A couple Theists On Here But Only One Type Of Us

Okay there’s more than one theist hanging about just now, and I am beginning to realize just how none of them agree with each other.

There’s lots of theist beliefs but none of them beliefs seem to agree with each other. Seems the only people who mostly agree is atheists as all we believe is, well a non-belief actually in any god.

We have some disagreements on certain types of things, but seems that atheists at least can agree that there’s not enough evidence for a god or deity. Does that mean there isn’t one for sure? No. It just means we agree that there’s not enough evidence to prove one exists. Science of course can not tell us everything and we have no idea if any should surface for any god.

But it seems to me one thing atheists do agree on is a disbelief in a god or deity.


There are differences between us.

I believe there’s nothing after death and that life just ends, period.
Since that I have no (Evidence) to prove this it is just one of a few things some of us do not agree with.

Bottom line though atheists pretty much all disbelieve in a god or deity.

Theists believe in their god to the point they are closed minded to consider any other beliefs. Or too closed minded to consider being wrong. Fights and arguments and even wars start this way. Theists can not agree on very much if they believe in a different god. To Christianity any other belief is satanic. Same goes with Islam. They believe Christianity is some sort of sin. I wish people would wise up a little bit and then except what science has to say about it.

In the end the only people agreeing most of the time are atheists.

Now if one of the theists hanging about can give some evidence for a deity I want to see that.

No I was not high, I do not have any… Damn It.

Yep; and after all of that; they claim it is objective.


Nooooooooooo …

I was once a theist. I examined and considered many beliefs.

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Except that it is not and it would seem only atheists agree with each other much.

Yes we both were, when considering other religious beliefs I also took into consideration if any were correct.

Thank You. :wink:

That claim seems to describe just about all theists I’ve run across. It is my understanding that the majority of theists describe themselves as belonging to one of five major world religions. IE One of the Abrahamic faiths, Hinduism or Buddhism…

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The lie behind their endless claims of evidence for a deity, is that they don’t all share that same belief. Theists making deistic arguments, is the very definition of sophistry to me.

Just as failing to open with the best compelling piece of objective evidence in their opening post shows unequivocally they’re lying about being able to evidence their deity.

Let’s face it, if there any objective evidence for their deity then we’d all know about it already, and it would hardly fall to individual theists to come here and demonstrate it. Yet again and again we have to go through the same dishonest rigmarole of reading their endlessly false claims for evidence, usually only to be labelled as closed minded or biased by them in the end. Irony overload right there…

Very few theists are honest enough to admit their beliefs are unsupported by any objective evidence, and the religious spiel of those that do can be just as irksome I find.

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I was a Christian before I went atheist. I understand I also realize that religious beliefs can result in conflicts. Seems there’s really not many religious beliefs which agree with each other.

A basic non-belief (atheist) seem to agree on much more than all these different religious beliefs. One of the reasons I went atheist.

I figure more people can agree on a non-belief system.

And most of us do share the same opinion when it comes to atheism. Although there’s things I seem to believe that some do not. Some say death is unknown territory that we do not know what happens after death. But the differences are not large enough to start conflicts. (9/11). The Muslims involved in it supposedly did it for their god. I wont do anything for some god as I refuse to believe in one.

Sorry to make that so long, point is we agree on most things.

Do not include me in that generalization.

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Right right and right.

They do try pretty hard though to prove their beliefs, even if they have nothing for evidence. Some people get downright annoying with it too, suggesting things like the (Human Body) itself is evidence for a god.

Fact we know about evolution and it is not just some theory. I have had a theist tell me the fossils were of a different species and there’s no connection with the early day human and the ape like creature we were supposed to resemble. Thing is we both know evolution is proven fact not theory.

Life goes on though.


Most atheists do agree on the lack for evidence for a god.
We have our differences but neither of us believe in a god.

I’ve no problem with that, though it is nonsense of course, it’s when they keep repeating the claim, citing natural processes, but refuse to say why they think it is evidence for a deity that it becomes irksome.

And that is the only thing I will agree that we have in common. But do not include me in “most things”.

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Actually I believe we have more in common than you would want to admit. You are too scared of that so you would rather shut it out.

-You’re all individuals!
-Yes, we’re all individuals!

Darn right. I do not want the forces of law and order to associate me with you.


Fair enough.

Well at least I am not a convicted child sexual abuser as I do not abuse children in any type of way. And the stories I write are not exactly just available to anyone who cares to read them. They are on XXXXXXX and only shared with certain people on XXXXXXXX. Convictions on artwork and literature are difficult to achieve as there’s no direct victims in fictional work. And even though such material is generally illegal the law system here in America rarely peruses cases unless it involves real victims.

Not that it always matters as there’s too many convicted sexual abusers on the street here in America to start with. They also waste too much time on (Drug) crimes and often miss these abusers. Often too often real abusers get let off on technicalities and go abuse some more.

Bottom line is it is a waste of time going after everyone involved in fictional work when the real thing still slides right through their fingers. They have not even slowed the flow of real child pornography if one guy was caught not long ago with 8,000 images and that’s a single case. Freedom of expression is still a thing and when it is fictional as mentioned is difficult to convict a person.

The problem is so out of control that if I did do something to a real child, chances are I would serve only minimal time. Especially with some of the cases I already know about people getting no more than 12 years and abusing them for many years.

I myself will never sexually abuse a child. I have had these impulses since 16-years-old and am going on 51. I have gotten pretty good at avoiding being in certain situations which I could have opportunities to abuse children. I have avoided even sleeping in the same room with a boy just trying to avoid having any temptation to do so. I have had opportunities to abuse and even had one boy make up a story as to where he was to his parents as he was interested in doing things with me. I did not do a thing and told him when he grew up that I was interested. He thanked me for keeping my hands to myself.


I am more interested in playing with stuffed toys, not that you want to know that. But I may abuse a stuffed toy in any way I wish and no one can really do anything about it. Wont say here the kinds of stuff I do with a stuffed toy lets just say I have become more attracted to what I like calling (Plushies) rather then calling them Stuffed Toys.

I believe that is already a bit (TMI)

BTW my morals says it leaves a bad mark on a child, another reason I do not abuse. Like drugs especially marijuana I could care less what the law says, I have my own reasons to not abuse.

But it is fine if you would rather not associate with people like me, wont get you arrested for anything though. I must first do something illegal enough for a full conviction. And real victims gets a person convicted much much faster.

I am sure you did not want to know all of that but oh well.

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Fievel - none of us has agreed with you in all the time you have been posting. WTF are you talking about? You of all people should be aware of the fact that Atheists lack a unified belief system. You call yourself Atheist and what you actually are is a person Angry At God and making all sorts of inane assertions day after day and year after year, even though you have been informed that your assertions are mistaken. You keep doing the same thing over and over.


We agree there’s a lack for evidence for a god.

Yes I have made many claims but I guess you could say they are more beliefs than actual evidenced facts.

There’s no evidence there’s 0 after death and no afterlife.
I believe there is not, but that isn’t for sure that’s a belief.

Not the least about your stories.

From your posts, you come across as a paedophile. I’ve already told you that your stories are illegal in Australia. Let me be even more blunt. If you were detected doing that stuff here you, would be arrested and would probably go to prison. Same for anyone who accessed your material. As the producer, you would be treated more harshly than a person who simply accessed your sordid rubbish.

You’re right to say that I have no interest in your self justifications.

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