CONVERT OR DIE.

They can all go fuck themselves twice, and leave the sheep and goats alone.

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I don’t think Parker is afraid of showing an image of Islam’s “prophet”.

Perhaps because when I was young, “terrorist” seemed to imply Catholic. And I assure you: it will imply that again one day.

If you haven’t seen it, the episode of SOUTH PARK dealing with the various leaders of the world’s religions was supposed to feature MOHAMMED coming to town for a conference.( It’s been a long time, they only showed it once) Instead of showing their “prophet”, you got him riding in the back of a rental truck, and all you get is his voice. They were told by comedy central that they shouldn’t show his image, so they didn’t.

Why is it forbidden to show this clown to the entire world? What makes him so special? It sounds like he was just another murdering,child-raping piece of shit.

Comedy Central modified the show, removing/covering the image before it was broadcast. Parker and Stone did not do what you have accused them of (twice now!).

I’ve no idea why, in a supposedly free country, why TV Networks are so fucking sensitive. I can put Muhammad into my browser and pull up a thousand different pictures of the lying, child molesting, murdering piece of shit.

Fuck the networks for not supporting "Freedom of Speech, freedom of Expression, and Separation of Church and State. (I fully believe it is government pressure influencing network policies. ) ALL HAIL THE NEW WORLD ORDER.


I’m just stating what I remember about that episode. I’ve only seen it once and it was a long time ago.

Pretty fucking sad state of affairs. When we watch huge crowds of people(sheep) chanting “death to america” in Iran and other countries and our “leaders” do or say nothing about it, then that proves that we are being lead by cowards.

I hate all religions equally, but ISLAM is definitely first on my list.


Iran has been described as a “theocratic republic”, and its constitution has been described as a “hybrid” of “theocratic and democratic elements” by Francis Fukuyama. Like other Islamic states, it maintains religious laws and has religious courts to interpret all aspects of law.

Can’t imagine any other country that would love god’s “law and order” running it, any other country that had a huge following of Christian fundies chanting all sorts of shit… had it in their “platform”… hmmmm :thinking:


It is not, not in here. No theist of any stripe gets a free ride.

However Islam is a bully. Even more than 'mainstream" christianity. Like any playground/pub bully islam and its adherents will turn to violence and abuse to justify its behaviour. Islam, the bully, wants you to be like it, then and only then can it claim to be the “one way”. Islam claims victimhood to cover up its crimes against humanity.

Very few moslems are active on these pages because they cannot bully the anonymous contributors who answer their spurious claims and apologetics with knowledge, science and rational argument.

The few who have have tried it tended to retire hurt.

Islam is not “OFF LIMITS”. Fuck islam.

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I understand your anger, but it’s not that simple. Terrorist attacks are recruitment drives. The aim is to scare nations and their governments into taking draconian action against Muslim minorities, so that more young people will become radicalized.

One way to defeat these monsters is to cut off their sources of funding by crippling the economies of Saudi Arabia, Iran, the UAE, and other terrorist-supporting states. That’s another reason for reducing our reliance on oil. Without the artificial support provided by oil, Islamic states will collapse under the dead weight of Islam, which is a perfect recipe for poverty and misery.

Islam is a religion of peace, just like Christianity. Just as the Christians did a few centuries ago, the Muslims will prove it by killing anyone who disagrees.


They will also attempt to commit genocide on each other and every opposing splinter belief of Islam. Islam will go the way of every theocracy on the planet.

We can avoid the fall out by not persecuting the peaceful islamists who live amongst us. And like Episcopalians go on the Mosque because…well, because they all do, and have for generations…their sons will be engineers their daughters engineers, doctors, and in 4 generations you have an homogeneous mass with their children ignoring the “old ways”

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Exactly. And the real aim of terrorist attacks is to incite us to take revenge on those peaceful Muslims, so their children will become radicalized.

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One way to defeat these assholes is to stop curtailing “FREE SPEECH” The media and the Government are complicit in the cover-up of Islamic BULLSHIT. Even YouTube, Facebook and other social media have jumped on the fucking “Protect the Poor Fucking Muslims” bandwagon.


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Just so. The Terrorist behaviour of the IRA caused my Irish catholic father some very uncomfortable thinking***

Having lived in a Muslim country I am neither afraid of nor do I hate or even dislike Muslims as group. To do so is the very definition of bigotry.

Terrorism has nothing to do with religion, except for the poor dumb bastards who get blow themselves and others to smithereens.

Terrorism always has a political objective. It also always accomplishes one of its goals; to terrorise.

Sun Tzu wrote “Kill one to terrorise ten thousand” He explicitly recognised terrorism as an acceptable means to an end.

It is also written “'One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. This seems to be especially true when a weak force opposes a powerful force.

Of course I do not support terrorism. In fact, imo that we still see violence as an acceptable means to an end is one of the great tragedies and great flaws of human beings.

There’s a lot of pretty good films about the IRA and the Irish ‘troubles’: EG: Michael Collins, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, In the Name of The Father , Omagh and '71

They universally condemn such violence in my experience? As do most Muslims.

Nothing at all, but inviting the ire of an entire religion onto adherents of your own hardly seems prudent. And condemning religious doctrine that promotes bigotry prejudice and violence is not a slippery slope most religions want to step onto I imagine.

You’ve lost me there, why do you think the police and security services didn’t do this?

Sadly until an act of terrorism is detected either being planned or executed there’s not a lot the security forces anywhere can do.

Why on earth would anyone want that? Is it a police state you’re after? That’s an appalling idea. Is it terrorists and terrorism you want to prevent or punish, or do you simply want to promote hatred and bigotry against all Muslims?

Really? I think that’s a ludicrous generalisation sorry.

Now you’re just indulging in blatant racism.

Then don’t make sweeping statements about it, that involve generic condemnations. You’re talking about hundreds of millions of people, most of whom have never broken the law, and probably never would.

Have you read the bible? As I said no religion can take that stance, they all have enough blood on their hands.

Condemning ideas and actions and even religions is not the same as blanket condemnations of people.

Seriously, that’s just bigoted nonsense. Have you ever met any Muslims, what exactly do you think they’re all doing?

Dear oh dear…


I have told you before…don’t be a cunt. It seems you didn’t listen.


No shit.

Ignorance is a choice in this instance. Perhaps you might care to say read the Q’uran.

OR as shocking as this may seem, talk to a few actual Muslims. I’m sure the Imam at the nearest mosque would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Pithy and to the point, kudos.

I’m not sure his overwhelming response would be happiness if I’m being honest. He might find it as horrifying an experience as I just did. Though your point is well made.