Whoo hoo! Is it enough?

$83 Million! But do you think this will make him stop?


Unlikely, true to form he hasn’t even accepted it has happened.

"Trump, who left the Manhattan courtroom before the verdict was read, fumed on social media and vowed to appeal the jury’s decision.

“Absolutely ridiculous! I fully disagree with both verdicts, and will be appealing this whole Biden Directed Witch Hunt focused on me and the Republican Party,” he wrote on Truth Social. “Our Legal System is out of control, and being used as a Political Weapon.”


Oh, for anyone who cares, that right there, is a poisoning of the well fallacy. Every time a court case goes against him it is a witch-hunt perpetrated by “democrats”.


The treacherous orange will not stop. Every juror, court official and any who prosecuted or gave witness testimony in ANY of his many trials is at immediate risk. The judge in the Caroll case remarked to the jury in his final address after the verdict, he advised them NEVER to disclose they were on the jury in this matter.

If Trump gains power again then the Canadian border is going to flooded with decent citizens who testified, worked in the court system, or sat on the various juries.

He threatens the very existence of a “United States”. I cannot see Californian and NY State women at least, putting up with federal laws aping the Texas Taliban restrictions on their personal freedoms.


It occurs to me everytime he frames a defeat of any kind as an unfair witch-hunt by Democrats, that he wants this sort of polarising division, and that he is laying the groundwork to try and justify his “response” which will likely be just the kind of undemocratic witch-hunt he is whipping up paranoia about. The term RINO is a large clue here, as objective Republican observers who dare ever to disagree with him are immediately labelled using this no true Scotsman fallacy.

I genuinely think he is more of a danger to democracy than Putin or the Chinese government are, and this has nothing to do with his policies, but the for the contempt he has for democracy, and the damaging rhetoric he uses to subvert that process. He keeps peddling the lie that he can’t honestly lose any confrontation, that it can only be because the other side has cheated, this as we have seen, is incredibly dangerous.

If he is the next presidential challenger, I worry that sleepy Jo might not be sharp enough in debate to expose this, and take full advantage. As that is tango man’s Achille’s heel, prod his ego and ask him if he lost the election, he will never admit this and will meltdown live on TV. Ask him which is more important, democracy and the constitution, or his policies, he’d fuck that question up live on tv I guarantee it. The real worry is whether enough Americans would care or see the danger.

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Oh yeah, his evidence that the election was stolen is that he lost the election and it’s impossible for him to legitimately lose. That a woman won against him gives me the giggles. His treatment of women, from out right physical assault, to his bragging about being responsible for curtailing a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body, needs to be front and center.


I am just flabbergasted that he’s the lead Primary for the Republicans.
I just have no words.

To appeal he has 30 days, and from what I understand, THE entire amount awarded plus some has to be “held” (appeals don’t usually work out in these cases).

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Whilst it is a substantial amount of money, if he is a billionaire is it really that significant? How much annual income does he accrue I wonder? I found this:

“Trump reported a yearly income of $362 million for 2014 and $611 million from January 2015 to May 2016. Trump and his family reported more than $500 million of income in mid-2018 financial disclosure forms.”


There is a lot more in there, worth a look.

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He may very well have reported that as his income, but I’d lay odds he lied.


That he is proud of this is astonishing.

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With any lucky, he’ll never shutup and that lady can continue to take him for 10’s of millions, every few months.



Absolutely, there is quite a bit to unpack in that link as well. I’m just curious how much of a problem $83m would be for him, beyond the unbearable dent in his ego of course, which is possibly the real damage here.

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The Orange Scrotum also claimed that his New York property portfolio was worth triple its actual value, which itself is the subject of a fraud case he’s either going to lose or has already lost. Yet to catch up on the details of this one.

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And we’ll be happy to have them provided our own twit isn’t in power.


Just checked a couple of updates.

In the NY business fraud trial, the Orange Scrotum is looking at the following possible consequences:

[1] Direct liability for $370 million of fraud, and repayment thereof;

[2] Permanent revocation of NY state business licences for him and his corporate entities;

[3] Lifetime ban on holding any political office or board position in NY state;

[4] Possible seizure of assets in pursuance of above penalties.

If this lot comes to pass, he’s fucked.

If he loses his entire NY state business empire, bang goes his ability to finance any meaningful political campaign for office anywhere in the USA. Because verdicts of this sort in NY state will have knock on effects in other states.

Even Delaware, notorious for its willingness to prop up dodgy business entities, might find this a step too far. As for states such as California, they’ll shut him out hard the moment any of the above judgements are found against him.

The Judge has delayed a ruling in this case because on Monday, a tax evasion debt-parking scheme has come to light. That $370mil may go up.

Edited to add: this just in, it may not be just the monitor’s report of debt parking, it might be delayed because Allen Weisselberg is in discussions to plead guilty for perjury for things he testified to.

Anyone watched the Netflix doc on tango man? It’s well worth a watch. Favourite moment, and spoiler alert…Obama ripping into “the Donald” at a Whitehouse correspondent’s dinner, after the giant umpa lumpa spent months demanding Obama’s birth certificate be made public. If you want to see “a dish best served cold” this is definitely it, watching “agent orange” squirm in his seat, while Obama slowly and hilariously humiliated him was timely and impressive.

Opening line…“MY…FELLOW!!! Americans…mahalo”…big smile on his face…

Just learned about Weisselberg and the new perjury charge about 30 minutes ago.

This video clip is informative:

Apparently, Weisselberg already had a felony conviction for fraud as part of the Trump operation before this latest development. Which means he’s now classified as a repeat offender, and as a corollary, is highly likely to spend another spell in Rikers, even if he offers up some juicy morsels to the prosecution as part of a plea bargain.

I love the way that the lawyers in that clip describe the entire Trump operation as a Mafia style crime syndicate.


Lets not forget the 70 million people who voted for him. If only half of them sent dear leader a fiver that would be 175 million.

Meanwhile, it’s time to enjoy this: