Atheists are Damaged

Here you go. What is the evidence for the claim? I’m hearing that I am damaged in some way because I do not believe in God or gods. I am asking for evidence of that claim.


Oh fuck! I’m damaged?




@Semmelweis_Reflex You made some comments and a challenge has been issued.

You are invited to discuss your position in the Atheists are Damaged thread.

While in that thread (and just that one thread) the gloves come off and you are granted full liberty to say anything you desire.


I shall sit on the sidelines and eat popcorn, I encourage all to do the same. Too may cooks ruin the cake, and I hope to see just one or two atheists “debate” our esteemed theist visitor Semmelweis_Reflex.


@Semmelweis_Reflex The format has been altered.

You are permitted to say anything you desire in this thread with the exception of making threats. You are not allowed to post ANYTHING in any other threads. If you violate this restriction, you and your posts will disappear.

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Does that work both ways? Because if he calls me a slimy tuti-fruiti snail, I’m gonna call him a wrinkled doo-doo face.

And just for the pre-record, I aren’t drain bamaged.


I’d like to hear how he came to that conclusion that atheists are damaged.

Uh, because we ARE damaged. Duh! Have you not figured it out yet? In a world where a vastly overwhelming majority of the population believes wearing rose colored glasses is the ONLY way to see clearly, those who refuse to wear the glasses are obviously defective in one way or the other. Or maybe they just want to be rebellious and different because they do not like the “truth” the glasses force them to see. No big mystery. Pretty straightforward, if you ask me.


He uses himself as the measurement.


Hmm, it has been over two hours, and not a peep from him? Oh well, we must give tolerance and compassion, maybe he needs to fortify himself.

It would be a sad thing to conclude that an atheist is brave while a certain theist is a coward.

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It’s always been easier for theists to find the splinter in your eye than recognize the plank in their own.


Oh look, it’s well poisoning ad hominem time from a mythology fanboy again. Yawn. How often have we seen this brand of garbage, boys and girls?

The bullshit assertion that those of us who DON’T treat unsupported mythological assertions uncritically as fact, are purportedly “defective”, is precisely that - bullshit.

I’ve seen multiple variations on this bullshit over the past 15 years. This excremental drivel includes crap about a merely asserted “sensus divinatus” that Mr Cartoon Magic Man somehow forgot to equip those of us who paid attention in class (this one is a favourite with the sort of Catholics who think the sun shines out of Edward Feser’s arse).

Then there’s the sort of infantile amateur Freudian pseudo-psychology that’s a favourite pastime among the usual suspects among American fundageliKKKals, who in the fashion that has become a hallmark of their ilk, inject into their vomitings on the subject the sort of venom that used to be visible when they were wearing bedsheets with eye holes, and pointing their armpits at burning crosses.

The farcical idea that NOT treating made up shit as fact constitutes being “damaged”, is the sort verminous and pestilential nonsense that can only be entertained by mythology fanboys. Indeed, pedlars of this floater in the toilet bowl of ideas, are usually to be found so far rectally self-inserted, as to be re-emerging at the tonsils as human Klein bottles.

Of course, this pernicious brand of ad hominem is deployed, when the pedlars of ex recto apologetics have run out of sub-amoeboid fabrications to winkle out of their ideological cloacas.

Conversely, the tossing of this cortical diarrhoea into the arena of discourse, is far more likely to be a sign of brain damage affecting the purveyor thereof, than among the long-suffering recipients of this miasmatic and foetid pferdscheiße.

Indeed, those who like myself, grew tired of seeing this apologetic Velveeta being served up as if it constituted an ineffable brand of philosophical lobster thermidor a decade or more ago, regard said manifestly synthetic offering as beneath deserving of a point of view. We only bother with this cretinous excursion into the world of the cheap playground insult, in the interest of demonstrating that bullshit does not pass here unchallenged.

The bacteria in my aquarium gravel regard this sort of ideological cow pat with well deserved scorn and derision, let alone the higher life forms encountering this feculent dreck.

Having made my view of this contemptible and cancerous notion abundantly clear, I have one simple question to whichever duplicitous life form resurrected this noxious and tiresome sewage. Namely, in what warped fantasy parallel universe, does having a functioning ability to discriminate between fact and fabrication equal being “damaged”?

I suspect the response will almost certainly comprise a collapsed intellectual soufflé of apologetic blancmange, peddled as an ersatz for substance.


@Calilasseia Oh my goodness, Cali. I would actually be flattered and honored if somebody were to insult me in such a manner. That was fucking impressive!

@Bluedoc Yo, Doc! We might as well pack up our equipment and leave the field. I’m man enough to admit when I’ve been beat at the “Insult Game”. Hell, I don’t even rate as a Novice compared to what Cali just submitted. I’m just gonna sit in the bleachers and watch… (looking around)… Dammit, where’s a popcorn vendor when you need one?


I had to go away for two hours, expecting action in this thread when I returned. Imagine my disappointment and all of the bags of cold popcorn I am saddled with…


I especially liked the scum in the fish tank and something about toilet turds.


Honestly, I cannot choose which part I like the most. Granted, that last paragraph really got me rolling, but it is ALL so damn fabulous that it’s damn near impossible to say any one part is better than the other. :joy:

Edit to add: Well, shit. I just realized something. We really ARE damaged. :drooling_face:

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You lost the theist right here…

To me, in the majority of cases Atheists are just people who speak the truth or prefer science over made-up stories or things that can’t be proved.

Damaged to me has not really any relationship to Atheists.


I need a hug! Come here @Tin-Man



The first rule about Hug Club is…

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