Atheism Chat Room

I’m looking for an atheism/nontheism type of chat room. I would much rather support a chat site created room of this kind but would settle for a user created room also.

There have been a few of these rooms on wireclub, the trouble with wire imo is that it is a theist dominant chat site and the owners of this site deleted the room back in January.

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Welcome to Atheist Republic PirateRadio.

Specifically, what kind of chat room? This forum is just a version. And please remember, this is an international forum, voice chat can be unfair to many.

Ty for the welcome.

I would like to find a good old fashioned old school chat room, not a voice type chat. Topic of the room: Atheism and/or nontheism.

I do not desire to be obtuse or difficult, but you just described Atheist Republic.

Please help me out, I must be missing something …



I’m not looking for a forum. I’m looking for a real time chat room. i.e) wireclub, discord, 321 chat, chatzy, e chat

Welcome to an Atheist dominant site. While everyone here is Atheist, I think you will find a good community of ‘skeptics,’ as well. We don’t typically just begin bashing our theist visitors like a lot of the chat sites you see. Everyone I’ve see on the site is up for a rational discourse with the theists that pop in. I think this makes us a bit different than many of the sites I have seen.

Now, that does not mean that we don’t bash them on occasion; especially when they are dishonest shitheads who argue dishonestly. We even allow some trolling from the religious side, until it just becomes silly. (I think that’s fair to say.) As long as there is an exchange of ideas, the mods seem to allow things to happen.

Welcome to the site, beware of Tin Men bearing gifts in the bare. Don’t drink the eggnog. I’ve heard the secret ingredient is reindeer poop. You can trust everything I say. I will be your guide and mentor. Try not to step on the Garden Gnomes. Don’t flirt with white or I will monkey bite your ass… well… if she lets me. Don’t take candy from Grumpy Old Men, you never know where they have been, and beware the divebombing skriten, they are nearly as bad as the flying monkeys. Oh yeah! Never take anything a rat says as serious.


Thanks for the welcome.

I’m 50 plus and an old time chatter. I’ve been in assorted chat rooms since mid 90’s.

This place looks very good and on topic.

Looking forward to exchanges in ideals, opinions, facts and at times humor and sarcasm.

Welcome, Pirate. Good having you with us. I found this site at the end of 2017 just as I was escaping my religious indoctrination. Honestly don’t know what I would have done without this place, as the members here went above and beyond in helping guide me through my transition. Since then it’s like a second family to me now. We have it all. Serious discussions. Bizarre discussions. Horesplay. Troll skinning. Even a bunch of sarcastic remarks (Even though I personally NEVER resort to such childish tactics.) So, jump on in and make yourself at home.

By the way, the only thing that keeps Cog on topic is White’s rolling pin. Speaking of Cog, NEVER accept any chocolate covered bananas from him. If he offers you one, simply decline politely and then RUN AWAY as quickly as possible.

Humor, Sarcasm? What in the fucl are those? Fuck dude, you are already skating on thin ice. The thin skinned pissers around here are going to call for your fucking head within minuts of your first post. Tread lightly. A lot of these whiny bastards cry over a few harsh words. Humor and sarcasm usually just fly over our heads.


Come on. You told me you loved my chocolate covered banana. It reminded you of an oil coated dipstick that you once fell in love with.

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You BASTARD! You promised never to mention that again! Just when the wound was nearly healed, you have to come in and RIP the scab off again! Where are the damn cookies? I’m gonna go cry myself to sleep on the railroad tracks. :sob:

excellent, looks like I’ll be an okay fit in here

I told you. A fucking thin skinned lot.

Take your time, pull up a relaxing chair and beer, and enjoy the show.

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Ty ty

I have a comfy chair and plenty of time.

Fuck you Tin Man, you owe me for a new keyboard.

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Funny stuff, I spilled a cold one as I coughed up a lung.


Just put it on my tab.


No no no! Don’t do that. That tab opens the top of his head. If you put something on it, it interferes with the radio waves he recieves from the aliens and creats random acts of emotional overload. Don’t put anything on Tin Man’s tab.


No, you brainless flea bag. How many times do I have to tell you? It’s the KNOB that opens the top of my head. Putting something on my tab is what makes a certain part gro-… Er-uh, I mean, it causes a different reaction. Get it right already!