Work/Business goals

What do you hope to achieve in business or in your work?

Are your goals realistic?

How will you meet those goals?

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Work until the exchange rates return to normal. (2 years I hope)
Transfer my Korean Won to the USA.
Purchase a home.

Begin a new business. I already have it mapped out.
I need a house with a garage that is within reach of several major cities (1.5 to 2 hr drive) but not in the cities.

Very Realistic! It’s going to happen within the next two years.

I just work to keep my job. I don’t think I can do any better where I live lmao.

I plan to retire in two years. In the mean time, I’m putting everything I can into my retirement plans and looking for good low-risk investments to put the rest.

I’m working abunch of angles. I’m trying a few Longshot just for the experience and to tell a better a story when I succeed like I started a 3d printing business in rural Kentucky with 1 little rinky dink 3d printer and no experience of course it failed. My next venture will probably be a home bakery you can get a home bakery permit in kentucky for $50 and sell up 60k a year before you have to buy a commercial kitchen you can only sell in kentucky and person 2 person,fairs, events, farmers markets, etc. No online no grocery stores. And you have very very list of foods your allowed to make and sell. I have some more serious goals but I’m going down the road right now just got out of surgery so I’ll post them later at home :house_with_garden::sweat_smile:

K I’m home now so my more serious angles are ill continue being a high quality in employee in various kitchens (kitchens are terrible places to work so I quit alot but I’m on time I work over and i do a good job but a side effect of this is I get pissed and quit really easy)
I’ll keep doing this until I’m a manager and then I’ll start looking for more prestigious companies to manage like I might start managing a mom and pop diners but I’d like to manage a Marriott hotel and then a Hilton hotel in a city. My optimistic plan is continue working in kitchens and start going to Murrat State University in May 2023 for bachelor’s of science Major in psychology then I’ll goto work as a top of the totem pole employee at a drug treatment center in my community and I live a wonderful life with a nice salary and job and I help lots of people. My dream is do all this but I don’t stop at the community level and I end up working on fighting the drug problem on the national or international level for organizations like NIDA, CDC, WHO, INTERPOL but everyone tells me I’m crazy and that’s bizarre for wanting to do something like that. I don’t understand why.
I would also like to open my own food truck. Be my own own boss set my own hours kind of thing.

My plan was to continue to do my job until I was 70, that way we could pay off the house and retire. I only made it to the age of 56 before I was forced to retire, which blew all of our plans to hell.

You can begin your journey with a certificate program.
Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Consultant I (CADAC I) credential is designed to be entry-level substance use treatment credential to support a …



[image] › Credentials

Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Consultant II (CADAC II) is a treatment level credential recognized by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and …

How do I get my CADC in KY?

KY CADC Requirements

  1. You must pass a criminal background check.
  2. You need a High School diploma or GED. …
  3. You will need to accumulate 6000 hours of supervised AODA work with clients.
  4. A Bachelor’s degree requires 4000 hours.
  5. A Master’s degree requires only 2000 hours.
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The right route can be a goldmine. Everything is about the route. I thought of that myself. Problem is, I hate people and I hate driving. I grew up in the restaurant business. Everything social about me is make believe. (Well, okay, not everything. But, I am telling you, a whole lot.)

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You hate people, does this mean that you hate all of us, or aren’t we people? Is it because we’re atheists?

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Oh, that means I’m not the only one? Phew! Thank goodness. Was starting to think I was unique… (wiping forehead with back of hand)…


I’d also like get into real estate. Probably flipping houses if I had the money. But since I don’t my intuition tells me buying cheap houses and renting them out is my best bet. My mom lives in this awful little town in Texas about an hour from witchita falls they have houses for 18 to 20k but their bad shape. But people live in that kind of stuff there. I think I could have my uncles do a little a work on them spit shine them and pay them when we get some tenants. But it’s just one of my pipe dreams.

My work goals: I’ll be retiring in the next few weeks. Woot woot.



This image was taken just prior to a road-rage incident…

That guy has the same problem as me. Bad taste in hats.

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Congratulations, Nyar! Retirement rocks!


Congrats to you both! Retirement does, indeed, ‘rock’. You have to plan it though. I have a cupboard full of projects from jigsaws to model plane and car kits…I bought them just in case. Very glad I did.

This last year since I fully retired I have done nothing…seriously just vegged out playing computer games, gardening, re-organising my man cave and…counting the awards from my final project. Cannot believe that a tiny project on I worked on as a favor for a friend has so far won 5 'best comedy" awards and is still on the award circuit. Plus been asked to do a Q and A on my final professional audio book voice project later this fall. 71 years of pissing about, starving and struggling with kids and now I can enjoy!

Grandkids come back to Aus this year soo it will be grand to meet our grand daughter for the first time!

Anyhoo, plan your retirement and make sure you have a thousand fall back activities or you end up like those sad bastards always at a loose end and moaning about the millenials and the ‘woke’ generation.

We don’t want to be like that now, do we!


I’ve been collecting welding supplies; trying to learn how to weld (SMAW). Hopefully it will be a new hobby. Right now I’m just practicing striking an arc, haven’t tried turning 2 pieces of metal into one yet.


Or the same problem as me…great taste in hats…I have over 50…

I plan on working as an RN (9 months left), but I want to work in a secular hospital.

I’ve decided that the only way I can meet all of my patients’ needs is to make sure that my employer does not have a religious focus.

I have spent too much time being angry and hostile about how religious priorities have interfered with how I work in healthcare.

Even now, conservatives in my country are more concerned about drag queen shows then they are about the opioid epidemic.

There has literally been serious concern about live stage shows of Peter Pan, as the character of Peter has been traditionally played by a female actor when it’s performed on stage.


Congrats to anyone leaving the rat race.
I’ve recently seen people retiring where I work and it has me rethinking how long I plan to stay. It does seem part of a trend. We’re down from a staff of 8 to a staff of 4 in housekeeping. Two retired, the “as needed” position was eliminated some time ago, and one is out with a foot injury. They haven’t even posted the jobs as available, though they keep saying they will any day now. One position has been empty for 2 months. They are filling positions in other departments, just not mine. I really don’t know what they’re up to, but even I can do that math and see there isn’t enough people to do the work.

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