What if Hell exists & you're wrong?

Hot damn, Cali! It’s STILL fun reading your posts! (And for the record, I am still envious of your writing abilities. :green_heart:)

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Had a similar experience with someone asserting that science had shown the core of the earth “contained” water, thus “proving” there was a global flood. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Whoever that was, was probably a devotee of Walt Brown’s “hydroplate” garbage … from an engineer who got the Gas Laws arse about face.

If you check this trash out, you’ll find that his assertions about supercritical fluids are “not even wrong”, as it were. Be prepared for MUCH hilarity and stupidity if you peruse his rancid offerings.

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I have a different perspective on Pascale’s Wager.

The requirements to “get into heaven” are vastly different from religion to religion . . . and sometimes quite different between different sects of the same religion.

These differences often contradict each other in a way such that a certain behavior that promises paradise in one religion garantees hell in another religion. An example is how a suicide bomber in Islam is promised paradise, while this same suicide bomber is promised Hell in Catholicism for the ultimate sin of taking one’s life.

This puts us in a space where the relative values of each religion seem to cancel each other out like combining positive and negative values, such that we are left with a zero-sum exercise.

Atheism is a perfectly reasonable choice under these circumstances . . . as religion causes a huge amount of objective evil in the world, and an atheistic position is a stand against this evil.

If I’m wrong when I die and meet my maker, then I’m sure that the Creator of the Universe will understand why I rejected belief, and will recognize that an imperfect human can make a mistake.

If this point is wrong and God is unreasonable, then we’re all screwed anyway and this discussion becomes pointless.


The overarching theme here is that religions cannot all be right, but they can all be wrong.


Another point to consider is that it may be worse to pick a god than not to.

The christian god is explicit in worshiping other gods. In fact it is rule number one from the commandments. ‘‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me.’’

Thus if there are over 30,000 gods, some of them would be as intolerant as the christian god in worshiping the wrong god.

Pick the wrong god, that may be an express ticket to hell.

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Collective message of all Gods to humanity: “Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. But I love you.”


Yay, Christians are going to hell in 30,000 other religions. WHOOOOO!!!

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THATS IT! You did it Tin! Your subconscious mind actually did the translation and you don’t even know it.


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But I thought it had to be translated by somebody else, or else it doesn’t count.

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IT WAS translated by someone else. You were didn’t notice it. It took a monkey brain to put it all together.

Soooooo… What you are saying is that I unknowingly delivered the message… Then later, while having a completely different conversation in another place, I unknowingly translated said message that I had unknowingly delivered… And you just happened to notice that I did not know I had unknowingly translated the message I did not know I had unknowingly delivered… :thinking::thinking::thinking:… Oh, shit… This is almost a bigger miracle than my bacon-wrapped mushroom incident. :astonished: Oh-my-goodness! I’ve been touched by the Lord!

You have the Lord’s special attention? Naughty.

So I suppose now you’re the lucky one here to ascend to the Celestial Playground.


This begs the questions “Where did he touch you?”, “How indecent was it?”, and “Did you like it?”

I wish I could remember, but it’s all a blur. Last thing I remember is we were sitting at the altar, just talking and sharing a bottle of Communion wine. (I was trying to explain to him what happened with that guinea pig when I was twelve. He’s such a good listener.) Anyway, I swear I only had a couple of sips, but then I just blacked out. Next thing I know I’m waking up wearing a diaper, a halo, and a set of costume angel wings, slumped against the pulpit, sitting on a miniature pony that was eating oats off of an offering plate. That’s all I remember. Still trying to figure out how the hell somebody got roller skates on the pony, though. Oh, and why there was a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.


Q: What if Hell exists & you’re wrong?
A: Wrong about what?
If Hell did exist, then the genocidal “god” in the Bronze Age, that created it, would also exist. But how would that actually alter my life? Would I abandon morality? Would I abandon rationality? Would I abandon my humanity and humanism? How could I?. If this frightening, god-stricken world truly existed, we would all be like Jews in Nazi Germany. Even worse, we could not escape being persecuted by this all-powerful “Hitleresque” god. Personally, I couldn’t make myself love this Nazi-like monster. So my fate would be to be cast into his furnace and burn alive for all eternity.

This philosophical dilemma (wager) is not new. It is quite famous and is named in honor of its 17th century creator: “Pascal’s Wager”. But its fatal flaw is that it fails to ask the other equally valid question: “What if there is NO Hell, and you’re wrong?” After all, there are two sides to this metaphysical question—> IS there a “fire-breathing” god—OR—isn’t there?
Fortunately, the burden of proof dictates the answer: Without a shred of evidence to support the preposterous belief in a magic genie and his horrific BBQ, this belief can not to be taken seriously and must be considered pure fiction.

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Unfortunately all you believe is the fiction. God is real, and the proof is and always has been available. If you want to really know for jut yourself, the way to do it is look at the two Earths scientist claim.

  1. Eternal unsterile earth
  2. Sterile formed earth

next look up the definition of sterile. Follow that with an through study of The International Space Station. By the end of that you will knw the God reality.
You see, nothing sterile losses that sterile in open space. This is why the space station must keep its doors closed.

now think … IF Earth formed sterile how could that sterile be lost in a substance that keeps a Universe sterile? This also eliminates the other earth the one they claimed was eternal, as no unsterile thing exists in space, not even Earth.
The rest is reality, because the only way mankind could get an unsterile place in space was to create it. Now you know God is Real and then HELL also is so,because it was HE who states it.

Is this your proof? Oh, I, I, I thought you know what proof is. Sorry to bother you.

Now can you explain to me how humans are sculpted from the clay and blown with the breath of life?

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What youve offered is your belief and called it evidence. That’s not evidence. Let’s try again:

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for the existence of any deity?


I had never heard the phrase “Eternal unsterile earth”. So I googled it. Here is what it said:

No results found for “Eternal unsterile earth”.