Whoo hoo! Is it enough?

He vilifies the press, calling any reporter who criticizes him an “enemy of the people”, and any news he doesn’t like “fake news”. Many people don’t even hear the other side to things anymore because they only listen to news Trump has approved of.
He singled out immigrants as the scourge of the earth, bogey men we need him to save us from.
He’s amassed and encouraged fanatical followers. Hitler failed in his first attempt to overthrow the government too, but came back stronger than ever.


Sure, but lets now understand what Hitler did to those that opposed him, Like the journalist Fritz Gerlich and others during the ‘night of the long knives’.

They ended up at Dachau.

Gerlich’s wife recieved his ashes days later.

As for his comments regarding immigrants, thats really shitty. Hopefully that sort of rhetoric earns plenty of votes against him, in favor of Biden.

I’m just hoping that the US constitution is a lot stronger than the fledgling constitution of the Weimar Republic. At this point I’m not sure I’d want Trump in charge of folding his own underpants on laundry day…


Hitler didn’t start out killing, he started out with rhetoric making journalists the enemy.

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The SA were involved in the killing of socialists and Communists in the 20s, long before he took power as Chancellor.

He became chancellor in jan 1933 but wasn’t in total control until the enabling act was in place in march.

They immediately begun rounding up communists and opponents.

In June of 33, in Kopenick they rounded up various political enemies, jews etc… 23 were killed.

This sort of thing continued until june the following year, where they ramped up by the night of long knives.

But I would agree his rhetoric was always forefront and present.

Thanks. Just ordered all three from Amazon.

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There is also Jan 6th, oops I mean: The Beer Hall Putsch.


I hope you will like them and learn+benefit from them. Due to the pure volume, they are a long read indeed. But if you’re interested in history, they should be interesting and worth the effort. And since you seem interested in this part of history, there are a couple of other books that should be interesting, namely the following, for history revision (holocaust denial) contexts:

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All the books you ( @Get_off_my_lawn ) mentioned except the last one appear available to me in one form or another from my local library or its online sources. Some are available only as audio books, but there’s an ebook “Summary of the Coming of the Third Right” that’s probably a good place to start. I have read some books about Hitler and WWII, but it’s been awhile and I can’t remember any titles or authors. Thanks, I’m always open to book suggestions :slightly_smiling_face: .

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Meanwhile, switching topic to the $60 a pop “USA Bible” scam that Omango-Tan is now pulling … someone over at Faecesbook has informed me it’s a double scam.

Not only is this yet another explicit grift on Cheetolini’s part, but it’s a means of enabling right wing churches to funnel money to him while sneaking the transactions under the radar of prohibitions against political donations by churches.

Christian Nationalists get their Anointed One in the White House, and Mushroom Dick lines his pockets. It’s de facto money laundering.


Trump has spent the last four years ginning up his base that if he doesn’t win then the election has been stolen AGAIN. They, the para military militias that support Trump are ready to make Trump president and by Trumps own promise dictator. I would bet that their will be a gun fight after the election. Whether the coup is successful depends on who the armed forces support. Good Luck democracy.

I think so too. It’s horrifying.

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From all that I’ve read, in January 2021 the military was firmly on the side of the Constitution and not Trump (who was still president until the 20th). Milley (the chairman of the joint chiefs) made that very clear.

If Trump loses again, the situation will be different as he won’t be president right after the election and thus not able to order the military to do anything.

If the rag-tag redneck militias try anything, the army will quickly put it down.


I don’t understand how this answers or has any bearing on what you quoted me as saying?!

I still firmly believe that you’d do better, in society in general, not just the US, if you try better to understand the complaints of others and find middle grounds.

If they have gebuine concerns, they ought to be listened to, make approaches to solve those issues fairly and thus avoid having people like Trump able to galvanise them.


I don’t think it’s that simple. In the U.S. there is a burgeoning robber baron class that, along with corporations, don’t want to be equitably taxed. They tend to be pro-trump because he provides them tax breaks. Many of them couldn’t give two shits about, or are dead set against, other policies that they perceive will lower their bank balance but might help those with less.
Then there is a now overt batch of folks whose xenophobia, misogyny, and prejudice are being fed by tfg. It’s like candy. They are promised the good old days (when only white men ruled things).
Additionally, there are the dreaded xtian nationalists who want nothing more than an even stronger foothold than they already have. Both the Republican Party and maga put this on a silver platter and offer it to them.
And there is a growing category of folks who were horribly educated, or who haven’t adequate intelligence to discern that they are being sold a bill of goods by tfg and they believe him.

I wish it were as simple as you suggest.


Middle ground? While that sounds equitable and laudable, sometimes it isn’t possible. For example, going back to 165 years ago, what would have been the “middle ground” for the issue of slavery? Or going back 70 years, what would have been the middle ground for segregation?

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[quote=“Randomhero1982, post:154, topic:4913”]
I don’t understand how this answers or has any bearing on what you quoted me as saying?![/quote]

@Randomhero1982 you seem to be looking at american politics as though votes matter. They do, of course, from the perspective that the person with the most votes wins and the person with the fewest vote loses. Key to this system is that the loser acknowledges their defeat. This tenet is no longer in play. Trump has never acknowledged he has lost despite courts in various states ruling that the elections were fair and that Trump lost. Trump isn’t the only one, Kerry Lake has never conceded that she lost the governors race in Arizona. She recently admitted that she had no evidence that the election was rigged against her but she still won’t acknowledge her loss. No doubt if she loses the senate race she will insist she won. My point is that democracy only works when everyone plays by the rules. Sadly America has a cohort of millions of people who aren’t willing to play by the rules. Many of them xmilitary and police. As well america is a warrior nation that glorifies war as a legitimate means to an end. So get the vote out and hope that Biden wins by a large enough margin that some of those millions that were hoping for Trump to become dictator will concede. If the Army supports the winner democracy may be bruised but survive. But if I were a betting person I would be getting ready for a gun fight.
I still firmly believe that you’d do better, in society in general, not just the US, if you try better to understand the complaints of others and find middle grounds.

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That’s not always true in the case of U.S. presidential elections. It’s entirely possible for someone to get more votes than their opponent and still lose. Just ask Hillary Clinton. We have this archaic institution called the Electoral College that actually decides presidential races.


When I was a child I pointed out this was possible and the teachers/adults assured me it would never happen. Not only has it happened 2x since then; I learned later that it has happened a few times before I was born.


On a side note; it seems like something is wrong with Trump’s bond, and it might become a time scramble to get it fixed in time. :astonished: