Evidence For Aliens?

:slight_smile: Hello there. I am new here. I would like to discuss ufo’s and aliens. I believe that there is evidence for aliens, and I created this topic to discuss it. In 1994 in Zimbabwe, students at an Elementary school reported sighting a ufo crash land during recess. From the ufo emerged serval alien creatures. 62 people witnessed all this. Here is some more information :

Let’s discuss this. I’m curious to what you guys have to say about this, and I’m also willing to accept that I’m wrong if that’s the case. I’m not dogmatic about this at all.

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Do you have any actual evidence?

  1. The children all told different stories.
  2. Those who looked in the alien’s eyes got different messages.
  3. This is an area of the world prone to mass hallucinations. Episodes of mass hysteria in African schools: A study of literature - PMC
  4. Kids drew different pictures.
  5. Though since the film came out, one of the students has claimed in a Netflix documentary series that he invented the entire story, and that his classmates were either lying or recalling false memories.
    So did they encounter a UFO. Probably. The first word in UFO is UNIDENTIFIED. Not 'Alien.

Deliberately, would be my guess, he’s vacillating between preaching and trolling. No one is as stupid as those claims suggest, well, almost no one. Ok, I’m being unrealistically optimistic again aren’t I?

Ok, so that’s a claim that 62 people witnessed something, we don’t know what nor do they, can anyone demonstrate objectively that what they allegedly witnessed were “aliens”?

The link is just a newspaper story relating the same claim? As @cognostic says, can you demonstrate any objective evidence to support the anecdotal claims?

Not much to discuss here really, it wouldn’t take but a few minutes to stir up identical claims that people have seen mermaids, angels, unicorns etc etc…

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Let me guess; in all that, no photos or videos were recorded, and no artifacts were collected? Leaving us with no way to verify any of it? Sounds like the typical Catholic hoax miracle.


I’ve been working on this for an hour now. I think I’ve spotted something. The alien in picture A is a white man and the one in picture B is some other race. You know these tests are so subjective. I suppose they can tell a lot about a person when interpreted correctly by a professional. Why has the white guy had his leg amputated? Is something going on here? Hmmm… Does anyone want to help out?

Covers the subject pretty well and mentions how some of the “stories” changes in time.
Something definitely happened.

Well the “spaceship” on the right is clearly the mouth of a massive monster emerging from a swamp, with an abandoned child’s teddy bear in the foreground. The “alien” on the left is of Asian extraction, and is as you say, an amputee, and is holidaying in rural Africa, as there is a mud hut in the background.

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I too, believe there are aliens somewhere out there; IMO it has to be damned near impossible for there not to be given that staggering number of galaxies, each with billions of stars, and (seemingly) number of planets within. What I don’t don’t (and won’t) do is claim that we’ve ever seen any because the simple fact is that the only credible evidence we have for life on any planet is on Earth. This last is especially relevant when I consider that every single claim I have ever heard and done a little “research” into has turned out to be bogus.

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There is a big difference between alien life out there someplace and alien craft buzzing the earth, abducting trailor park women, having lizard babies, doing the Vulcan mind-meld with their husbands, and then bragging about the experience in crop circles.

People have reported seeing shit. That’s it. We have nothing else to go on. People reported seeing flying men in in 60’s and 70’s, and now it is a fact of life. Is it more likely the early sightings were prototypes being secretly tested by the military or some private agency or as they were in the tabloids, attributed to aliens.

Is an alien culture going to travel light years to kill a cow, draw a circle in a corn field, shine some lights on some people, play tag with jets, and then go on its merry way? To me, that is just silliness. I’m looking to earthly explanations first.


Uh, the cow was 2500 points, the cornfield circle was 1150 points, the riverbank lights were 750 points, and the game of jet-tag was worth 10,000 points!…why all the skepticism?


Yes, silly me. It’s all one big video game. How much do I get for torturing a Skriten?


Yeah but where’s the fun in a conspiracy about bacteria existing light years away from us, they’re not going to kidnap and probe lonely cowboys in the dead of night in the wilds of Montana mun… :sunglasses:

And you didn’t get that from my post? Maybe we’re talking different languages?

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Hmmm, rather revealing that you would immediately go to that…

Well;, okay… They could be 6ft tall, bipedal, James Bond, looking bacteria, who like having lizard babies with trailer park women and cutting cows in half. After all, Jupiter is a big planet, whose to say the bacteria aren’t bigger there?

EDIT: And James Bond Looking.


Uh, we…uh, rather they didn’t cut any cows in half, just drained all of their blood through an imperceptibly small hole and then removed their gentitalia…

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Ahemmmmm! Pedantic throat clearing sounds… “mutilate” not poke small holes in. People poke small holes in cows when they cook them. People poke small holes in chickens, because if you poked a big hole in a chicken you would be eating beaks, feet, and feathers. For cows, you gotta pull out the advanced space weapon, zap the cow up the middle, remove its insides, rip out its tongue, take half its jaw, and then you think they are going to poke a small hole in it to see if it is tender? I don’t think so. It’s obvious that the laser causes the blood to boil away. LOL

Edit: for the aliens next door.

Here’s an interesting piece on where all the aliens are (or aren’t) :slight_smile:

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This is so easy. When you die, you get to go and start your own universe. You can have as many galaxies and solar systems as you like, and you can make up the rules as you go along. Just like Jesus and his Brother Satan did when they settled Golob with their father God. Now doesn’t that give you a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart? That’s the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth just letting you know everything is okay. Don’t worry your little head about the universe. Be a good soul and someday, you too, will be just like Jesus.

Edit: for the expansion of the universe.