Why don't you believe?

Ratty is never serious…

I don’t believe because I spend my entire teenage and 20s pleasing god in Islamic way and stay away from sins and sinners. my whole life was just praying and reading quran with no signs from him. no matter how good person I am in Islamic way, people would always taking me for advantage and expect me to be good and forgiven. as ex-Muslim women I have to sacrifice my life and rights to religion and male gender that would control my life since born till I die. having no rights or normal life and treating me as 2nd always make me rethink about what I am believing in. I don’t believe in this kind of religion or god that doesn’t treat me well as a human.

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In front or in back? :scream_cat: just kidding

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It’s true. Some might call it by different terms, but a mind that is light and malleable and full of joy has faith as it’s vital condition.

Faith is the faculty of wishes coming true.

It’s possible and likely that we have different interpretations of faith.

I’m not referring to the Christian definition of faith.

I’m referring to the hope and wish In the heart that brings about a joyful mind.

Anyone is free to examine their heart for the source of faith.

Or maybe you don’t get it (and likely won’t as long as you live).

I am only explaining my day to day practice.

As you said earlier, “you don’t know anything about me or my meditative practice.”

The same applies here.

Ah,most certainly not talking about faith in the Christian sense, which is built on fear and guilt.

I guess I may have experienced the type of faith you mean in a couple of relationships I’ve had (although not in my marriage)

Is implicit trust in another built on faith? I trusted my ex wife implicitly. The betray of trust at the end of our marriage was crushing. Have never been able to trust another to that degree.

One of my blind spots is that I really can’t understand how a person would choose to marry a second or more times,because of the level of trust I think a marriage demands. However, I do not believe a couple should tell each other everything,and am not against prenuptial agreements in principle. In Australia, the family court will often ignore prenuptial agreements if children are involved. Here, the welfare of any children takes precedent over the welfare of either or both divorcing parents.

I understand the fault is mine: A former girlfriend married a bloke she met on a dating site. They have been together for 18 years and married for 15 years.

My best friend in the world was married 3 times.Third time, that marriage lasted 20 years, until his death from cancer last year.

On second thought,I think I’ve probably misunderstood you. Not at all unusual with your posts.

As an older bloke ,I’ve learned that being understood is overrated and rare between even two people. Add different languages and cultures and rarity is more frequent,imo.

NO fucking way.

Faith is believing without evidence.

If you want your wishes to come true, roll up your sleeves and put in the work required to attain your goal.

Hmm :face_with_monocle: I’ve had better success with “The Law of Attraction”.

(Haha. Now I’m just trolling. No. Uh. Faith is much more than blind belief. It has the power to heal. It has the power to bring joy).

It’s like an oasis in the desert. You wander blindly - close to death. And then you happen upon it. Seeing the oasis from afar is like faith. Drinking the refreshing spring waters is like joy.

Faith leads to … disappointment, anger, joy, sadness … a ton of emotions :pleading_face:. Faith is a hope in something not evidenced. It is trusting your imagination or the imagination of others

The heart is a pump that circulates your blood. Faith isn’t there :smirk:

Is mine and many others … I have no faith. I have acceptance and a deep appreciation for life.

However the “malleable” (easily influenced; pliable.) - nope. Open minded…love learning but not easily influenced without reality…

“Fool me once, shame on you…
Fool me twice…shame on me”

Regarding “faith” … faith has no evidence - you’ve got a mirage… and you’re just drinking sand.

Hope perhaps pushes humans forward in dire circumstances- but even this is past evidence based. Hope to recover. Hope to get married or have children. Hope I get a promotion.

These all take effort and choice and decision making and work and personality choices.

Language and cultural differences can create friction, but in my opinion that’s nothing compared with the friction caused by personality differences. I’ve seen cross-cultural marriages fall apart because of infidelity and a lack of respect, but not because of language problems. And some people have unrealistic expectations and aren’t prepared to make the adjustments needed.

I’ve been married for 47 years to a woman whose language and cultural background is totally different from mine. I speak her language. She speaks mine. We’ve lived in each other’s countries. We’ve fought over lots of things, but never over language or culture.

A relationship like that is a mirror and a window. It’s a mirror because you’re forced to look at your own culture more critically and question things you’ve always taken for granted. It’s a window because you get a whole new outlook on the world that isn’t colored by your own culture.

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I believe we are using different definitions of the word “faith”. I was applying it in a religious context.

For “the power to heal, power to bring joy”, I prefer to use the term “motivation”.

For example, I have “faith” in my mechanical aptitude and skills. Thus, when I want through my electrician’s apprenticeship and testing, I had “faith” I would succeed because of my motivation and confidence.

Hmm :face_with_monocle: I am using it inasmuch as it is effective for the purposes of meditation.

Your “faith” in your mechanical aptitude is, indeed, a logical use of the word.

Like Jesus, and unlike Paul, I believe faith is the faculty of the power of belief. Obviously, you can’t believe God into existence. Obviously, mere belief in the sacrifice of Jesus shouldn’t (IMO) be the ONE determinant of a life in heaven versus hell.

What it should do is act as an impetus for further investigation. And I mean this in the context of meditation. And, I’ll try not to beat a dead horse here - but it leads to joy. That is, anyway, the conclusion I’ve drawn from my investigations.

Of course you can prove both of those claims?

Anecdotally. Ever since I began practice of opening my heart and letting faith flow, my lower back pain (a very bad case of inflammation) has resolved itself.

Can I heal others. Not that I know of. I wouldn’t make any such claim.

Joy? Well, consider my definition of joy - it is a lightened mind; a mind made pliable and malleable. A mind dissolved of stress. I personally cultivate this mental freedom on a daily basis (except for when I’m getting drunk). My method of achieving this stress free mind is to open my heart and let faith flow.

That is as close to proof as I can provide.

So that’s a no.

As much as I’d like to accept your claims, I’m afraid it’s a bit too subjective for me

You are still talking bullshit. You are not shoving the knife in far enough. Slip that puppy through the ribs and really dig in there to open that heart. You can do it. It will bring you joy and end your lower back pain. I promise.

Uhh. I haven’t read the terms of service, but are you suggesting I kill my self?

Bad Monkey :monkey_face:!!! Very bad Monkey!!!