What do you do in heaven?

Is it just me, or does any one else find that attitude the slightest bit creepy or just off?

I suspect that to consider heaven in the light of having sexual licence is to somehow miss the fucking point


It is a silly subject as there’s lack for evidence that a heaven exists in the first place.

If one were to exist though.

I could be reborn a dozen times and have this consciousness and all its memories and it would still get boring.

Oh for fuck sake Fievel J. There is no lack of evidence for heaven. People die and they go to heaven. Everyone knows that. The Bible is evidence. All the people in the bible who give testimony, are evidence. The Koran is evidence. My left testicle is evidence. The dream of Jesus I had last night is evidence. Every theist on the face of the earth that believes in Heaven is evidence. The fact that you have heard of the place is evidence. Movies and books have been written about the place and those too qualify as evidence. Real people have been there and you can even talk to them. that is more evidence. So when are you going to STOP SAYING STUPID SHIT?


@Cognostic c’mon, go easy on him/her. Besides what he/she said wasn’t wrong; there really is a LACK of evidence. That can mean deficiency.

Edit: Damn pronouns.

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Really??? Sorry :neutral_face: but the majority of people on earth are theists. There is no lack of evidence.

There is a long history here. The same mistake over and over and over and over for years now. (Just like Pablito.) We are taking bets. Who is going to wake up first. Ratty, Fievel. or the new boy Pablito. Wanna place a bet?


True enough; anything provided in support of a claim is evidence. Yes, there’s cornucopia of evidence for the most fatuous christian beliefs. What there is not is any empirical evidence.


I will stop when this so called evidence is solid proof, and not claims of evidence which people believe in. Claims of evidence does not make a thing true.

I will believe in heaven when I die and see it first hand.
And if there’s nothing after death and things go back to the way they were like before I was born, what have I really lost?

So unless I see something more solid for the (Evidence) word I will believe we just cease to exist when we die.

Theists say the same things over and over all the time. So while there may be billions of theists, the evidence is just the same claims being reiterated, retold. Not much new.


Oh I see. Sounds like fun. I’ll bet on Fievel. Least error count that I’ve seen, almost there.

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Please don’t place me into the same category with Ratty.

I am not a believer in any god or deity unless I see actual solid evidence. Not just claimed evidence as you pointed out, but real solid evidence.

Hold the bible. It’s solid.

Grab a photon…


Sure it is a solid object, but it isn’t enough evidence for me to believe in it. Took me close to 47 years of my life just to learn some of this.

Can one even hold a photon?


‘Nuf said except for the words required to post


@anon14261619 you mean to say sufficient objective evidence. Every piece of evidence is claimed.

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In a word, Exactly.

But is it proof?

…no that’s why it’s called evidence.

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Since I can not just post (Right) in a single word, had to write this whole fucking sentence.

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Sometimes just liking is enough I suppose. If you’re just acknowledging.

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