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Oh thanks you are very kind

good day Santos, welcome to AR.

I look forward to reading your posts.

Welcome Teem Pade. We look forward to your posts.

So, I’m new here (hello me) so I figure a short intro.

British, ex-Catholic atheist, hated school (Catholic), hated sports, loved the library and developed a love for science fiction. From SF, written by people who often loved or were involved in it themselves, my love of science developed.

Married soon after graduation (Applied Biology) but a couple of kids later (girls now 33 and 27), moved into pharmaceutical IT, later just IT. About the same time, met first creationists in real life and online and realised that fundamentalist theism was well-funded, organised, influential and no joke. Stopped not caring and, almost overnight, redefined as an atheist (never thought about it much before).

Geek and proud of it. Love science fiction (read, watch and used to play) and now an author having written a book called, “Stars, Hide Your Fires” (first of the “Abyssal Void War” duology); just working on the formatting.

That’s it :slight_smile:


Welcome @UKAtheist ! Glad you found us in the dark, dusty corner of the internet.

Enjoy your time on the board :smiley:

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Hello @UKAtheist, and welcome to AR.

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Thanks. I dont know how long I’ll stick around as I am typically focussed on other things (writing, 3D printing and beer to name a few) and the one thing I’ve learned from my long history of debating cret…, I mean theists, is that there is no “winning” because they simply don’t understand when their arguments fail.


The board is meant for folks to enjoy at their leisure. No pressure to be a regular.


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Hi, I’m new to this, can you recommend useful literature or YouTube channels related to atheists?

Hi, James. “Useful” is something that can differ from person to person. My suggestion is to do a search on the YouTube app using the keyword atheist. Check out what is returned and you’ll likely find videos that suit what you’re looking for. It’s similar for books, just use the appropriate key words in the search field for your favorite book seller in your location.

Hello Paul! Its nice to see and meet you here.Welcome to the website!

Already participating in some other threads but I also wanted to say hi to the people here and found the forum to be quite interesting.

I’m an ex Christian who has essentially returned back home to that time before religion was pitched to me and once again, I’ve been able to take in a nice breath of nice fresh air, after getting rid of the irrational and confusing smokiness caused by the ‘tobacco’ of theism.


Welcome, @CoffeeBean !

If you all believe the universe made you, then who made the universe?

Please dont be an ex Christian a lot of people are making mistakes like this and I know your like if your not an athiest get out of here or like this is not your buissness dont stop being a Christian or else it will be too late talk to God he will help I guarntee you try it

Hello my name is Nola I know a lot of people here are ex christians well if you read this its a sign to GO BACK TO CHRISTIANITY if there are problems then ask God don’t just leave him like that he let his only son die for you on the cross he didnt even hesitate to die for your sins if you dont believe good luck cause there is no going back on judgment day


I’m sorry that’s something I just cannot return back to as i have no personal belief in any gods simply because no evidences are available to confirm the existence of any dieity out there.

While I appreciate the compassion, I must approach the question of God In a reasonable and well informed way so I decided to remain agnostic on the matter using the methodology of science which means i must be careful now not to make any affirmative conclusions that i cannot present evidences to support those conclusions.

maybe start a new thread in the debate section with your question