Another threat that Armageddon is coming

Oh joy, Mike Lindell is threatening that the End of Times will come if we don’t listing to his election fraud “documentary”. I don’t know which is worse, people all giddy and happy that they think Armageddon is near, or people who threaten it will happen if we don’t fall for their ridiculous conspiracies. I suppose the ones who are happy are the scarier ones, since I suspect they would gleefully help bring it about. I am so looking forward to the libel lawsuits against the people who pushed voter fraud. When dozens of judges threw voter fraud claims out of court as baseless it was claimed that none of them were willing to let the evidence be heard. That won’t happen this time, whatever evidence they claim to have will be front and center and proven to be false. At least 14 of the lawsuits against the election were actually withdrawn by the complainants because they were just brought for show and they knew they didn’t have any evidence to present. This happened with the last Georgia lawsuit that Trump claimed was about to expose massive fraud. The next day it was simply withdrawn with his side saying they’d reached an agreement with Georgia. Georgia’s attorneys begged to differ. No agreement had been reached and they considered the lawsuit frivolous. I’m hoping those who attacked our election, and those who enabled them, get their day in court. That’s what they claim they wanted.

Awwwww fuck… That explains it. I just stepped out of bed and my right foot was missing… Oh wait… There it is… It was only sleeping… Never mind.

The sad thing is these folks who will listen intently to this documentary will do no research for themselves.
The court cases by tRumps lawyers during his “the election was stolen” shit, not once claimed “fraud or election stealing”. They saved this spiel for the media and spun their cases via their narrative.

Suck a fucking joke.
The audience for such a con are hooked in “fear porn” and “hopium” … reality doesn’t fit their mindset.

The ones who say nothing, while they plan to play a significant role in bringing it to fruition…

Ultimately worrying doesn’t help , check your fear, and try to weigh the threat rationally.

It should be easy in the middle of a global pandemic, where massive nuclear powers are squaring up to each other in the background…


Yair. It simply doesn’t seem to occur to those dropkicks that God might be a total cunt and that they are in for a very unpleasant afterlife.

Certitude is a dangerous thing at the best of times, but downright foolhardy when the person seems incapable of abstract thought .

As Greg House once said " Rational arguments don’t work on religious people. Otherwise there would be no religious people."


It’s funny that so many people think they’re going to heaven when the god of the bible could only find 8 people on the whole earth worthy of saving when he destroyed the place the first time. He must have some pretty high standards.

Now House was a series I enjoyed. Part of me couldn’t help but admire House, while simultaneously detesting the rampant ego and the way he abused the people around him.

Still it had a snappy often humorous script, and was well acted for the most part.

I watched Fry and Laury in my teen years, and was in awe of them both.

Yeah, I guess.

Although if I had to work with the cunt I’d push him down the nearest elevator shaft. I went off him after a few seasons. I found his arrogance and insensitivity a bit too much.

Even fewer with Sodom and Gomorra.

An aside: Looking at the event in the context and mores of the times, one view is the great sin of Sodom and Gomorra was breaking the strict rules of hospitality:

"In this article, I argue that the view of the Sodom and Gomorrah story held by the Christian Right as well as conservative biblical scholars overlook the presence and role of women in the entire narrative about the cities, beginning in Genesis 13. As this presence and role are acknowledged, I further assert that it is more logical to assume that the sexual orientation of the men and women of Sodom and Gomorrah is heterosexual rather than homosexual. In arguing this, I wish to undercut the dangerous understanding that the “sin” of Sodom is homosexuality in need of annihilation in our society. Instead I assert that the wickedness of these cities is the inhospitable treatment of resident aliens and sojourners at its worst, through the sexual humiliation of rape, linked with the wickedness of idolatry.2 "

There is no consensus among scholars of which I am aware.


A little known fact about Noah:

After the ark had come safely to rest, Noah sent one of his sons in law into the bilges of the ark to collect some manure for the veggies. Dark down there, so son in law decides to light a lamp----------Thus Noah was indirectly responsible for the discovery of methane. :face_with_monocle:

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Well, I think it’s a case of too little too late. The very name of the city Sodom is now the word used for a homosexual act and that’s what most people associate with the story. I doubt the argument that homosexuality wasn’t the sin the cities were punished for will change many minds. They will cling to their hate like a jealous lover.