How many genders are there?

Just go onto you-tube and type in SJW.

Choice does not enter into the equation: If you are born a little person, you are never going to be six fee tall and I do not care what your mind tells you. I don’t care if inner self is a six foot tall basketball player or not. You do not get a choice. There are times when ‘No.’ means 'No." There is no known way to convert a male into a female or a female into a male. Pretending you are a sex you are not, is delusional. Admitting you are male but always wanted to be female, can be psychologically healthy. The point is to 'Be who you are." Not pretend to be something different than who you are. Have the ideal self and the real self approach a congruency.

LOL: Wont be the first or last time we have managed to disagree on something… Respect!

What the fuck is toxic masculinity? Can you give us a more specific definition? Is opening a door for a lady going into a store or me opening and closing the door for my wife every time she gets in/out of the car toxic? What about doing all of the heavy lifting so my wife doesn’t have to do it? I’m willing to risk my life to protect every member of my family, especially the “girls”(is that offensive?), are you? What exactly is “toxic”?

Call me whatever you want, they’re just words. I smile every time someone tries to lecture to me about my “grammar” and about my political “leanings” when you don’t even fucking live in this country.
How many hours a day do you spend on this forum? I just glance at it to see what’s new, if anything, it doesn’t occupy a lot of my time. Apparently the same probably can’t be said about you.

Anger, hostility, and the inability for empathy.

Here: I’ll give you a little reminder.

There ya go:


Sorry to break this to you, but Donald Trump’s general behaviour is a text book example of both toxic masculinity and malignant narcissism.

If I’m the first at the door :door: and there’s someone behind me, I open it and let them enter first (it’s just polite).

I can lift things just fine and if I can’t I ask one of my baby monsters (the shortest is 5’11’; the tallest 6’4”) I’m 5’4”.

For myself it’s toxic when there are negative expectations or rigid ideas to meet an idea of “manhood” … for eg. “Boys don’t cry” or “I gotta toughen him up”…

I appreciate both masculine and feminine qualities and feel a person can freely express whichever parts of themselves that they want to.

BTW - I don’t associate feeling like a “woman” with just the parts that physically identify me as such. Menopause, breast cancer, and other such diseases/accidents/age can “remove” those identifiers and hormones, etc. I like to balance “who I am” and I guess I just decided I’m a person (who sometimes wears makeup or rubber :hiking_boot: depending on the occasion or job)

My personal first experience with a “toxic controlling behavior” was dating Jerry (fellow JW and I was of age). He opened the car door (I loved it) but made me sit in the car when we stopped until he got out and opened it for me (I hated it). Would insist I walk on the “inner side” of the sidewalk, would do the chair thing when I was to sit - his idea of chivalry were beyond manners…

I am, people who suffer gender dysphoria are not.

And if not there are many options to help you change, to suit who you are, rather than the body you have.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but you seem to be implying people who suffer gender dysphoria are crazy? Otherwise I’m not sure what you’re point is there?

It’s too facile an analogy to be of any use sorry. As Nyarl suggested earlier, this analogy oversimplifies gender identity. To be fair I think we are going through a steep learning curve here, since intolerance of previous eras meant gender identity and dysphoria has not been acknowledged as it is now, and so there is a great deal to learn.

Who has claimed otherwise? However a great deal can be done to help people with gender dysphoria, and this may include reassignment surgery.

You mean like comparing them to someone who wants to cut off their own leg, because they’re crazy?

No, you go back and justify your claims I’m not doing it for you. Also for once try and address some of the criticisms and refutations offered, rather than dumping a load of unevidenced rhetoric then ignoring all the substantive replies.

You keep saying this, but I have not claimed otherwise?

Are they pretending then, that’s not how I understand gender dysphoria. They are one thing their body is another.

Of course, this is a debate forum after all. :sunglasses:

I didn’t call you anything?

Naturally, but that rather misses my point.

The way I smiled when you did it about countries you have never lived in, a double standard you have yet to address though, and again the inferrence is unavoidable.

I imagine it varies, and I think there are times recorded in people’s profiles. Though I’m not sure what your point is?

Just enough time to make unevidenced assertions, or espouse political rhetoric, but not enough to properly address responses or refutations, I’m dubious about that excuse.

I don’t leave responses unanswered and move on, if that’s what you mean. When this happens habitually I may find it dishonest, though no one of course is obliged to conform to my idea of integrity within debate. Though I am of course entitled to draw whatever inference I feel is appropriate, parenthetically I try to weigh such inferences carefully, and allow sufficient responses, and or time, to make a fair judgment.

Creating a compelling argument is something I find interesting, as well as what makes an argument compelling, and what weakens it. My criteria for belief as I have stated many times, is that sufficient objective evidence be demonstrated for a claim. So unevidenced rhetoric is something I will allows challenge. For example the unevidenced lie that president Trump lost the presidential election because of significant voter fraud, for which no objective evidence has been demonstrated, then or now. So when anyone repeats this lie, I am minded to challenge it by asking for such evidence to be demonstrated, yet it never is. If a person keeps making that same false claim, even though they can demonstrate no objective evidence, then I find that dishonest. We all sometimes rationalise beliefs we should probably take a more critical look at, I try very hard not to do this.


The concept of toxic masculinity is used in academic and media discussions of masculinity to refer to certain cultural norms that are associated with harm to society and men themselves.

Does it sound toxic or harmful?

Toxic is defined as poisonous, or very harmful or unpleasant in a pervasive or insidious way.

LOL… You change??? :LOL… Change into what? What exactly does a man, born as a man who thinks he is a woman trapped in a man’s body, change into?

Dude ----- get back on topic and stop the mud sling…

Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla and more meta bla blaa bla because you can’t hang with the topic you started… I don’t know about Sheldon but you are boring the fuck out of me.

I did something weird up above (Sorry all) Was responding to Mr Mr

My apologies, I do have a tendency to deal with tangential points, it’s in my nature to be methodical, along with a touch of OCD obviously.

if a job’s worth doing etc… :sunglasses:

I was trying to respond to Mr M. Shel/ Sorry…

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I guessed what had happened. Not that I can’t be a boring twat of course, but I realised what you’d meant. :smiley:

We are the only ones carrying this shit forward

As long at does not harm others, I am indifferent to what anyone chooses to call themselves. But I don’t like being offensive just for the sake of being offensive, and call them what they desire.

But I do know that it is a sensitive topic for those who desire to self identify, and many in that category live lives that are quite stressful and traumatic, and suffer an alarmingly high suicide rate.

Egoistic suicide is seen as stemming from the absence of social integration. It is committed by individuals who are social outcast and see themselves as being alone or an outsider. These individuals are unable to find their own place in society and have problems adjusting to groups. They received little and no social care. Suicide is seen as a solution for them to free themselves from loneliness or excessive individuation.


I don’t believe calling yourself something you are not and you know you are not every time you look in a mirror or take that little pill in the morning, or fork out the bucks for those pills, or get those injections, or have another surgery, etc, etc, etc… is helping.

I am arguing that there is a place where you can be exactly who you are. And be okay with it. Not a female trapped in a male body. A male, born male, in a male body, wanting to be female. I have never seen a study asserting that a male, born in a male body, who wants to be a female, actually has a female brain. Now, that would be interesting.

Well this is their decision, and it doesn’t have to satisfy anyone else’s perceptions surely? Also it is my understanding that gender dysphoria involves a conflict between who they are, and the biological gender they were born as, and since they cannot change who they are, the alternative is to try and change their biological identity, at least as far as that is possible.

I don’t fully understand it myself, but my view is their body their choice.

As I said I think that is precisely what they are hoping to achieve through gender reassignment.

It’s not what they want, but who they are, people don’t want to be gay do they, it’s just who they are. Unless of course I’ve entirely misunderstood gender dysphoria.