Why do atheïsts rely so heavily on science

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Let me demonstrate by example;
Suppose you make a small opening in youre skull and than look in the mirror. Science tells us the brain(A) in the mirror is an image that appears inside the actuall brain(B). Question than is: How does brain B look like?

You see the scientific model about reality is flawed from the very start.

Why do atheïsts put there trust in the scientific model for reality when it seems to be retarded from the get go.

So what? My car is flawed too (it has a couple of scratches), but it still manages to transport me.

Many rely science for the same reason: it works.


Science doesn’t work for reality. You misunderstood the subject.
“Why do atheïsts put there trust in the scientific model for reality when…”

When what? You gave a shit example. Why not give your idea of reality?

Then model it.

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Well I can use it to successfully predict when an object that is falling will hit the ground; in the real world. If that isn’t working in reality, I don’t know what is.

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I’m sorry, was the example not to your liking? Let me put some high heels and lipstick on it. Better!?

You misunderstood again. You made an assumption about reality but what is that reality you speak of? Can you demonstrate what reality is via the scientific method? In my example from above you can see clearly science fails misarebly when dealing with reality. I don’t think a lot of atheists realize this problem, hence my posting. I just want to create awarenes about this matter.

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Did you know that the object and ground appears in youre mind? And that the real distance to both is exactley zero? Yes, science is lying to you!

Well if you want us to realize this problem; you’re going to need to explain it in much greater detail than you have have so far. As far as I can tell, you’ve only been making claims. Claims that seem to violate my first hand experience.

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They are actually facts, not claims. Light reflects into eyes and data is translated inside brain as the image you see in the mirror. It’s fact, not claim.

So you are telling us you are a mind reader?

It’s the scientific model…mister atheïst…

It seems I am unable to understand what you are trying to say. :woman_shrugging:

A key part of the scientific method is peer review. So you can have an independent observer confirm your observation of Brain (A) through the hole that you’ve drilled in your head. You can take photographs of the exposed brain as evidence of its existence. You could even scoop out a sample.

Other independent observers of the hole you drilled in your head are likely to include police officers, paramedics, emergency room staff, and psychiatrists.

I think you need to work on your communication skills. You’re not putting your ideas across very clearly, and when people question what you mean, you react with arrogance.

A simple ask for a model and explanation of his idea of reality and :boom: he reveals he’s transgendered.

No problem here with that - but diverting from my question doesn’t say much.

Elektromagnetic waves from the sun (light) will reflect on to your eyes where light sensitive cells will be triggered to forward the data to the brain to further process which will lead to you seeing the world in front of you. We don’t see with our eyes but rather with our brain. Given this scientific logic the world is always at zero distance. I have no problem with that. However this model fails when making assumptions about reality

I’m asking how you know this is true.

It is beside the case. Usually atheïsts will rely on science as an explenation of the world rather than God. However they dont seem to understand how science works and exactly what it demonstrates. You not understanding the crude and simple model from my opening post says it all.

Im telling you it-is-science. Strange you being atheïst relying on science but not knowing this simple “fact”

Nor your shitty English sentence structures. Ah - but YOU know science so well, do you??? Lol.

Arrogant prick.

Your “model” at the beginning isn’t one. It’s an idea that originated in your head based on stuff you’ve watched on YouTube and now you wrote it down. WOW :flushed:.