Existence Of God

At the beginning of the questions that living people on earth are wondering is the question “Does God exist”. I have no doubt about the existence of God. I have no doubt about the existence of God through the events and scientific research I have experienced in my own life. God certainly exists.

There are trillions of cells in the human body. These cells form in waste. There must be blood flow to clean the waste. It carries oxygen and nutrients in the artery, cleaning up waste in the cell. In the vein, he brings dirty blood back to the heart. Dirty blood is sent to the lungs and the blood is cleaned. The artery needs oxygen and nutrients to clear the cell. For this, photosynthesis is performed. Algae produce the most oxygen that is the source of our existence. Photosynthesizers absorb carbon dioxide and give oxygen. Thanks to the oxygen and nutrients we receive, we clean up the waste in the cells. The heart pumps 5.5 liters of blood per minute. An amazing thing, isn’t it? 5.5 liters of blood are pumped per minute. He’s got coronary arteries. They are tasked with feeding the heart. Our hearts need oxygen. Coronary vessels meet our heart’s oxygen demand. With these examples, I said that our heart is a magnificent organ. There’s no way this body can do these tasks unconsciously. There is a God who gives the heart that task and establishes a system according to it.
It’s a great miracle that man is formed. As a result of the fusion of your sperm with the egg, a baby appears months later. It’s amazing that a baby comes out months later when it’s a tiny drop of Sperm. During pregnancy, the baby remains in the amniotic fluid. In the meantime, the placenta is formed, and the baby provides oxygen and nutrient needs here, and also expels waste materials. This is the greatest fairy tale you want. But it’s true. Nothing remains of the two seas split apart in the Qur’an. It’s not likely to be random. Coincidentally, a baby is formed from sperm(a small droplet). It’s in the amniotic fluid. The placenta supplies oxygen and nutrients. It’s obviously not random. Someone’s definitely checking it out.

The kidney receives nutrients and waste from the artery. Nutrients through capillaries are used in places where the body needs them. It also removes waste from the body through urine. Our kidney keeps what is necessary in our body and throws out what is not necessary through urine. So he’s filtering. PH is a measure of acid and base. Our kidneys provide a healthy balance between chemicals that control acid levels. As cells break down, they produce acid. The foods you eat can increase or decrease the amount of acid in your body. Your kidneys balance your body’s ph by adjusting the right amount of acid substances. He’s checking the water balance. He’s checking his blood pressure. It produces the hormone Erythropoietin. Our kidney has many other tasks. There’s no way he’s doing this unconsciously. It’s run by a wise man.

Then there are many miraculous events in our bodies. Let’s talk about the atmosphere.
Without the atmosphere, we wouldn’t live. It takes an atmosphere to live. The atmosphere also allows water cycles and weather events to occur. Our atmosphere protects us from the sun’s damage.
It regulates temperature, weather events occur in this layer, because of the high oxygen, it allows living things to exist. In short, the troposphere layer is very important for ensuring life.

Suitable for aircraft. The sun’s harms Rays are absorbed in this layer. It is prevented from reaching the Earth.

Meteorites from Space break up in this layer. The process of decomposition of gases into ions takes place in this layer. It is an important protective layer for the world.

Gases are found here decomposed into ions. So communication signals and radio waves are transmitted very well.

Communication satellites are placed in this layer.

Each of the atmospheric layers above has important properties. All of them have a function for life on earth to exist. Is it possible that these atmospheric layers are random? It has to be set up by someone who knows everything.

When we eat the nutrients created by God, it must be digested. For this, at first it goes to our stomach through the esophagus. There, nutrients through hydrolysis are broken down by enzyme. We transmit it to our bowels through Kimus. Absorption occurs in the small intestine. When absorption occurs, blood is reached from the vessels to the cells in our body. Through oxygen and nutrients, our body cells continue to live.
In the large intestine, water found in the kimus is absorbed. In the large intestine, salts are absorbed by active transport, water also follows them through osmosis. Stool, consisting of undigested pulp and bacteria that live in the large intestine, goes to the rectum and is stored there until it is removed from the anus.
That’s how our digestive system works. Is it a coincidence that our organs accidentally Digest or send nutrients that they find necessary to our cells? Definitely not. There is someone who created this system. We exist from sperm. A tiny droplet develops, organs form, and a baby appears. Is it possible that this is a coincidence? If anyone calls it a coincidence, they really have problems thinking. Everywhere there is evidence of God’s existence.
Earth is 4.5 billion years old. According to the history of geology, the first periods are called before the Cambrian Period.

Hadean period: the Moon was formed during this period. The Moon was formed as a result of the planet Theia, which hit Earth. The first continents, atmospheres and oceans began to form.
Archean period: prokaryotic unicellular organisms emerged in the oceans. As a result of their population growth, oxygen has started to increase, which is mixing into the atmosphere.
Proterozoic era: archaeologists begin to decline and bacteria begin to spread. Eukaryotes and polyhedra have appeared. The ice age is happening.

Post-Cambrian Period

Paleozoic Era: plants and animals began to adapt to terrestrial life. The transition from single-cell living things to more cell living things. Algae and algae are located in the seas. Invertebrate animals have appeared. At the end of this period, most of the living things disappeared with the celestial body.

Mesozoic Era: invertebrates begin to form in the oceans. Dinosaurs are starting to form. Mammalian creatures are beginning to form. At the end of this period, the celestial body crashed into the earth, and most of the living things disappeared.

Cenozoic Era: animals evolved and took their present form. Plants developed during this period. The oceans expanded, and living things began to increase. It includes our day.
We briefly mentioned it. There are 6 main periods. In the first period, the Moon is formed. The moon is very important to the Earth. It’s very effective in forming seasons. It balances the climate on Earth and has many more significance. The moon is very important for these reasons. Could a planet have accidentally hit Earth and formed the moon when the moon was so important? God has absolutely control over this. Under God’s control, the planet crashes into the Earth and the Moon forms. Single-celled creatures emit oxygen for life to exist. Meteorites and comets have brought water to earth for millions of years. As a result, oceans began to form. Because the distance between the Earth and the sun is balanced, the oceans have not dried up. Could this be a coincidence? Please think a little. Why can’t these be other planets? If the meteorite hadn’t hit and the dinosaurs hadn’t disappeared, we wouldn’t have existed. This meteorite impact allowed humanity and modern living things to exist. Do you think this is a coincidence?

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Welcome to Atheist Republic QuranMuslim19.

Unfortunately most of your propositions are a derivation of the classic “argument from ignorance”.

You explain certain facts (some incorrect) then stop, and do not delve into the explantion(s) how things work. You just state “god did it”.



Welcome! For your first post, it’s pretty lengthy - lots to discuss :smiley:

I’ll just start with the first thing that jumps out to me…

I believe you have no “doubt”. I don’t really question whether people actually believe (when they say they do) in god/deity.

It’s the evidence that forms belief that I examine and question.

The greater the claim, the higher the standard for evidence - especially when it requires or will have an effect on my life and worldview.

For instance, say you claim you had “pancakes with onions for breakfast” :grimacing:. I’d believe you because it is fairly mundane (people eat, pancakes exist and I’ve eaten them, onion exist, and I’ve eaten them…) I might even try the flavour combination based on your word “that it was good” (who knows, right? We all have different tastes)… if I spit it out and you laughed (because it was a prank), well, my “believing you” didn’t cost me much and I learnt more about your character/personality.

Your “personal experience” of god is a grand claim. There are “personal experiences” of all sorts of gods, aliens, Bigfoot encounters, dinosaurs…

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Not a perpetrator. Not perpetrator. This quote is all available in medical books. Medicine is the scriptures of God.

Not ignorance. Take a look at the sperm thing. Is it possible for the water droplet to turn into a human? I do not deny evolution. Evolution, on the contrary, is the system God put in place. Evolution is useless to atheism, even by atomic weight. In this article, I explained the way the human body works. Isn’t it perfect?

That is a first for me; an anthropomorphic kidney, presumably with a penis?


Human photosynthesis doesn’t exist. We do not possess chloroplasts, which are required for that process.


I don’t believe you.

Man does not photosynthesize. There is no sentence in my article stating that human beings photosynthesize.


non-sequitur? :woman_shrugging:t6:

Sperm is a specific cell, a gamete. It is not water.

Yes there is; I quoted it above.

I know. I just made an analogy. By analogy, my purpose here is to describe God’s system.

Read according to context. It’s not the person doing photosynthesis there. Every person with normal intelligence understands.

WARNING :warning:

Hairy being under the bridge!!!


Lol :laughing: just a warning …not necessarily accurate

I agree because the definition of an atheist is one who is not convinced a god or gods exist. Even if evolution was proven completely wrong, that will not change my position on the god question.

Many atheists use reason, skepticism, examination of the available evidence, and critical thinking to arrive at their position. By their nature, science is also a process that uses reason, skepticism, examination of the available evidence, and critical thinking.

Thus people like myself have high confidence in the scientific process.

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It is the way you wrote it. Perhaps English isn’t your first language?

I follow science. You probably know me by ignorance that I am the same people who believe in religion and God. But this is not true. I am a skeptical person. Science does not say that God exists or does not exist. Science provides us with data, from those data we reason about the existence of God.


I learned to English later. I’m sorry if I make a mistake.