I should just leave you people think I am dumb

I do not believe in a god or deity. But if that’s not enough to stick around I should just fucking leave. Because of my beliefs of things I am treated just like a theist.

Yes I believe life ends without anything after it.
Yes I believe there’s no god and have claimed no god exists.
Why would I make an un-evidenced claim about no god?

If there was a god that god whatever he/she/it is would have made it clear by now. It would also be better than 13.8 or close to 14billion years old or even much older than our universe.

I get the impression that (NO EVIDENCE) means a god could still exist and that I am hanging out with Theists who refuse to drop the slim possibility a god could still exist.

So I am thinking of leaving this forum.

Don’t let the door hit you on the arse on your way out.


No one gets a special pass just because they identify with others.

It is your choice to leave or remain, but please do not blame others for any lack of communication or comprehension.


You are treated like a theist because you talk and think like a theist. You have not yet caught on to what Atheism is or how to express it. You do not understand critical thinking, evidence or logic though these things have been explained to you many times. When you make absurd statements, you are going to be challenged. Especially around this place.


No offence but this is not a club that atheism buys one membership of.

We keep telling theists atheism is the lack or absence of belief in any deity or deities, and nothing more. So beyond that one position on a single belief we need have absolutely nothing in common. Luckily many posters here value critical thinking and a sceptical rationale, so it’s interesting to examine and debate a wide range of topics with them.

Your issues with others stems primarily from the fact you insist on making absolute claims that you cannot demonstrate evidence for. Even though several posters have explained the fundamental difference between disbelief, and making a claim contrary to a belief, yet you still keep doing it.

You can’t blame them for getting frustrated when it happens. I am at a loss at this point as to why you insist on doing it.

Oh dear, beliefs are the affirmation of a claim, all beliefs, god claims are just one example. Claims therefore must be supported by sufficient objective evidence, or else they are exactly like theistic belief.

QED then, you have just made a claim you cannot evidence. I don’t believe human consciousness can survive the physical death of a human brain in any meaningful way, as no evidence exists to support this premise, and whilst this doesn’t rationally “prove” the claim is false, I think it is rationally consistent to withhold belief from that premise.

You however are making a claim to know an afterlife is impossible, how exactly can anyone know this? You’re almost promoting the theistic belief in an afterlife to a 50/50 premise in one sentence. Stop fucking doing it, theists already try to misrepresent atheism, they don’t need help.

You just made two unevidenced claims about no god in the first fucking sentence ffs? Are you seriously saying that after all this time, and countless explanations, you still don’t understand the difference between disbelief and belief?


And now you’re presenting an argument it takes a nano second to defeat, because it’s worded poorly, and makes a sweeping claim.

Then you really still don’t understand what we’ve explained to you countless times already.

How can you attach a qualifying probability with a claim like “could exist” without any fucking evidence? You don’t know it is possible, or that it is impossible, so you can’t make any claims to knowledge if there is no evidence to examine.

That’s your call, only you can decide if you want to leave. Though why people make these theatrical proclamations I don’t know. It’s not a club, nor is anyone obliged to be here, or to post, I come and go as I am minded to. I don’t feel the urge to burden others with unnecessary angst about my attendance, why would I?

Stop making claims you can’t demonstrate sufficient objective evidence for, or else you will be called on it.



I am responding to more than one of your OP’s as it seems the best way to do this since they all connect in some way.

Reference: Telling Friends And Family To Wake Up Is Like Telling Them To Sleep

Reference: A couple Theists On Here But Only One Type Of Us
I am suppose to be the one with a closed mind yet admit there’s too many inconsistencies with their religion.

You are pretty much what you accuse those theists of being. Your atheism, science and definitions appear inconsistent and you have every right to be who you want but how can you use it against theists if you don’t understand it and express it clearly.

This world is just not ready to move past religion as there’s too much belief in things which can not be proved.
I believe there’s nothing after death and that life just ends, period.
Since that I have no (Evidence) to prove this it is just one of a few things some of us do not agree with.
Belief without evidence to support it. Why should theists listen to you? Is FievalJ ready to move past his beliefs?

I have no voice in the matter as no one wants to drop their religions and educate themselves to the real reality to how this universe got here.
You had your voice. Seems to me that you had your say towards them and your expectations fell short. You learned a lot from this forum but you also wish to stick with some of your unsupported beliefs, the very same thing you accuse those theists of doing.

I have done Facebook posts to try to point out the truth, but I guess no one is really ready for it, I just hope they do not try an intervention to try to convert me….
Mixed in with the truth is your truth and lies. Once again how is that different than what you accuse those theists of? Seems to me from your own words that you were the one attempting the intervention in their life and once again your expectations fell short.

I get the impression that (NO EVIDENCE) means a god could still exist and that I am hanging out with Theists who refuse to drop the slim possibility a god could still exist.
Science has no evidence for some things. At the moment they remain theories or ideas. According to your logic they should just drop it. If that was the case science would have little to tell us.

Christians take on the cross to save people, to convert them
You have a need to convert others and save them. What do you call your cross?
How are you different from the very things you accuse them of?

If I fucked anything up please let me know.
Just letting you know

I’m not a pro at debating and consider myself worse than an amateur and there are more qualified people to do that. Let the teachers teach and the students learn before teaching. Before debating them you might want to come to this this forum to ask how to approach a topic or respond to one……just a suggestion.


You have confused a debate forum based on a trait that we identify ourselves with as acceptance.

It’s our human need to belong to a tribe. I belong to this tribe because I recognize this is the one thing most forum members here, we have in common. Like any “tribe” there are a shitload of differences. Most are born into their tribes, choice isn’t an option.

Intelligence or ignorance. Again, every member has it in spades :spades:, in different areas. I let you know how I viewed your predilection for children. You’ve shared your personal moral compass for “controlling” your urge as to not hurt or abuse a physical child.

You have respected the forum standards and have shared on the forum.

HOWEVER if you wanting to leave is based on how you may be viewed by other members, ie “dumb” - that is your choice. Character qualities are assessed by what is written and expressed.

Quite frankly, I stopped responding to your posted “responses” a longggg time ago because I found the repeated ignorance of standards for evidence and your expressing them “concretely” tedious.

Sharing only your repeated “tell me if I fucked up”; drug use and plushie fetish may in fact not garner respect from the others… so what? Did you think it would?


Moving this farewell… don’t need a new thread to say “goodbye”…:roll_eyes:

I’ve tried my best, but it’s now clear you’re either terminally stupid, or a liar, or both of course.


Oh for goodness sake.

Hurling poo around and slinging rather silly insults at your intellectual superiors as one leaves anywhere seldom ends well. Seldom? In truth I’ve never seen it end without tears.

Consequently, I’ve learnt from observation and have never done it.

Probably a bit late for this bit of advice; If are going to leave, just leave, as in stop posting . I for one have never enjoyed your whining.

This is just a suggestion, but maybe you should stop smoking pot.


Apparently, boomer47 is an intellectual superior? I left theism because of the big swinging dicks that believed they had the answers to life. This forum is no different, there are big swinging dicks here by the dozen (they think they are intellecti\ually superior - i.e they have the truth, don’t get swallowed up by their bullshit.) You are a discoverer, never stop being who you are, and keep exploring reality.

Maybe you should just stop being a dickhead.

At least FievelJ doesn’t have their head so far up their arsehole they can’t see daylight.

Well, if no one else takes the time to appreciate your post Mr. Sheldon, I do. Clear, concise, accurate to the core, and the same shit I have been explaining to our friend F for 2 years now. Even if F. does not get it, someone out there is reading the post and it is making sense to them.


I don’t know which is more sad, a delusional atheist that thinks he knows all the answers or a delusional Christian.

On the one hand, the Christians have been a lot more vocal about their delusions and insist that you believe in them or suffer for your non-belief. Pretty fucking idiotic.

On the other hand, we have someone professing to be an atheist who is so ignorant of the laws of logic, how reason works or how to have an intelligent discussion that he will look like an arrogant dweeb to any Theist he comes in contact with and simply confirm all their (Theist) presuppositions about those who do not believe.

  1. Atheists just hate god.
  2. Atheists believe no god exists.
  3. Atheists just want to sin and write porn novels.
  4. Atheists are just angry people.
  5. There is no proof for atheism. (They will love trapping him with this one.)

It’s sad to see someone so incapable of seeing what is directly in front of him and yet still calling himself 'atheist."


This (forum) is more of leisure I come when I have free time and other times I play video games and I also do skechtup projects (for fun) in my free time .No one is forced or pressured to be here you are free to leave and free to come :slightly_smiling_face:.


Bryan, it’s obvious you have missed a great deal over the past few years of the careful patience many people have spent in answering Fievel’s oft-repeated questions and the tolerant explanations as to why his claims are not reasoned nor rational and will leave him exposed in his continuing debates with religious friends. Most of the time he has asked for these explanations and assessments. “Tell me if I fucked up.”

His lack of absorbing information is due to constantly being stoned out of his skull as often as he can. I know from personal experience from thirty years ago, that constant consumption of gunja fucks your memory and like others here, I suggest he lay off the weed for a good long while, if not for good.

The combination of constant correction, requested by him and the unstable effects of the dope have triggered an emotional response and the hissy fit departure. People were attempting to educate him. He took the corrections personally as attacks on his intelligence. He reacted with drug-induced sense of inadequacy and paranoid persecution.

Boomer has never claimed intellectual superiority to anyone, not even me and I’m no smarter than my inner parrot. While I don’t always agree with him I respect his honest candour and can laugh at his self deprecating comments on his own intelligence.
Your insults about swinging dicks reveals a lot about your own concerns and frustrations. You are swinging your indignant dick over issues you dont fully understand.

For me, I once felt sorry for Fievel because he struggled against the dope in trying to grapple with simple philosophical and theological issues, but I have come to dislike Fievel because, by his own open admission on this forum, he writes pedo porn for money that gets published in private sites. He can write what he likes, I am not a prude or censor. But I do strongly object to his profiteering from literature that normalises, promotes and can encourage others to engage in sexual relations with children. I reject outright his feeble defence that his choice to publish is victimless. I imagine the money funds his dope habit. After that, I currently don’t give a flying fuck about what Fievel thinks about god.


----and you are?

I wasn’t actually thinking of myself and I have no idea if that’s true. Feival certainly runs rings around me when it comes to computers…

I was thinking more of Calilasseia, Cog, Old Man, Grinseed, White and others. All seem to me to be be much smarter than Feival. However, to be fair, I don’t know for a fact if Feival is stupid as he presents. He may not be.

Apart from that, all I have to say to you is ---- — and the horse you rode in on.

Not sure what intellectually superior looks like. Anyone can look shit up. Boomer and I don’t necessarily agree on all things but he certainly has his positions backed by sufficient intellectual argument and evidence. If you are asserting he does not, I suggest you point out where it is you have developed this issue with him, cite it, and try going head to head with Mr. Boomer. I know for a fact, that if you can convince him that his position is incorrect, he will modify it or concede. On the other hand, the whiney slim-balls that he exposes that he exposes regularly, who repeat the same debunked nonsense over and over again in the face of his rational discourse all attest to the fact that he is certainly the intellectual superior (at least at this point in time, because people are capable of learning and growing) to many who visit the site.