What do you do in heaven?

How can heaven possibly be good?

I cannot imagine having to be surrounded by Bible thumping muppets, happy go lucky fuck wits, people you knew but despised, family members or acquaintances that you silently begged to leave your home and not over stay their welcome…

I’m not a ‘social butterfly’ and would certainly not relish the thought of having to be sticky perpetually praising some dick head who’s never demonstrated any proof of himself, thinks he’s amazing and yet riddles some children with bone cancer… or having to be surrounded by idiots.

The only way I could enjoy myself is to have my personality forcibly changed…

Anyways it doesn’t matter, because the notion that there is a god or a magical land for the lunatics that believe in him, is utter bollocks.

Fievel - You fucktard - There you go again… Science does not ‘PROVE’ anything. Science builds models. “Proof” is an idea from mathematics. Why in the fuck are you here if not to learn something? How many times do people have to coach you?

So … STOP MAKING THEM!!! Asserting there is 'NO EVIDENCE" is a claim.

All you have to do is grasp this one little concept and you will STOP making inane assumptions. You and Pablito should get a room together.

It is the closest we get though is it not?

I will believe in science first before I will believe in the bible.

Back to my story writing, as I am better with that than this.


Ah I loved that, thank you! Having had to endure a young girl close to my family succumb to leukaemia, it just re-enforced my view that there is no doubt, that there is no god.

Furthermore, if one was to exist, he would be nothing less then a capricious, evil, vindictive and horrible swine.

@Cognostic here we go one more :kissing:

Do tell, what now…

@Randomhero1982 one who makes a claim, must back up their assertion with evidence. You made the claim that God does not exist (quoting what you wrote in response to me), so now, you have to provide evidence to back up your claim. I think that he what these folks are getting to, here.

You’re saying that you have NO DOUBT that there is no god. Which is a positive claim.
Can you show us exactly HOW you concluded with 100% certainty that there is no existent deity?

LOL… He does not have to Prove anything. Have you not been watching the theists. Yes, he has a burden of proof but he can believe whatever the fuck he wants for any reason he wants. LOL… Be careful here… You have no idea which God he is talking about? You never asked him.

He made a claim… “God does not exist.” You assumed you knew which god he was talking about and thought it would be one of the unfalsifiable versions of God. What if it’s not? What if it is YHWH? A god that is all merciful and all just can not exist, it is logically inconsistent. Mercy is the suspension of justice.

What if he disbelieves in a god that exists for no time and in no space. A god that exists for no time… well, existence is temporal… so… logically, that god does not exist…

Yes, he made the statement and now has the burden of proof; however, you don’t actually know what he is talking about.

Even if you did, in the end, he does not “Have” to do anything. Just like a Christian, he can “Have” a bad argument and just “believe” on “faith.”

The correct way to approach this is to ask, “Which god does not exist and how do you know?”

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Theists do claim their gods are beyond spacetime…maybe this is what they mean :laughing:

Sure, from my previous context though that I have no interest in logical argument etc…

There is no reason to believe there is one, I treat the notion as I do for any other man made construct, be that santa claus or the easter bunny.

Yes, existence is temporal. To exist for no time is not to exist at all.


Constantly moulding their bullshit to match with what science uncovers… what a stunning surprise.

That may be true but making definitive claims like “there is no god” affects how theists view all atheists. Please don’t make that mistake.

Sure, but again, I couldn’t care how theists view me.

Athiest is simply a word, it does not define me or my life.

In fact I never even refer to myself as an atheist, this is what I’m labelled by others and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

This isn’t about you.

It affects all atheists.

Randomhero said it himself…(Reference Above) The claim that there “Is no god” is not a winnable claim as it is completely unfalsifiable." I can hear the theists now. Have you looked in every corner of the universe? How do you know what is outside the universe? You can’t know anything for sure. (All true statements. None of them proving the existence of their god but all of them demonstrating the fallacious nature of the claim “No gods exist.”) It is in fact a fallacious claim, whether or not it is believed.

Personally… I like to wait until the theist identifies the God they are talking about prior to asserting 1. It does not exist or 2. It is completely unnecessary. Those are my two, go to, positions.


Yeah I get that cog, I just would like to see some honest discussions between humans.

There’s too much put on silly word games, logical arguments etc… it completely stagnate any dialogue.

Unfortunately though that’s where theism he regressed too, logical argument (where they still can’t shift the the burden of proof), can’t demonstrate empirically the evidence of their claims etc…

It fills now like an argument where we run around and around in circles… I can’t even tell you the last good or interesting theistic argument I’ve seen.