Believers irritate me

believers irritate me

I don’t understand how you can be so stupid as to believe in these fairy tales, it pisses me off so much when I know someone in my family believes it. Tens of thousands of religions are no obstacle for believers to abandon their faith, and their ingorance exceeds the level of human stupidity. Priests earn billions a year for dumb masses of people without mind. I wonder if there is any argument that even the greatest believer is able to wake up from a liar?

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They are NOT stupid - they are irrational. They are welcome to hold irrational beliefs.

Why??? Cause YOU can’t control them? Are they pissed at you ‘cause they can’t control you? Same shit.

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I have family and friends who are devout theists.I still love and respect them. The manner in which I have been able to reconcile the opposites of my seemingly aware and intelligent friends and family falling for fairy stories is that they are conned. By the biggest and most influential con of all mankind.
From the womb they have been told stories, throughout their entire lives those stories still remain and control them. Societal pressures one to stay in their lane, and to even question religion can get one ostracized. So it’s easy to see why they choose the easy and safe path.

All I can do to deal with this is to hopefully educate theists, one at a time, in the hope that at least one will question religion.


In that case, I’m guessing you stay pissed off pretty much all the time. Not a very good way to go through life, if you ask me. Staying pissed off at people who do not think the same way you do must get terribly exhausting. I bet you are a blast at parties.

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You can be friends with Monotheists as long as you both agree not to talk about it or debate it.

I have family members who are devout Baptists and religion isn’t a subject either of us can talk about because it causes fights.

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An irrational belief is most LIKELY to be a stupid belief. Certainly. believing in a “magic genie” in the sky is as stupid as it is irrational. Not only is there NO reason to believe in such nonsense—there is no shred of evidence to inspire such a silly belief—but there is nothing reasonable to even inspire such a notion. It is extraneous. It is also self-serving to believe that there is a glorious “eternal afterlife of bliss” awaiting us after we die. The only problem is that people look so forward to the “next” world, that they don’t appreciate the ONLY world they’ll ever get. What a tragic waste.


Two of my dearest and sweetest friends were a lesbian couple. I got to know then very well over the years and we had very open discussions on how they are an abused slice of society.

Yes, gays are a minority, but they are real and they do exist.

Please define “normal”.

FYI I am a 6 foot 2 inches tall 260 pound bearded heterosexual retired construction worker.


Transgender isn’t real. Homosexuality is of course real, it seems to be a birth defect from recent research. Of course we’re doing nothing to eliminate this defect from society and from peoples lives. Instead these people are being used by those with mal intent as a political weapon.
“FYI I am a 6 foot 2 inches tall 260 pound bearded heterosexual retired construction worker.” not sure how your weight, height and grooming habits fit in but with the right diet and exorcise even an older man can drop some weight and live a healthier life.

The Nazis had a plan.


Because my physical appearance is a shocker to those who accost the vulnerable and I step in to support the harassed and abused.

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A crude plan crudely carried out as is typical with communists. I imagine the Soviets and Pol Pot had similar ideas. That’s what will happen in the west as well once they’re finished using these people, they’ll rot in a gulag or a mass grave. A civilized society would offer medical treatment or abortion of defective fetuses.

So a big fat boomer with a violent Marxist agenda. That’s actually not surprising, I’ve seen it before.

I’ve suspended @JimmyRussel

Obvious hate-mongering bigot disguised 🥸 as an “atheist” to peddle Putin propaganda and troll


Christians have a plan how to eliminate homosexuality, which you identify as a “birth defect”. —>

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Dammit, White, you got to him before I had a chance to play. :persevere:


He wasn’t an alive mouse :mouse2:

He was a stink in’ putrid dead rat :rat:


Ah. Good point. (Twenty or more spaces.)

My apologies. I was drawing him out, and without consultation (we Admins usually discuss any sanctions) Whitefire strode in and did her thing. And I thank her for that. Just as well, he exposed his true beliefs.

Tin Man, plug yourself back in, get recharged (you do have the new Tesla battery update?) and be ready because we all know there will always be new playthings.

And really, would this one have been any challenge?


He was a meal fit for a ball python.