How many genders are there?

On your mark, get set, go!

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As someone who’s such a proponent of the “if you don’t like it you don’t have to look” school of thought when it applies to yourself, why don’t you apply this to other people?

To be honest, I don’t know or care. None of my business as long as they obey the law.


I don’t know, but this fungus has over 23000 sexes. Also, gender-bending seems to be quite normal in Nature.


Do you know the difference between biological sex; attributes such as chromosomes, hormone levels, etc, and gender (which are
socially constructed roles)? The expressions of gender differ in culture and time (Greek/Roman skirt wearing on men for example), same with make up, hair, etc.

I support all expressions one chooses to use to express themselves- who they are…or on the same note, don’t give a shit how they express themselves.

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…simply put, identity is how a person feels internally, while their expression is how they present themselves to the outside world.

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As many as there needs to be for free expression providing you do no harm.


@mr.macabre Since you started this topic, I expect you to make your personal input. Because at the moment it seems you are just trying to start a fire. In fact, this may be regarded as trolling.

What society needs to do is just get comfortable with whatever someone wants to be. It doesn’t frigging matter. Transgenders should not be calling themselves anything different than what they were born with. Everyone needs to get comfortable in their own skin.

I’m going with that answer.

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Whilst you ask how many genders there are rather than biological sexes, I would say there are far more then two.

Biological sex and gender, are very different things… Much like ‘god’ and ‘evidence’. :wink:

I just want to see how many ridiculous answers this question will get.

I like that answer, it makes sense.

Should? I’m afraid I’m not comfortable telling others what they 'should 'do. Especially when it’s something about which I don’t give a flying furnarckle and which doesn’t have a negative impact on me.

I can see how it might cause some confusion right now to some people who have just started dating. However, I’m confident that such confusion will soon be addressed before children hit puberty. Probably with very little fuss.

Neither do I, but when they try to tell us what “pronouns” we have to use whenever we interact with them, my response is hell no. I’m not going to pretend along with them that they’re something they’re not, they’re on their own.

Fine with me, I believe that men can’t get pregnant and give birth, therefore you’re not a woman, never will be. And women can never do all of the same physical work that a man can, or compete in sports the way men can, therefore you are not a man, never will be.
You are what you’re born with, a twig and berries or a set of knockers and a pussy.

Yeah, that’s what I think. So far it’s impossible to give a person born female a functioning set of testicles. Nor a person born a male a functioning uterus.

BUT how a person identifies and how they wish to be addressed is no more important to me than their name. Once again, as long as they obey the law

Who is “they”?

Who is pretending to be something they’re not?

Exactly the way I feel.

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