Why is islam off limits?

Yup. It gives the extremists ammunition to claim they “were right”. Perpetual war.

It’s very Trumpian, using extremist atrocities to create a negative stereotype in order to take an extremist stance, and demonize an entire demographic of countless millions.

Condemning aspects of a religion that are pernicious is a reasonable rational position. Making generic condemnations of all adherents of that religion is simple bigotry.


This does skirt an issue of bigotry - very thin ice Mr. Macreme.

The only reason it slid is a person could say “They can all go fuck themselves twice, and leave the altar boys alone.” of priests

Ensure it’s the religion and not the people. The Middle East is complicated and as a state/religion/culture, it is difficult to untwine a “Muslim”. There are many who have rejected the religion and have to be very quiet about it. Others practice for cultural reasons, like Christmas (doesn’t make me a Christian)… or are born into a country and don’t get much “say” over their lives or access to opposing points-of-view.

Your form of extremism and hatred, IMO, is no different than those you rant against. The only difference is you do get access to other points-of-view, but you chose your information and hatred.


Apropos here is something that happened after the 9/11 WT centre attacks. Though several prominent representatives of the Muslim community spoke out against those attacks, the media focused, perhaps understandably on other voices.

However less easy to justify were the extremist christian voices given a platform at that time. Who used that platform to condemn and blame everything and everyone they were opposed to, including but not limited to gay rights, schoolchildren not being forced to pray in school every day, one assumes they didn’t mean to the Islamic deity? Basically opportunistic extremists have a field day with the egregious acts of other extremists. They either don’t see, or don’t care about the hypocrisy.

yo, babe, go kick his trumpist arse. Love it.

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I get sick and tired of the bullshit and double-speak.

Freedom this and that…blah blah blah… BUT if they don’t personally agree, well fuck freedom and process of law.

Freedom of religion. OR to not be religious. Separation of church and state.

“I hate religion” :roll_eyes: so - hate all; use incidents that people of all groups use to fuel and incite hatred, blame the group, advocate for NO PROCESS of law or human rights (kick them all out and their family too - good ole’Kimmy would agree Mr Macreme, he imprisons up to 3 generations). Idiot.


@Sheldon I agree. Not all Muslims are bad…just the extremists, who twist and distort the religious teachings, for very selfish, self-serving ends, which results in unnecessary evil.

@Whitefire13 Agreed. Reminds me of the famous saying “an eye for an eye, and the whole world goes blind”. And also…“violence begets more violence”. You DO NOT counter hate with more hate!

@Sheldon This is why I no longer trust the news media. They are doing the same thing with Republicans, Trump supporters and Evangelical Christians, who cause much suffering. Sad.

And somewhere on the other side of the world from the USA, someone is ranting about foreign christians killing children with high tech drones and other bits of hardware, demanding something must be done and remove them from their home soil.

@David_Killens A post that is a combination of humor AND sarcasm. Well played! :slightly_smiling_face:

@BigNeerav Just holding up a mirror to the OP in the hope he comprehends that his actions and hatred is that same as those he criticizes.

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In another forum, exactly twenty years ago I made a prediction. I predicted that the invasion of Afghanistan and the driving of many into refugee camps along the Pakistan border would create a breeding ground for future terrorists. And a valid reason for hatred of the people and nations who participated.

To paraphrase Judge Judy, “If a party comes in here with dirty hands themselves, their chances of winning an argument or gaining sympathy is a long shot.”

Holy crap, how come so many do not comprehend that hate and violence against others just results in a death spiral where they just feed off each other, the net result everyone losing.

I condemn all violence and hatred. And bigotry.

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Sadly there’s a lot of money in it globally…



The Reaper drone, manufactured by General Atomics

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