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Uh, sorry, Ratty, but I’m afraid you are not the only ine here with extensive chakra knowledge. My wife has been a high level certified yoga instructor for many years. I lernt a thing or two from her.

I base my philosophy and way of living between Cheech and Chong and The Dude.

Well if I might impose on your “extensive” knowledge since I know not of these things, are they the same as chocolate rah rah’s??
Cause I fucking love those things and I could use a box or two right now…

Edit because…


shh a fellow chakra man is always appreciated But don’t let Cog find out. It’s not safe to talk here. :shushing_face: He’ll rip us a new one EACH!!! if he finds out.

Well, while they aren’t really similar to chakras, I would say they can potentially have varying effects on your third and sixth chakras, depending on how many you eat.

Sorry Ratty: I have a black belt in blood letting and everyone knows that is the origin of the whole idea of Chakras. I’ve got blood sucking slugs that will open your kundalini for you.

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@rat_spit Don’t listen to him, Ratty! I’ve tried those leaches before, and my kundalini never did open. Although, in all fairness, I do admit those little buggers certainly do know how to clean out your inner sacred sanctuary. (If you know what I mean… wink-wink…)

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Do those blood suckers work on an erection lasting four hours or more or should I go to the hospital for that? I only took HALF the bottle!!! It said on the contraindications - “for a good time take two!” So I took 27. Ugh. Looks like I’ll be peeing in the shower again :man_facepalming:

They work on everything, when they are all you have.

Well. If I’m ever to suck a guy off, I’ll come to you for pointers. :yum:

Hi everyone. I am new in this chat. Hope everyone is ok . I am exmuslim atheist

Welcome. This is the slow part of the night. Things will pick up in about 4 hours. We’ve had a few Ex-Muslims log in lately. There should be someone to talk to soon.
The forum is fairly lively.

Welcome, @youngatheist_89.

It’s true, UTC-04:00 to UTC-08:00 is basically the cool kids table that sets the tone. That’s just science.

Hey friend. I just read this post and a few of the replies and decided to create an atheism discord. Here’s the link Atheist Club your welcome to join it and invite as many people as you like or it could also serve the purpose of inspiring you to create your own chat. But either way the chat room is there and your welcome to use it if it becomes active I’ll help nurture it into a thriving community and if it remains inactive I’ll shut it back down. I hope this helps you my friend.

FYI, the OP hasn’t been around since he first posted this string.

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Yes I realize that now. But never the less I did click a few buttons on discord and make an atheist chat if anyone want to join us there 3 of us there chatting for a few minutes a day so far. Here’s the link Atheist Club

I also have a discord channel. It’s not not labeled as an atheist community though. If the mods are okay with it, I’ll leave the link here, Social Isle.