Mike Lindell's Frank (social media site)

Mike Lindell (CEO of MyPillow, one of Trumps advisors, the guy was pushing the poisonous plant oleander as a treatment for Covid19, one of the people being sued for false voter fraud claims) was supposed to launch their new social media app today (named Frank) but it has been delayed.

Supposedly it will be a “free speech” app; that won’t allow cursing, porn, or taking god’s name in vain. :scream:

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Yes. The four cuss words: fuck, cunt, goddammit/Jesus fuckin’Christ (blaspheming) and nigger (take with context).

So… btw Frank “free speech” is limited (and not by the Constitution) by the SAME principles that all private forums use.

HOWEVER as a Judeo-Christian site, this limit to “free speech” (profanity) will go unchallenged. Members are free to believe their weakly evidenced bullshit and share their plans for the re-taking of ‘Mercia…

That’s kind of funny. Frank. I’m not going to try to make another play on that but I probably could, 'cause frankly, I think the guy’s an idiot :rofl: Yes, I know that was terrible, I’m half-asleep.

I think :thinking: many take it to mean “open and honest” (to be frank) BUT it is “capitalized” sooo the conspiraturd in me wonders…


  1. a member of a Germanic people that conquered Gaul in the 6th century and controlled much of western Europe for several centuries afterward.

(in the eastern Mediterranean region) a person of western European nationality or descent.

WE also know how Germany pursued the ideal of its “nationality” and race (WW 2)… of which many of the Frank “members” relate too in their own “ways”. A sad site for an unsung Dick-tator and living “messiah”…brought to you by the religious right.

Speaking of which, what would be the most blasphemous expression involving God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit that one could invent, without invoking c-/f-/n-words or equivalents? Asking for a friend.

Simply telling them that you don’t believe that stuff seems to do a good job. :slight_smile:

Well, when I don’t have the time to engage in a discussion, I usually mumble something about not believing in fairy tales. That often makes them shut up long enough that I can escape.

Involving god? Call him a her. Refer to “him” in the female - see how far that gets you.

“black” Jesus, typical middle-eastern look.
No one knows what the “Holy Spirit” is. The less talked about aspect of “god”. We were told it was just her “active force” (like body odour?)…

the average Judean of the time would have likely had dark brown to black hair, olive skin, and brown eyes. Judean men of the time period were on average about 1.65 metres or 5 feet 5 inches in height.[10]:58–63

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Ohhhhhh that’s perfect. I find it remarkably hard not to mutter such things as “god, oh god, for the love of god”, etc. Habit I suppose. Next time the blasphemy police berate me I’ll just say, “She doesn’t mind.” The look on their face should be priceless.


The confrontation interesting, the discussions provocative, the response PRICELESS. I wish I could witness something like that.

This bloke’s new Website/forum puts me in mind of a young brother who taught and hit me a lot.

This little flower told us we shouldn’t say; :Golly (it means god) Gosh (also means god) and Gee Wizz (Jesus). No shit. never occurred to me to ask him what he thought of ‘fuck’ ***

Might be fun to punk his forum , if you enjoy that kind of thing.

The young brother? Had a nervy, was carted off and I understand he left the order. One of the many victims who were bullied into something for which they had no aptitude. They tried that shit on me when I was 16. We were all encouraged to “have a go in a seminary for a year or two” . Add the brutality and those ignorant cunts did a great deal of damage to a lot of boys.

***Only medieval German slang, Wasn’t even a swear word until the twentieth century,

My dog’s name is Frank. He swears all the time.

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Yes indeed, a polite request for evidence often sends them into a frenzied hate filled rant, that has me thanking a deity I don’t believe in for the anonymity of an internet forum.

I did suggest Buddha sounded like a bit of a cunt on here fairly recently, now I think of it. That the kind of thing you had in mind?

I suppose this comment was for me? Well, actually I’m more after blasphemic utterings that does not make one come through as a f☆&#ing potty-mouthed c†×§t. The ideal blasphemic utterings would be something that sounds innocent at first, then make people stop and think, and then realize what was actually being said (or even better, not realize it until it is too late), followed by a shock-effect.

Yes, it was meant in response to your request, sorry.

So blasphemous inability subtle yet profound way, but without using vituperations?

I’ll give it some thought. More thought than a deity that felt it necessary to include things like cancer, malaria and tooth decay in its divine plan.


That’s a good one. I have on an earlier occasion said something Dawkinesque to Jesus-on-a-stick-believers, but I think they just perceived me as being “angry at God” instead of just a disbeliever.

While it’s possible for the ludicrous claims made by religions to offend or anger an atheist, an atheist cannot by definition be “angry at god.”

It has struck me a few times whilst debating theists, that they attach the same importance to my atheism as they do to their theism. They always struggle to comprehend that I attach no more importance the lack of this belief than any other.

Indeed I’d not even bother to discuss it all if the belief were an entirely innocuous one, sadly we know this is not the case.

There’s blasphemy and there’s blasphemy.

One time I was glad such laws exist, was from Thailand. In 1996, seems some Mormon missionaries thought it was a dandy idea to climb onto a statue of a reclining Buddha for some photos. They were arrested and charged with blasphemy, put in gaol and later deported. Too arrogant to bother learning local customs before inflicting themselves on the poor Thais.

I don’t go out of my way to offend the sensibilities of others. BUT, the last person for whom I censored my speech was my late mother, who could not abide coarse language. She and my father came from a time and backgrounds where “people of good breeding would not say shit for a shilling”


"BANGKOK, Thailand, Jan. 9 (Reuters) — Thailand expelled two Americans today after they served six months in jail for desecration of a Buddha statue, the police said.

The two men, Joseph K. Wall, a 20‐year‐old Mormon missionary from Utah, and an American friend, Kimball Larsen, visited a temple in northern Nakhon Sawan Province last July. The police said Mr. Wall climbed up and sat on the head of a Buddha statue while Mr. Larsen took photographs.

Both were charged with desecration and jailed for six months. They were released from prison yesterday and the s immigration division ordered both deported.

Indeed not. Although a person falsely claiming to be an atheist may be.

It is my opinion that we atheists generally are not special in any way as individuals or as a group. I concede that atheists found on atheist forums tend to be atypical in some ways.

I have never been able to accept that we are any more or less rational then any other humans beings . Consequently , I’m unable to accept that even most of us become atheists purely through objective observation and/or critical thinking. I think it’s quite reasonable to assume that all kinds of emotions are at least in part of the process of becoming atheist. (assuming one was a theist)

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That was for me. Although the journey was a long one before I came to realize I was an atheist, it was my emotions that drove me to abandon organized religion. That was my first step.

The last step was built on critical thinking, calm rational thought, and the assistance of countless other people.

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