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20 characters or more. Further illustrating the usefulness of the quote function.

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To, you have been to, not too (sic). Please ffs use the quote or reply functions so we know who you’re talking to, and what the hell you’re talking about. Otherwise you might as well post your opinions on social media.

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UM, See the little ‘conversation bubble’ up there in the right-hand corner, Right there next to the magnifying glass. All you have to do is press that little bubble and write.

New member. Don’t see where to click to enter a comment, maybe right here?

Did I finally find the place to go to enter a message? They shouldn’t make it so hard. Not even sure how I got here!

Newbie here. Is this where I go to enter a message?

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Hi Jimbo, yes you can start here if you like.

Welcome to AR.

This might be helpful to you :grinning: