Work/Business goals

(Sarcasm/cynicism alert)

You can look at it this way: The main job of the PIC (Person(s) In Charge) is to make sure the business (and therefore, implicitly, himself/herself/themselves) makes money. If they can do the same job adequately with less people, why not just continue doing it for as long as possible, thereby saving some money that contribute extra to the bottom line? Short term profit is King, long term planning and sustainability is for weaklings.

As a side note: Why should they care about the employees’ health and safety as long as there are no consequences for the PICs and the company, and they are not breaking the law? Screw the employees, they are just pawns in a game of chess; they are expendable. And the rare pawn that makes it to the other side of the board can be converted to a queen. Sort of survival of the fittest.

Edit, to add my own pet peeve: I work in a place where the actual output/product(s) being made are the result of the professionality and know-how of highly qualified and dedicated engineers and scientists. As a result of the quality of the output, we are highly regarded by our customers. But then we have the administration and the bean counters. The bean counters constantly perform the following nasty trick: Look for any administrative task that can be performed by the technical and scientific staff. Then transfer these tasks to said staff. The time saved by the accounting and administrative departments is then translated into a better bottom line to these departments. And with this extra margin on the bottom line, they argue that they can employ more bean counters and administrative personell to take care of…whatever. And the extra administrative tasks that are being imposed on the technical and scientific staff means less time to do their actual work. It’s the death of a thousand cuts. Or so it feels.

The lack of foresight is stunning. I think it’s about to hit the fan since it’s at the point where people aren’t going to get the services that they are paying for. They’ve dug quite a hole. Even after someone is hired they have to go through orientation and training and pass a background check that can take over a month. I’m seriously worried about the mental and physical well being of some of my fellow employees. One woman seems headed for a good old fashion nervous breakdown, if her body doesn’t give out first, as she tries to do the impossible. I personally long ago adopted the “Keep Calm and Carry On” attitude toward work. Nothing like some good war slogans to help you muddle through.

I had planned to retire last year, but got divorced instead so she could run off with someone else, lost the fucking lot . Ah well, kept my house which I owned before I married, and some investments in lieu of a pension. I’d had to travel quite a bit for work over the years, so a proper pension wasn’t possible. now it’ll likely be the penury of a state pension only. Hopefully my health won’t deteriorate too quickly and I can pick up some contracts for 3 month spells each year, then use some of the equity in the house.

So my plan involves a time machine, and telling my ex to go fuck herself. Captain hindsight… :innocent: :rofl:


What is the first thing you plan on doing when you retire? :smiley:

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I’ve got an interesting plan. First, I am buying a house from here in Korea, so I have a place to go to when I get to the states. Next, I am going to furnish my house by purchasing a couple of storage units. As I am not buying them for resale, if I choose a couple of nice ones I can pay premium prices. It’s all part of the plan.

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Or you can build your furniture yourself from cheap materials :slight_smile:


Well, Cog, lose the cushions, and that looks much more your style. Maybe some shredded newspaper in the corner for your personal needs and you are all set.

Just like your place here.


I’m planning on building the bed frames. Really simple. And, probably shelves, as needed.

There’s shredded newspaper in the corner? Why in the hell didn’t someone tell me? I ran out of toilet paper 6 months ago. and I can’t convince the new owner of the Dollar Tree to trade me for bananas. Something about it being in short supply due to Covid. Do you know what it’s like wiping a hairy ass with dried banana peel?


Obviously that question wasn’t directed at me, considering my sordid past…

Edit “cleanliness is next to godliness)

Here’s another idea for cheap furniture:


Whiteboards! What a great idea. I could take down the shit stained curtains and just nail whiteboards over the windows. What a great idea. Then I have more space to write on the walls.

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or you could just scratch all of that and go into Russian Slap Fighting competitions.


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Yeah, several people I knew in the late sixties/early seventies used these cable spools for coffee tables. I had them in a couple of “community living arrangements”. Unlike this pristine example, they were usually covered with mostly-empty beer bottles, full ashtrays and sundry paraphernalia…
Thanks for the post…I hadn’t thought of those in years.

Edit (has anybody seen my keys?)

OH OH OH…NOW you’re talkin’… (actually, I have made an offer to several of the participants to participate in my ongoing EIT studies)

Edit (Will Smith my ass)


How often do you participate in slap fights? :smiling_imp:

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Hahaha…Well, uh, that ship sailed a long time ago. If I was to take even a moderately intense punch or blow to my head, the complete surgical fusion of my neck and upper back would likely render me a quadriplegic. I must say though, I did have some enlightening thoughts as a result of having the shit slapped out of me when I was much much younger. :face_with_head_bandage:

Edit for self-flagellation


I can’t brag about my business yet as it’s in the startup phase. When I just invest money and get nothing out of it. But I really hope it will work.
I can’t tell you yet what kind of business it is and how I will develop it, but I am sure that I will succeed.
I just think that money should work, not me. That’s why I’m trying to invest it in something. I don’t really want to give it to someone, but my own business is the best!