What do you do in heaven?

Thats why I clearly stated it from my perspective and mine alone.

Furthermore, I even took the step to differentiate myself to the normal atheist.

Perhaps more of an anti- theist… I’m unsure.

I know that. But using correct terminology is beneficial for everybody, especially when around people who’d make use of it. That is all. Don’t take chances. We have enough misunderstanding to deal with.


Thats a fair point and I respect that.

Again, I merely like to engage conversation, simply regurgitating “well you have the burden of proof!” Or similar gets me (personally, this is just me) absolutely nowhere.

I want to know why people believe and don’t believe, without having logical fallacies chucked at them from either side.

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If you want to know what heaven is like, just listen to someone who’s been there :joy: The Friendly Atheist has audio to prove he wasn’t exaggerating on Kat Kerr’s claims. Cows drive tractors, there’s a city made of jello, and oh so much more. With Easter coming up I’m glad that someone finally explained to me where those giant rabbits and eggs came from. She did seem to have one self aware thought, that people would use this as ammunition against her.


LOL… I have not met one in at least 10 years that I have had to think longer than three seconds about before identifying the fallacy. And the morons that try to use actual science, quantum mechanics, Schrodinger’s Cat., spooky action at a distance, or any other scientific babble to explain god are especially irksome.

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Ah……very true! But whatever God he is talking about, the burden is still his to prove It’s existence!

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Kerr has claimed
tRump “won” the election in heaven…


Dipshit fucktard!

Ah geez. Now I know I wouldn’t want to go. Even the enticement of getting to see a cow drive a tractor, and live in a Jello house isn’t enough to get me to want to be anywhere near Trump. It’s a tough call though, because she did also say that Jesus is handsome. What I really want to know is if he’s good at giving multiple orgasms. She does have a page where she answers question :slight_smile:.

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One more reason an eternity of so called bliss, sounds like a game of bingo, that goes on indefinitely, and you get tortured each time a number comes up.

I’ll pass on that god, thank you.

@Sheldon More like a twisted version of the game, “Twister”.

A god that is obsessed with genitalia, that made man in it’s image, and thus has a prostrate. Why does a god need a prostrate unless … ohh…

with millions of willing and devout followers.

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Yair. With age, mine has become quite vindictive. Gets me up several times a night to spend 10 minutes trying to have pee.

Intelligent design anyone? No?

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Old Man “Intelligent design anyone?”

Maybe. Mine only gets me up once in a night, but then I do make a point of crafting a figurine in toilet paper of what I imagine my prostrate god looks like, while I wait. I flush it along with the pee. Works like a charm.

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@David_Killens Unless He/She/It suffers from “prostrate cancer”. LMAO! :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Heaven is where God the Father Creator is dwelling. The only thing a human child of God can do there is visit there and Praise God the Almighty made of nuclear white draft sun material. Revelations chapter 1 verses 13 to 17. I am a Christian and over 99 percent of Christians do not know this.

This idiot is posting nothing of worth. Just trolling the site with nonsense. Isn’t it about that time?


Sort out this well known phrase or saying : Head Dick


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This one is a very obvious troll, with a mental of about 14 imo. Really can’t be bothered with it.

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