Surprise me! Debate? We’ll see between White and Muslim

I left you 19 articles about. I guess you haven’t read it. Regardless of religions, you will think of God. Let’s call God X. This X is the first reason.

You seem to have ignored the question yet again.

As are you it appears, as I’ve asked politely 4 times now for you to demonstrate any objective evidence for your claim that this is a miracle.

And I’ve told you I’m not interested, if you can’t demonstrate any objective evidence that this is a miracle. Why are you avoiding this request?

Objective evidence is the very antithesis of prejudice? I accept or believe ideas that are supported by sufficient objective evidence, I apply that objective standard to all claims, including god claims, that’s the polar opposite of prejudice. Your bias has been evident from the very first though ironically, since you claim to have no doubts and were certain of your as yet entirely unevidenced belief in an extant deity.

That’s another unevidenced claim, you either don’t know what the words objective and evidence mean, or you’re simply indulging in sophistry and rhetoric.

That one is called an ad hominem fallacy, and since my patience is starting to be exhausted, you get one warning, then I’ll start to reciprocate.

To be fair his blinkered boss is the perfect rationale for preserving his adherence to and belief in an archaic unevidenced superstition. My reasoning is always going to present a problem for that kind of closed minded prejudice.

Though as you imply, he seems entirely aware of how irrational and flawed his reasoning is.

Precisely correct. I don’t know the rules to quiditch either, that doesn’t make it real, a fact he seems unable to grasp.

Correct, why would I. It’s your claim it represents a miracle, and I have asked you repeatedly to demonstrate why, yet you seem unable or unwilling to do so. So far all we get is the same trite rhetoric.

Not one word of that makes any rational sense.

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity or deities?

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ANSWER the questions!

A person cannot debate with an “article” for fuck’s sake. PLUS I warned you about this … I suggest you start engaging in an HONEST manner.

I am in full agreement. @QuranMuslim19 Start debating and stop referencing.

It’s not peer reviewed, nor is there a broad scientific consensus accepting your conclusions. Thus it is by definition subjective, not objective.

You’re embarrassing yourself my friend. I urge you to go and learn what the words objective and subjecive mean, before repeating this idiotic claim that subjective articles represent objective evidence.

No, you demonstrate objective evidence here for your claim.

I’m not even remotely curious, I’ve encountered enough unevidenced superstitious and irrational theistic beliefs before. If you want to sway me then demonstrate sufficient objective evidence, I grow tired of asking.

You sought me out champ…I didn’t come looking for you.

That’s a different claim, so you’re a liar as well an odious arrogant ignoramus. You were warned about your ad hominem…

You’ve ignored the question for a sixth time, and simply repeated your unevidenced claim.

How does any aspect of human reproduction represent any objective evidence for any deity?

Please look up and learn what the words objective and evidence mean before responding again.

Atheism isn’t a claim or a belief, it is simply the lack of belief in any deity or deities, and therefore since it makes no claims or assertions cannot contradict anything. Your ignorance of basic facts is extremely tiresome.

Just link the peer reviewed research and the worthy scientific journals that published it that support your UNEVIDENCED CLAIM.

Simply labelling your unevidenced claims as evidence is risible bullshit.


Mate it’s only that very old superstition called ‘numerology’ ,with a twist.

There is an ancient Jewish practice called Gematria, for finding hidden meaning in the Torah which has been around for millennia

Gematria - Wikipedia(%2Fɡəˈm,depending%20on%20the%20cipher%20used.

Not to be outdone, the late Barbra Theiring, renowned biblical scholar, (until she went nuts) came up with her own version she called “pesher”. I read her book on the topic. In my opinion, she had lost the plot.

Same goes for the nutter with the 19 tortuous nonsense.

This reminds me of people who make my piss boil, by claiming without a hint of irony, that “things always happen in threes.”

When pressed they will then immediately list three things that have recently happened. When you’ve stopped laughing they then list the previous three, you don’t laugh quite as hard, but undeterred they then list three previous events. By the time the conversation’s over your IQ has lost 20%…

The annoying thing is that once they believe it, no matter how obviously idiotic it is, or how much you explain it to them, they remain baffled at your stupidity in disbelieving it.

People is dumb, sadly.

And the 19 articles were debunked. What else you got? You don’t get to keep asserting the same bullshit when the bullshit you are spouting is pure nonsense that does not comport with facts or reality.

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It doesn’t prove anything, we’re in agreement. It’s interesting and nothing more.

I don’t think QuranMuslim19 can understand that or they’d probably change their name :stuck_out_tongue:

Yair same reasoning used by say people who believe in astrology. The memory is selective, ignoring the misses and reporting only the hits. Compulsive gamblers do the same thing.

Based on long observation, it has occurred to me that very little human behaviour has anything to do with intelligence or even conscious deliberation. Even when we do our intelligence is often muted or twisted. I’m not convinced that [generally speaking] human beings are capable of objectivity

I repeat an aphorism I read somewhere, I forget when; “Rather than being a rational animals, human beings are rational-ising animals”

I completely agree with this brother. And I am proud muslim!

Hi! @immortalGoku1452 … this is an old thread and the person you agree with was into numerology and pattern seeking.

That “brother” was engaging in numerology. It is very hard to take anyone serious who supports such claims.


Welcome to Atheist Republic immortalGoku1452.