What if Hell exists & you're wrong?

Wow, we have bona fide fruit loop assertions being peddled here.

Care to explain what could possibly be living when the Earth was in the early stages of its formation, and was basically a large sphere of molten rock being bombarded by sizeable meteorites? I think you’ll find molten rock at temperatures in excess of 1,400°C are sterile by any meaningful definition of the term.


Yea! I’m with Cali on this one… Life could not have existed on a rock full of fire. Explain that moron! Do you have any idea how hard it was to get to the local 7/11 for a Big Gulp (Do they still have those or am I dating myself?) Damn, the soles of my little monkey feet would be scorched by the time I got back to the underground cave. But what’s worse, is the fact that 75% of the Big Gulp evaporated by the time I got back to the cave. What was left in the cup was a thick slurry of syrup. And since there was no water, I had to urinate in the cup to dilute the syrup so I could drink it. Hell, I didn’t even know cola was carbonated for the first million years. So what in the hell do you think could have possibly been living under those conditions. I was there and I never saw a damn thing. Explain that!


You shared that with me!!!

Oh what! I’m going to tell you no? “Hey, let me have a sip of that.” 'No, you wouldn’t like it." WHAM! “Hey, let me have a sip of that.” “But it is urine.” WHAM! ‘Don’t think you can lie and keep it all for yourself.’ “Hey, give me a sip of that.” “But, but, but, but…” WHAM! “But my ass. Just give me the damn cup.”

I honestly don’t see a way of winning here. WHAM! (Ouch!)


That’s because google doesn’t know it, this means Scientist of today don’t know it. The information is held in confidence by me alone, though not always. The information is slated to come out soon enough. Still, the matter is irrelevant because this can (under intelligentsia alone) establish you either have no idea where earth came from (not intended as an offense of course) or you accepted this Big Bang nonsense (which I will disprove here). By your response I noted you said nothing of sterile earth? That’s a start, you see by reading up on the International Space Station you will discover it’s the ONLY THING in space which can have an unsterile chamber, and that is only because we put it there! get that? intelligence put it there? Remember that its important.

now think … if This Universe has proven since 1957 nothing in space loses its sterileness, and must be placed there. How could Earth exist as it does today? If eternal it can’t be unsterile. If sterile it can’t become unsterile. Science and scientist since 350 B.C. have based this Universe on an eternal unsterile earth … they just never told you, and that’s why you can’t google it!

Both earths claimed under humanity I have proven just under the law of sterile Universe … never existed, meaning everything, Earth Science, Education, Geology, Paleontology, genetics … False, all false simply because none of them are based on a te real earth the Third earth! Created Earth!

That’s neat. You have this information alone. What’s your secret? :open_mouth:

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Hmm, you said you were a chemo nurse…did you stash some away for private use, because you ain’t coming across as rational my friend.

If you live alone than go out to a new place and make some friends, better still, get a therapist. You need some serious help.

Should I break the news that organic chemicals have been identified in deep space?

So much for a sterile universe.


intelligence, and evidence of that intelligence, match it, with something other than opinion.

is the shushing :shushing_face: of stupidity. Learn in silence.


Come on folks, this dipshit tard and his steirl universe bullshit have nothing to do with anything. Abiogenisis, organic matter from inorganic material. Even if the universe was completely sterile, it has nothing to do with life on this planet and it is not an argument for the existence of a God. The world was sterile therefore God. Hey Dweeb, “The world was steril, therefore natural processes.” We have evidence for natural processes. WHAT EVIDENCE DO YOU HAVE FOR YOUR GOD?


Yeah but you said you’re the only guy in the world that has access to these things and sharing is caring you know! Didn’t you learn that in Kindergarten? Tell me more about this secret knowledge. :triumph:

He has hidden knowledge though. He knows all. We must turn ourselves over to his teachings. Maybe he can tell us about how many planets are in the universe and what women think and and and…

What he had was hidden intelligence. I think he buried it someplace and then forggot where to look. This just goes to show you how important it is to stay off drugs when you are pregnant. You know, you always hear stories about crack babies growing up but it is not often that you get to have a conversation with one. If you would like to donate to my new foundation, STAB, Save The Addicted Babies, 100% of your donation will be put to good use. You can donate any amount, and we accept bananas too. Just go to Crackbaby.com and fill out the credit card infomation. Save the Addicted Babies so they don’t grow up. (That’s not a typo.) And if your donation is $10 or more, a litttle red box will appear on your screen. If you tick the box :white_check_mark: I will personally track down the crack babys mother and give her a monkey bite she will remember.


WTF? This makes no sense at all, except in the context of severe mental illness. (And I insult everyone with mental illness by saying this)

Dear friends, just as I am letting go, you too must let it go. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!. Don’t be afraid, LOOK AT IT! LOOK AT THAT STEAMING HEAP! (more is slated to come out soon enough).

Yeah, they never told me I would have to deal with self-congratulatory ramblings of genetically deficient jackasses, but here we are with your babbling. I searched for other examples but Google said no.

Uh, you first.

Wow, I am stunned. It is all false? Because they are not based on the “Third Earth”? Is this in any way shape or form, related to or derived from, not that it has to be since it has not been shown to be true,
any reference(s) to, but not necessarily, the concept(s) or ideas surrounding the heretofore unproven, though widely accepted as “fact” notions of the “Third Eye”? I await, with baited breath, for your next utterance…

@skriten Which lends credence to the saying: “The truth is stranger than fiction”.


No offense taken. It’s okay. I understand.


Which just goes to show he told the truth. Obviously your bias is clouding your reading comprehension skills, and it has blinded you to the results of your OWN research of the matter. He TOLD YOU it could not be found with Google, and YOU proved him to be right. That should indicate to ANYBODY that Author really knows some dark and heavy shit.

so you’re another crackpot?

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Yes in my deep and extensive “research” (Google), I found not one reference whatsoever to genetically deficient jackass rambling. Clearly “they” are keeping this information from us as well as the “truth” revealed by our illustrious pontificator. So I partly agree that the Author knows shit.


How can you be so blind. It is he alone who is worthy of possessing this “knowledge”.