Surprise me! Debate? We’ll see between White and Muslim

LIKEWISE: Bible Code enthusiasts get the same response but tweaked:

… since it is the Bible itself that is supposed to be the “word of God,” not some arbitrary partition of it. It’s as if the Bible Code enthusiasts have read the Bible and found nothing but absurdity, so they began to read not only between the lines, but between the letters!

I’m sure I could find something similar for the Book of Mormon - god’s hidden messages!

Fuck - some people don’t have to look :eyes: for hidden messages - god talks directly to them!

EDITED TO ADD: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: surprise, surprise :confetti_ball:


Learn the 19 system. Then let’s discuss whether the Quran is the word of God. In my previous article, I described how the body works, these organs are incidentally not functional. There is a God who gives this task to these organs. Atheists like you could not bring any anti-arguments, and you made foolish nonsense that “evolution, these are not proof, science does not prove God”. I have never seen an atheist respond properly to the transformation of sperm into a human. If you study the development of the baby in the mother’s womb, you come to the conclusion of a God who controls them. If we think independently of religions, God certainly exists. In my previous post I brought the presence of God. Atheists are just verbal.

Atheists are just verbal… says the guy who just asserted twice that god explains shit without proof. :rofl:

  1. God gives organs their function: provide evidence of this
  2. God makes sperm transform into a human: provide evidence of this
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“Interesting”. I have seen similar claims for the Bible, in which they used greek numerals to extract numbers from parts of old greek manuscripts of the New Testament in the Bible, then after performing some weird “inspired” calculations, they ended up with some number that had a Christian meaning. And, Voilá, they had “proven” that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. With enough imagination and lots of patience, one can do the same kind of trick with any longish text.

I’ll bet that if I had the patience and imagination to invent weird ways to massage numbers, I could have reduced the Bible to the number 666 in lots of places, “proving” it actually is the work of Satan. And likewise with the Koran.

For example, you have “transformed” from sperm to human. Could this happen spontaneously? Think in a healthy way.

Can your flesh organs spontaneously assume that task? Anyone who definitely controls this. There are trillions of cells. These cells work in harmony. You don’t have to see God with your own eyes. If you think healthy, you will see that there is a Creator already. Think of God independent of religions.

Could you please respond to my question about 19? What is the significance of 19? It should be a simple answer. The pattern 19 matters why, it means what, and why?

To your points: it didn’t happen spontaneously, DNA and RNA and a mother’s body made it happen.

I try to think healthy, don’t patronize me like that. You’re making a bad argument and you can’t see it. Wish I could help you see that.

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Seriously :flushed: IS this the best you have for your “belief”??? I hope you aren’t “obeying” stuff based on this…

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It proves that the Quran is interesting and at the same time sent by God.

You’ve demonstrated that the Quran is interesting…

YOU have not established “sent by God”, no more than the Bible Code or the Mormon Mystery Code or Numerology are “sent by God”.

These are pattern seeking explanations in human minds.

Thank you!

QuranMuslim19: Try to understand that 19 to us does not mean what it means to you. It’s not anything more than a pattern you found in the Qur’an, a Qur’an Code, numerology. That’s what it amounts to. It cannot get you to Allah.

Well it sure as fuck looks like numerology.


Apophenia - Wikipedia

We all have it. Some people are more “talented” in this area of their brain, and when its not recognized it leads to all sorts of things.

Simple shifting of the burden of proof. Demonstrate that any verse in the quaran, any verse at all, could not have been uttered by a human being and is in fact the word of a god.

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Your previous article was moronic and that was pointed out with facts and evidence. Why would you reference such a moronic bit of trash?

You can not assert the Quaran was sent by God until you demonstrate the existence of a god. You don’t get to use the Quaran as evidence for the God you assert exists as that makes your claim circular. First demonstrate your god thing exists, Second, demonstrate that he wrote a book.

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No thanks, it’s your claim a miracle has occurred, so it is entirely incumbent on you to demonstrate sufficient objective evidence for your claim. I’m still waiting? As I already explained, and you ignored…

Disbelief does not need evidence, as it is not in itself a claim.

So you keep claiming.

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity or deities?

That’s a lie, I have repeatedly explained your arguments are relentlessly using a known fallacy in informal logic, called argumentum ad ignorantiam. It’s now becoming increasingly obvious you have no interest in honest debate, and just want to preach at atheists.

No aspect of human reproduction requires or evidences a deity or anything supernatural, again this is axiomatic, as it is a scientific fact.

Nonsense, this is just another of your bare assertions, and again science does not support this conclusion, and again that is axiomatic.

Another demonstrably false claim, since as an atheist my reasoning does not include religious doctrine, and yet I remain an atheist.

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity?

How do any biological facts like human reproduction evidence a deity? I’ve explained to you several times that is illogical to claim the lack of contrary evidence can validate a belief, this is a known common logical fallacy called argumentum ad ignorantiam, you keep using this fallacy, but dishonestly keep refusing to acknowledge it. Hardly surprising giving how closed minded your posts appear to be.

I have no idea what you’re attempting to say here sorry. However you need to focus on the fact that you have posted dozens of times and not offered any objective evidence or a single rational argument to support your claims and beliefs.

Human reproduction can be explained as an entirely natural process, so why do you think any aspect of it represents evidence for any deity?

It doesn’t happen spontaneously, nor has anyone claimed this. It is part of the process of reproduction, and nothing science has discovered about that process requires or evidences any deity or anything supernatural.

So as @JoelInbody asked, please explain how sperm or any aspect of reproduction is evidence for any deity? You simply keep making these unevidenced assertions, and when asked to explain their relevance you either repeat the unevidenced assertion or hop to another one?

Another straw man fallacy.

Another ludicrous and unevidenced assertion. What on earth does “think healthy” even mean?

Which deity, and what objective evidence can you demonstrate for it?


How does it do that?

You just keep repeating that everything evidences a deity, but never offer evidence or explanation to support this risible claim.

You’re preaching at us, and I have already cautioned you against that.

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There is a problem with your thinking. Of course science explains reproduction. The problem is that this doesn’t happen on its own. It has a system. There is a creator who puts this system. Turn a water droplet into wood. Do you think this is possible? It is possible to transform from sperm to human. Isn’t that interesting? Learn about amniotic fluid. Examine the baby’s development in the mother’s womb. Veins, find out how you feed the baby. None of this happens spontaneously. There is a system. You are ignorant about 19. A system you haven’t studied. I’ve left article links about 19. Thinking healthy = Thinking without prejudice. Your existence is objective evidence. You are too ignorant to know your own body.

NO… you have a problem with your thinking :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

YES science explains it - the Quran sure in the hell didn’t.

Demonstrate the problem or idea “on its own”…
Then you counter with “it has a system”…

Chemical reactions. Hmmm :thinking: what rocks do you smash together to get sparks? The right chemicals, the right amount of force, the right conditions… :boom: :fire:

YES …and willfully so! What is important about 19? I don’t think you’ve ever answered this question.

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