Let’s talk about the NWO

Came across this…

5 years ago…

Watched the first video… pure hype… (Can’t discuss the finances or the cause as I am not that political.) Every person in a 3ed world country now has a cell phone or access to someone with a cell phone. News is spread throughout the globe instantaneously. A product of globalization. Small villages are locked down in the Philippines, China, and Thailand who 50 years ago would have been left on their own due to a lack of communication. While this may create some financial hardships, it is certainly preventing the spread of corona. Governments are in contact with these areas and do make efforts to drop off supplies. The global communities are aware of new outbreaks in real time. Where is globalization failing?

The battle over masks? Ha ha ha ha ha … masks do not stop the virus from entering your body. The mask prevents you from spraying your contagion, should you have one, on the people around you. Almost anything can work as a mask. The job of the mask is to stop water vapor form escaping your nose and mouth and moving the 3 feet across open space to infect another person. That’s it.

The shutting down of Democracy in Hong Kong happened when Hong Kong was given back to China. Another completely stupid assertion. This has nothing to do with the world not being connected. China is more connected to the West than it has been in centuries.

Google is blocked in China? Duh! China is a communist economy, not a free market economy. Now we are talking capitalism and not NWO… What is Google Doing… It’s making deals with China to work within the system of Government controls… Duh! Just good business and a part of the new Global economy.

I’m not listening to more. Boring BS/ Technology is changing the world we live in. Perhaps this moron should have begun by specifically defining what it is he is calling the NWO because he is jumping all over the map with one idiotic assertion after another.

Exactly… I figured you’d catch the Hong Kong or google China :cn:- lol.

Globalization isn’t “going” anywhere. Changing, shifting sure… and I love his use of “New World Order” without a real definition of “what the fuck he’s defining it as” (or did I miss that? :roll_eyes:)

And the “global economy” (capitalism) is what drives the car allowing the Communist China to “exist” - they sure don’t fucking state own like “traditional” communist economic policy.

An excellent response.

Talk of NWO is akin to the Illuminati or the British royal family being alien lizard people, (which is true btw). You can also add flat earthers and a host of others.

Conspiracy theorists take a handful of poorly understood pieces of information and undertake leaps of faith to link them. They mistake correlation for causation and other errors of logic but then they fall into circular reasoning. Anyone who does not immediately accept their assertions is either a fool or a part of the conspiracy. Cue the theme to the X Files.
The originators of these theories do this deliberately and they sit back and watch the fun.

My favourite is that Zionists are a secret world government. Have you ever seen a handful of Jews in a room? They cannot agree on anything! :joy:

The really sad thing is that there are a great many people out there whose lives are less than they expected them to be and who desperately grasp any such BS they hear. Because it is easier to blame the government, the Jews, the Democrats, the Brexiteers, Them! than it is to accept that you may have messed up or that life holds no guarantees.

And it is not a coincidence that conspiracy theorists use similar logic to many religions to justify their assertions.

Lol! More accurately is to leave off the “alien” part, as these folks rely on the reptilian part of our brains :brain:

Hey - and his mention of exchange with China, giving up the ports? Hahahaha - :cn: wet dream for global financial dominance. They would love to be the “intermediary exchange” for world currency, currently held by a democracy.

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That is exactly what I did and what I perceive. He should have defined “globalization” because I have no specific idea on what he is talking about.

If he had been born 500 years ago he would have referred to the slave trade as globalization?

Does he understand that the history of mankind is one of a constantly shifting political and economic situation, where nothing stands still and change, agreements, and deals come and go?

Does he understand that if you took a snapshot of the economic, financial, health, and every other metric of society and nations a hundred years apart, no snapshot would resemble another?

Does he understand that today’s ultimate strategic weapon is a ballistic missile, while exactly one hundred years ago it was this?

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The second speaker made some good points about communication in his talk on cultural awareness. Because English has become the language of trade and the Internet, we assume that everyone understands what we say. I can tell you from long experience that even speakers of the same languages don’t understand half of what they say to each other. Human languages are wonderful, versatile, complex systems, but using them to express what’s really going on inside our brains is like using a sledgehammer and chainsaw to make a watch.

I find it intriguing that religion, arguably the most influential factor in our cultures, is usually based on texts and traditions evolved by people with totally different linguistic, cultural, and geographic backgrounds from our own. We have no clue about what those people were thinking and experiencing with their sheep and goats out in the desert, yet people still blindly accept their teachings as a blueprint for our societies.

Here we are in the 21st century. We’re light years beyond those goat-herders. Yet despite all our progress in science and technology, we’ve made zero progress toward improving our ability to communicate and understand. Maybe that’s why we’re still kneeling to their tribal sky fairies.


I have heard a Muslim state that for me to truly understand and appreciate the beauty of the Quran, I must learn the language it was written in.

And I have heard it stated by some christians I must learn Greek to understand some of the original biblical texts.

For an all-powerful and all-knowing god, it is one crappy communicator. Or it does not exist.

You’d think the omniscient creator of the universe would at least be able to invent a universal translator.

Tell that to the Indonesians.

It is a basic tenet of Islam that the Quran is only the Quran, as in the word of Allah dictated by the angel Gabriel, when read and recited in Arabic. This is, of course, a convenient way for Muslim apologists to swerve most difficult questions. My theory is that this tradition was established to help in securing a hold over conquered/converted people.

I have challenged a few Muslims on this by asking why such an all-powerful, all-knowing god would be concerned by the language used by his worshippers. The answer was instructive.
Because it was dictated to Mohammed, in Arabic, the nuances of language are seemingly missed in translation.
A further question regarding translation by an Arabic scholar specialising in ancient Arabic, (which apparently differs significantly from the modern) to ensure there were no errors was simply ignored. Except by one man who proclaimed that Allah had deliberately blinded me to the truth to ensure I would not be saved. Which is an interesting tactic.

Ahhh, the guy who gave pizzagate a huge platform, the birther movement, a voice for a Christian Nationalism, etc and etc and opened the door for the “insider” Q to leap forward with his knowledge and cryptic riddles to grab his audience also and run with failed dates.

Promises of Gitmo. Public expose of the pedophiles and child sacrifices. The satanic rituals.

Me too.

Forty odd years ago, the term was esoteric. Various groups were mentioned, from the Rosicrucians, to the Free Masons to a nebulous group called 'the intelligentsia. Later it became a cabal of filthy rich businessmen and the world bank . It changed over time, I can even remember George Senior using the term ‘New world’

For me, globalisation and the new world order have merged:

I watched the demise of the Soviet Union and the rise of China. I watched the end of protectionism for Australian industries and their demise, helped along by manufacturers moving off shore.

There is a Chinese curse; “May you live in interesting times” At 20-30 even 40 I didn’t understand. At 70+ I do finally understand. The world continues to change, but faster than I want or can understand.

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From the other thread I was engage with, I thought I’d post this here.

I went to a poll (consume with a pinch of salt :salt: )

Ironically, some theory has been demonstrated “true” or evidenced after the fact. I think :thinking: this is what lends credibility or justification in some minds that their preferred choice of conspiracy “belief” can likewise be true but hidden.

Edited to add: a spectrum across the political/race conspiracy beliefs from 2016 before Trump’s Presidency and a somewhat (IMO) haphazard percentage of those who fall into different conspiracy theory.

Being neighbors and all.

BUT … we also have our own culture and theories which Canadians (I’m sure the same as Americans) can get very enthusiastic about…

Hmmm :thinking:. Seriously though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There studies or polls that relate religious thought and conspiraturds…

Oh fuck I’m horrible :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: - I couldn’t let it slide…


From Australia :australia: study. Damn. Gotta find one that supports my theory :relieved: (hehehehe)

Actually - this is most likely a better, more plausible link or explanation…


This idea :bulb: or “teleological thinking” ( Teleology , (from Greek telos, “end,” and logos, “reason”), explanation by reference to some purpose, end, goal, or function. … Traditionally, it was also described as final causality, in contrast with explanation solely in terms of efficient causes (the origin of a change or a state of rest in something).) is a new term for me.

God, I love learning and identifiers. I use it - fuck - scientists have. It’s “natural” to our species. It’s like once I identify a line of thinking I can assess the appropriateness of it. The usefulness…compared to allowing it to “be there” without acknowledgement or understanding of it.

You have been commenting on Teleological arguments since you arrived on the site. Pretty much all of the design arguments fall into this category. The watchmaker, the Bowing 747, Complexity, Design, and Order etc… There is even a moral version of the Teleological argument.
LOL… You have been ripping these positions apart from day one.