Worship music sung on a plane. What would you do?

Geeeez, what a nightmare. Christian arrogance and privilege on stark display. I don’t think I’d personally be up for a divisive argument with these assholes. Are these kind of arguments ever a good idea on a plane? Maybe some polite request like they stop being rude and intrusive and sit down? I’d probably just film it and try to get some satisfaction from the airline. At least a promise that airline staff wouldn’t be encouraging this.
The closest I’ve come to this situation was being under a store front canopy during a down pour with a group of people that included mormon missionaries. They thought it a good opportunity to spread their message I just walked out into the rain, remembering my mother’s sarcastic, but true observation, that I wouldn’t melt. I was headed home, so getting wet didn’t matter. I wasn’t as cornered as they thought I was :slightly_smiling_face: .

MMMMMmmmm. Sugar on excrement. (More interesting than a Christian with a guitar.)

Solipsism is a strong characteristic of the religiose and always has been, IME.

I guess the passengers should be lucky they live in a time where telling SkyDaddy worshippers to keep a lid on it could have resulted in charges of heresy, jailing, or worse.

Which, hopefully, some sensible and intrepid individual eventually did.

They manage to combine the self centered idiocy of people who blare and share their music because they like it and can’t imagine that others don’t with the mistaken idea that everyone wants to hear the supposed “good news” they feel they need to spread.
Can’t say I know much music , but that guitar was nails on a choke board. Here’s my idea of a nice sing along. Complete with a cast of characters.

:joy::joy::joy: Watching that and thinking to myself, “Oh, how I wish I could have been the pilot of that plane!” Y’all have heard of the “Vomit Comet”, right? The plane NASA uses to simulate weightlessness for astronaut training? Wonder how hard it would have been to play a guitar in zero G? :joy::joy::joy:

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Okay, so I just watched that vid with sound on YouTube. Now I totally understand why that one guy looked so pissed. There was no cow bell. They needed more cow bell, dammit!


Hate to tell you, but it’s been done. Astronaut Chris Hadfield played guitar on the space station. Maybe the vomiting would slow them down. It’d be worth a shot.
It would seem the plane’s Captian approved the fiasco, but to be fair he might not have really understood what he was agreeing to.

This is so interesting

No doubt it’s been done. Pretty sure I’ve seen the vid of the astronaut. Maybe I should have been more specific. I wonder how hard it would be to play the guitar in zero G with dozens of other people floating atound and bouncing off of him while yelling and screaming and puking in panic? I would pay money to watch that.

On my own: Find the Tim Minchin videos and begin playing “Thank you Jesus” or the “Pope Song.” Now if I was in the seat next to Tin. Well… we would have our own version of the tunes within minutes and just begin singing our own songs. "Jesus burns the little babies, All the little babies on this plane. Red and yellow, black, NOT WHITE! White is precious in his sight. Jesus burns the little babies on this plane.

I’m pretty shure that between the two of us we could butcher every religious tune out there.


"Jesus loves me this I knew.
'Cause my preacher loves me too.
Asked me to try something new.
Touched my wee-wee as it grew.

Yeeees, preacher loves me!
Yeees, preacher loves me!
Yes, preacher loves me.

As we fondled on the pew."


What would I do?

Ask if they take requests? :smirk:
EDITED to add:

This song use to be a “grown up song” :notes: but looks like it’s being re-marketed…


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As we fondled on the pew."
Up the poo shoot something flew
“Jesus Christ!” the preacher said,
as the bible hit my head.

Yeeees, preacher loves me!
Yeees, preacher loves me!
Yes, preacher loves me.

I’ve got the video.


Shaaall we gather at the riii-ver
Where we’ll skinny-dip 'til dawn
Briiiiing a cooler full of liiiii-quor
We’ll do shots until its gone

Yeeeeesss, we’ll gather at the riiii-ver!
Butt-ass naked - pass the bong!
Haaaaave an orgy at the riiii-ver!
What could pos-si-bly go wrong?


You all must have gotten hold of the clergy’s copy of the hymn book.
Other titles include:
Amazing Disgrace
Cock of Ages
Blow me, Blow me, Blow me (Holy, Holy, Holy)

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Not trying to brag, but who do you think helped write those copies?

I nearly choked on my splif when I read that song @Tin-Man. Can I send this to my mate? He may like it enough to record it. Would be hilarious!

Thanks. Hell, knock yourself out. Have fun with it. Would love to here it set to uplifting music with the beautiful harmony of angelic choir voices. But if you like that one, you should see some of my Christmas carols. :grin:

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The FAA and feds have taken a hard line on airline disruptive passengers. I would just use my cell phone to record my complaint (to a stewardess) that they are disruptive, and sue the airline for not stopping them.


Oh, now THERE’S one that really tugs at the heart strings. Certain to bring a tear to the eyes of even the most “hardened” soul.

:notes::musical_note: Cock of Ages
Stiff is thee…
May it flaaaaaccid
Never be…

Let the bluuuuue pill
Do it’s job…
As they slooooobber
On the knob…

No foreskin folllld…
To the baaaaack-door
Get corn-hollllled… :musical_note::notes:

Yep… Can’t help but get a little “choked up” with that one.