Telling Friends And Family To Wake Up Is Like Telling Them To Sleep

I am suppose to be the one with a closed mind yet admit there’s too many inconsistencies with their religion. I also wont close my mind to the realization of too many different religions worldwide.

This world is just not ready to move past religion as there’s too much belief in things which can not be proved. I have no voice in the matter as no one wants to drop their religions and educate themselves to the real reality to how this universe got here.

I believe it is the same with the other 3,199 other religions if a take Christianity from them which is what they believe in. I believe in what science can tell me and as long as it can not tell me there’s a god I guess I remain an atheist.

I have done Facebook posts to try to point out the truth, but I guess no one is really ready for it, I just hope they do not try an intervention to try to convert me as I will spill my guts as to how this universe really did come together.

If it was some creator then they forgot to make us first as that’s what the bible tries to say. But we are finding there’s a possibility life exists outside this solar system. Intelligent we do not know. How or what exactly created the universe we don’t know either, but it probably was not a supreme creator.

If I fucked anything up please let me know.

I don’t know how closed your mind is, but you’re no orphan, even here…

I truly don’t care about the personal superstitions of others. Nor do I have an obligation nor the right to try to change their minds on anything.

It is my practice to try to accept people as they are. if I can’t do that, I simply don’t see them. My father and I did not get along. As a result, I rarely saw him.

My own closed mindedness kicks in when I’m simply unable to accept a person as they are. I stop seeing them. To be honest, it seems it has usually worked more the other way. I’m hard work to be around, even for my family. However, I’ve always had one good friend at any one time. I have never wasted my time trying to change anyone other than my self. Spent years trying to do that. I still find self acceptance difficult.


Thoughts for today:

" A friend is person who knows all about you and who likes you anyway" (anon)

" A friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move a body" (Alexie Sayle)


You don’t have any idea how this universe came together. Stop being silly!


A really good friend does not mind when you sell the children as long as they get their cut.


Religion unfortunately still meets a lot of social needs. Community, charity, hope and good feelings, college, things like that. It’s not going anywhere. You’re probably better off not trying to deconvert people. It doesn’t work, and you’re seeing that.


It definitely didn’t happen with the hand of some god.

No we don’t know exactly, but do have a pretty good idea.

Sometime or another it was possibly born, then time began too.

Yes I am seeing that as most people are not ready to give up their beliefs. This world is just not ready to move on yet.

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You’re doing it again Fievel. We don’t know that.

Making that statement attracts the burden of proof.

No, we do not. We have some idea of what seems to have happened.

Nup. We know no such thing.

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No but there isn’t evidence a God did it either.

Right. :wink:

We do know it got here, however it happened.

Prove it! I bet you a thousand dollars that you can’t.

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Fievel, I saw god in a dream last night and that counts as evidence for me. You are wrong again.

Why do you keep saying stupid shit. Have we not been all through this before? Do you have any fucking idea what counts as Evidence?

I bet a million you can not provide evidence that any god did either.

I saw and felt God many times, but that isn’t actually evidence.

We just don’t know if a god did anything at all.

@anon14261619 Many things about the god claim are what is called “unfalsifiable”. That means one can not prove yes or no. Until powerful evidence or proof is submitted (none so far), the only honest answer to many of these questions is “we do not know”.

It does not have to be yes or no, but maybe think about using the phrase “we do not know”.


Yes @David_Killens there’s many things we do not know, but I think about it like this. If a god of some type did start the Big Bang, why has that god not let us know who they are? That would be my number one question for a god if actual evidence should ever surface.

“God why have you never defined who you are?” would be a number one question.

Or if the Christian god would be proved with evidence somehow I would ask, “Why did you flood the earth, what the hell was that lesson for?”

A real god would probably condemn me for disbelief to hell. I don’t give a shit, if a god is real then define who they are to science.

If I fucked anything up let me know.

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@anon14261619 Did you make any claim(s) that you can not back up?

Let us revisit a previous statement.

You are stating a god did not create and/or shape the universe. Therefore you must prove a god did not. Good luck on that. You must prove that if there was a god, it did not do such actions, or that there is no god.

If a god created the universe where’s the evidence then?

No we don’t know the exact details of how it all began, but if a god did it, they would have made that more clear, at least I would think so.

I can not prove he did or didn’t, she???

I do know if we had some actual god its presence would be better known than just blind faith.

Again if one existed why would they not be more clear?

I doubt any god is real until I see evidence I will believe that no god exists, or ever did exist. I feel evidence is something I have no need to post, as there’s too much absence of proof or evidence.

Ask yourself if a god existed why play these games with us?

Why not make it more clear?

We do not know.

We do not know.

I suggest you educate yourself on the “Black swan fallacy”. Just because by your standards, and in accordance with all you know, no one you know has ever seen a black swan, that does not prove black swans do not exist.

Yes, absence of evidence indicates evidence of absence. But it is just an indicator, not proof.

Argument from incredulity, a form of argument from ignorance.


We’ve covered this shit ad nauseam.

I’m getting the impression that Fievel doesn’t pay attention or simply doesn’t understand. If the latter, that’s Ok, I will need to try to explain things more simply.

IF there is no learning impairment, I’m fed up.

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Or just after some attention.

No I just have my disbelief’s the way I feel is right with me. No there’s no evidence for my beliefs but I believe death is nothing. I have nothing solid for that belief for evidence. I understand that, and yes there’s a lot of Don’t Knows too, but I am just saying what I believe.

Was high and smoking more soon.

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