Will the world be a better place without religion

I recently discovered this fact via political affiliation in the workplace. It happened during the time when the orange idiot was in office. Coworkers who otherwise seemed normal started spouting their love for the orange turd.

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Most of them are now trained to count the hits and ignore the misses.

Take an example of a horrific car accident that kills an entire family but one girl. They see a “miracle” because a child survived. I see a tragedy because so many died.


Indeed. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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In my humble opinion, considering all so called benefits of religion, I don’t thing there is a country that has ever improved from it.
As hitch says, religion poisons everything.

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I can not disagree, but then again, all of this falls under our own personal definitions.

Is military or economic strength a measure on how “good” a nation is? The Spanish at one point were one of the most powerful military nations because they used their religion, weapons, disease, and greed to conquer the new world and rob cultures of gold and other treasures.

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You do realise he didn’t imagine its corrupting influence was universally equal? Nor did he ever deny religion had achieved some good, it would be preposterous to deny that anyway. You can’t cite the evil people are motivated to do through religion, while trying to pretend it never motivated anyone to do good. This is the kind of irrational selection bias religious apologists so often use.


That is my opinion and nothing will change it. I hate all religions for the same reason. Every one is based on a total fallacy supported by nothing. With billions believing they are doing gods work is shows the low iq of them.

Good people do good things. Bad people do bad things. For good people to do bad things, add religion.

Well at least you are being open- minded about it…


Spoken like a true Christian. Blinded by the light. The very root of all ignorance, bigotry, inane social movements, and … frankly… stupidity. Shut off to the world, close minded as a led ball with no center sitting on a peanut butter sandwich when there was a perfectly good rowboat it could have been sitting on. You know what they say about opinions; “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink.”

I think it went over your head son but that’s ok
For your next effort remember im an atheustband i swear to God.

Not open minded to the point my brains have fallen.

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Hmmm…Jury is still out on that one my illustrious interlocutor…

Who are you responding to?

If nothing will change one’s mind, that is the very definition of closed minded. Facts, sufficient objective evidence, sound rational argument, these are few things that should give someone pause, or change their mind on any given topic.

Does this include the one third of Nobel Laureates who believe in a personal deity? Your claim is a preposterous piece of sweeping hyperbole. Hate is not a good way to reason.

Well done, you’ve read a quote, and paraphrased it in the correct context, but without citing the author.

However the quote doesn’t mean all religious people do only bad things, so it helps if you understand what a quote means before you use it to support an argument.


Wait a minute? I’m sure that’s something I onece said. LOL I know I said it to someone.

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Can I quote you on that ???

I don’t know where to start with that sentence?

Not open minded at all obviously, as you stated categorically that “nothing would ever change your mind”.

There is no position I’m not prepared to change in the light of sufficient objective evidence.


Youre problem is you know I’m right but won’t accept it. Look at the atrocities in the world done in gods name. Dont deny it so get off your sanctimonious high moral ground.

Don’t take it personally. Sheldon is a very moral man and a just member. He means well. Speaking of high moral ground. I’ve been having a thought or two.

There’s times when I really want to let loose. There’s times I’ve wanted to do the wrong thing. But I just couldn’t do it. Because I know if I ever did, I’d feel horrible that I stooped so low. I have stooped low and I have regretted it in the past. There’s times where doing the wrong thing made me extremely depressed. I’d get this horrible sense of remorse.

My early 20’s is a cautionary tale to me. I could have easily landed several months in prison the way I behaved back then. I’m just thankful that I never landed on the wrong end of the law.

Sometimes I see someone who is extremely immoral and fucked up, local sex offender, and I just want to get even (in other words beat 8 shades of shit out of them) and I don’t because for one, assault and battery is against the law and two flogging them is just going to cause me guilt that I hurt someone. I have all of these rules set on myself that I can’t break. Because if I break these rules I feel like I’m hurting my humanity and two there will be consequences. I could end up jail.

So when a Christian on here or in real life comes on here and claims that Atheists have no morals. It really vexes me. It’s so insulting to be treated like a convict when you’re not in the prison system, you’re following the rules, and you’ve done nothing wrong only to have that one person come along and be like “OH! You don’t believe in my religion therefor you’re a bad person!”