Why does God disappoint us?

Why does God bring our hopes up?

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity?

He keeps sucking dick in my face.

You made a claim, if you have nothing tangible to offer to support it, then a debate forum is an odd place to voice such claims.

Umm, you do realise this is an atheist forum?

That means most of the people here don’t believe in god(s).

Speaking for myself only. I’m assuming you mean the Abrahamic god, YHWH?

He was almost certainly invented by an illiterate tribe of nomadic bronze age goat herders. He began as a petty war god of the ancient Israelites. Even had a wife, called Asheroth.

No, I’m not disappointed him, what with not believing in him and all. If I believed in him I’d be livid. Starting with why he allows evil and suffering. Perhaps moving on to why he broke the Abrahamic covenant in allowing the holocaust to befall his chosen people. If he can’t prevent that, what good is he?

Because those people’s lives were nasty, brutish and short, the god they invented was a monster. YHWH was petty, jealous, vindictive, cruel, sadistic and genocidal.

IF you are claiming that or any other god exist, kindly provide some empirical evidence or stop wasting my time. The video linked below is just over 2 minutes.


Your imagination has you imagining great outcomes based on faith in the imaginary friend.

So much to unpack in that statement.


And not necessarily a bad thing…

Have you read the entire bible, which describes what a petty and psychopathic monster it is? Too often theists just cherry-pick the good parts and want to believe that encompasses the entire nature of this invented and imaginary god.

Read the bible and ask questions … why would entire mankind be made to suffer because one female took one bite out of an apple? Why would this god commit mass genocide and have a great flood … why? Because it didn’t like how mankind was developing? Isn’t this god supposed to be all-knowing? Thus it knew at the moment of creation how things would play out. Why did your god create man with a curved spine instead of a properly straight one that would minimize back problems?

Why did this god create mankind capable of pride and thinking make mankind have to abandon all thought and grovel in the mud just to get to a heaven where one must continue to grovel and “sing his praises”?

Wow, that makes North Korea more appealing.

Why is the devil a lot more honest than this god?

If you are foolish enough to think this god is honest, recall the tale of Abraham who was punked by god telling a lie (sacrifice the son).

At the end of the day, we all know God is Fraud.

Oh dear, another one who hasn’t quite grasped the meaning of the word ‘atheist’: He or she is simply a person who does not believe in god. Nothing else is implied or may be inferred…

I’m an agnostic atheist. I do not believe in god(s) but make no claims. Although I think the existence of god(s) is unlikely, I don’t know that or anything else about gods.

Oh, you have just made a positive claim. That attracts the burden of proof.

I also think organised religion is the greatest confidence trick ever perpetrated on the human race.

Or debate…

I would suggest that God doesn’t bring our hopes up, nor does he disappoint us. Perhaps his silence is not him avoiding us or refusing to accede to our requests. Perhaps it is an indication that there is no-one on the other end of the phone line.


That makes sense Paul.

Huh? What god? I have never had a god of any kind disappoint me. What are you talking about? Any time I have hopes for anything. it appears it is ‘I’ who have brought my own hopes up.


God doesn’t disappoint me because it’s impossible to be disappointed in a being I don’t believe exist. I have, however, been seriously disappointed with people who do call themselves believers. Their disconnect between what they say they believe and what they do is astounding. They cherry pick the beliefs that benefit themselves, ignore the ones that don’t, and are all for enforcing the beliefs that don’t directly effect them.
The evangelical christians complete about face from “character matters” in elected officials to totally ignoring and making excuses for Trump’s behavior was a mind wrenching flip flop.

Their acceptance of tRump means we all get in!!!

Waaahhhooooo partee time… when heaven is a ‘rockin, don’t come ‘a’knockin…

Tapring93 = troll.

I’m calling it…

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Umm, to whom do you refer? There are million of gods worshipped by people. Hinduism alone has 15 million.

–and perhaps he isn’t there at all. After leaving Catholicism in 1968, I spent 20 years searching for meaning, but found none. That suggests, but does not infer there is none. I have continued to search for the last 30 odd years. Still nothing. Instead it seems ever more likely that there are no gods, at the every least.

I’ve been hanging around atheist forums for over a decade on and off. It’s great communicating with like minds. It’s been fascinating seeing so many believers. These people tend to be presuppositional apologists. IE they simply take the existence of god(s) as a given, which it is not.

Every believer who comes here will be confronted with the question. IE “please provide empirical evidence for the existence your god.” Nothing so far, as expected. As far as I l know, every claim about god is unfalsifiable. Any confrontation I make is an effort to stop people making unfalsifiable claims, pro and contra. (see Russell’s teapot)

I am very interested in the history of christianity***. I am most happy discuss this area with believers. Unfortunately, most believers we get here are staggering ignorant of the most basic elements of the history of their faith.


*** In recent years, I’ve read a bit of Bart Ehrmman, Elaine Pagel, as well as archaeologists such as Finkelstein and Siberman (“The Bible Unearthed”)

Only this year I discovered the mythicist Richard Carrier. Fascinating, to the point I’m leaning more to the position that Jesus was probably a mythical figure.

IMO the most I, or anyone else will ever be able to say will be “X Y or Z seem to be the case or is probably/most likely the case”

He does give people blessings I deserve such as relief, happiness, and opportunities. God is disappointing.