Why do atheïsts rely so heavily on science


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I am not the best at this but I would ask for some actual evidence to prove your god, and which god is it you are talking about?

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I asked for actual evidence for a god, not opinions of others.

Are you familiar with the fight about whether Einstein was an atheist or a believer? Each side wants to claim him as if it makes a difference. The Einstein letter sold a few years ago, shows he was an atheist. So what?

Ironic isn’t it, I’ve even got caught up in it myself once or twice, and I know it has zero relevance. Einstein’s views are only valid if they are supported by sufficient objective evidence, just like the lest of us. It’s weird how some people don’t get that. They usually fail to understand the significance that all humans are anachronistic as well.

Though of course a defining characteristic of genius is its ability to think outside of the epoch they lived in, but only in a narrow field of course. Newton’s genius to advance physics isn’t finished because he adhered to archaic superstitions that were part of the era in which he lived, quite the opposite in my opinion.

Prove this wrong and prove a God did it.

I will be waiting.

In 6 days?

So exactly why did it take the universe over 9 billion years just to get to our part of it? If what you claim was true, then we would pretty much be the center of the universe.

I ask for evidence and this is what you give me? I don’t care about what any bible says, there needs to be actual evidence, and you give none besides what’s in a book written by humans.

Do you NOT understand how much evidence there is against those bibles? Most of it is fiction, with a little bit of true observation.

Tell me where’s things which Jesus would have built if he was a carpenter? Why wouldn’t we find these things?

I am still waiting for actual evidence, not so called proof.


That seems to be a pretty common belief among theists.

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Seems that way doesn’t it. I do not understand how one can ignore evidence so much, just for their belief.

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He/she can think of something to “say” from their own thoughts and accompany that with scripture or pictures.

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There you go making claims again.

Scientists and others tend to think the Big Bang is the best explanation we have for the beginning of everything. I have not seen a claim of truth.

By presenting the Big Bang as a truth claim, it is you who have the burden of proof. It is not up to believers or anyone else to disprove your claim

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Yes and there’s little to no evidence to prove a god.

So burden of proof also lies with Theists who have not posted anything for their claims either.

You’ve missed the point, again:

You made a claim by inference. IE that the Big Bank Theory is true. This has not been established. All that science says is that the Big bang theory is the best explanation we have so far about the beginning of everything.

The burden of proof lies with the person making the claim. It is not up to others to disprove a claim, no matter who makes it.

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Well if a theist can show me evidence outside the Big Bang, which I believe 100% then I would like to see that.

Is it possible, even with insane probability, that you/we are a computer program? The thing is, one can not prove we are not. Therefore, despite the probability, we may be a computer program and this is a legitimate explanation for the “big bang”. And if just one possible alternate explanation also exists, then the certainty of the big bang being 100% is not true.

I have high confidence that what my senses accurately reflect reality. But if I am honest with reality, I can not state with 100% certainty I know anything.

The one and only thing I will state is that “of all the entire cosmos (all of everything), there is something”.



Serious question ; I’ve been thinking about Fievel and his apparent inability to understand most things which have been explained ad nauseum to him.

Too much weed? I know it’s possible, I’ve seen it.

Could it be a problem with reading comprehension?

Not very bright?

Or, my favourite , an inability to grasp general ideas in the abstract? Being only able to understand ideas in the concrete specific?