Why don't Christians mind their own business?

My daughter was telling me a story last night. There had been a festival in town up by the highway. We all went last night.

She said she and her friends were eating by a tent, because there were tables. The tent so happened to be a church group handing out religious propaganda.

She stubbed her foot by the table before sitting down with her dinner and in doing so, she yelled “fuck!” and got a long nasty judging stare from the people sitting in that tent. Like they expected her to suddenly apologize and pray to their imaginary friend for forgiveness. I asked her if she stared right back and told them to mind their own business?

She said no. She said she and her friend went on like usual and ignored them. This is the usual bs that I had to put up with growing up. I won’t lie, I am sick of it. I just wish the majority of them would quit behaving as though their rules apply to everyone else. So what if I my daughter cursed. There’s a thing called the first amendment. Funny how that only matters when someone else is telling them to stfu.

Words can be offensive. There are quite a few words I find offensive and throw a glare when I hear them. As long as they did nothing to block her rights, they didn’t do anything substantively wrong. Your daughter responded maturely, kudos to her!

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True. I probably take more offense to their reaction because I see a majority of them as antagonists. I don’t agree with their lifestyle or their views. I have felt attacked by them my entire life. :man_shrugging:

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After reading these comments on this thread and the other one we’ve got going on a related topic, I got to thinking: Picture a group of devout Christians in a restaurant, celebrating, I dunno, their daughter’s college graduation. When told of her accomplishment and the reason for their joy, their MUSLIM server throws up his hands and shouts, “Praise be to Allah! Allah has truly blessed your daughter and your family!”
Would the Christians just smile weekly and say thank you. I doubt it. I’m betting they’d be angry and offended. Might go and speak to the manager.
So now I ask this: what in the hell is the difference in my waiter throwing her Christian bullshit at me, and the Muslim server throwing HIS bullshit on the Christians? Both are deeply inappropriate. Leave that shit at home, indeed.


There is also such a thing as being polite in public. It’s no big deal to say excuse me when uttering a profanity accidentally in public. With that said… Depending on the glare coming from the others, I may have opted for your solution. In fact, I might have just begun singing Jingle Bells to the tune of Fuck.

“Fuck fuck fuck, fuck fuck fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.” If anyone said anything I would tell them I was rehearsing for a Church play where the Holy Ghost Fucks Mary. (Fuck them.)

On the other hand. If it was an innocent look of surprise. I would just say ‘sorry.’ and enjoy my lunch. After all, it was an accident and should be treated as such. As long as we all agreed on that (it was just an accident) we could all go about our day undisturbed.

Bend but don’t break.

Just a suggestion…
Singing to the tune of “Joy to the World” might be more effective…

Edit: (be careful not to break your blasphemer)

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I’ve got a 3 year old grandson. (About to be 4 this month.) He’s incredibly smart, and a little parrot. Naturally, my wife and I try to “censor” our typical potty mouths when around him. However, his mom, dad, and the family on his dad’s side typically don’t hold back when talking around him. And that is all fine and well, as far as I am concerned. No biggie. Matter of fact, it’s actually hilarious sometimes when he gets frustrated or scrapes his knee or something and utters a “shit” or “dammit” or similar. For instance, his mom has a vid of him from about a year ago when he was being potty trained. He’s stomping down the hallway toward their bathroom, obviously pissed, and she asks him, “What is wrong?” Without breaking stride, he tells her, “I shit myself,” and then enters the bathroom. I was rolling on the floor laughing when I watched it! :rofl: The thing is, though, is he has to know/learn there are times and places when saying such words are not appropriate. (His daycare class, for example.) Therefore, my wife and I have started impressing this upon him whenever we get the chance. We tell him, “Words like shit, damn, hell, etc. are ADULT words, and most people don’t like it when they hear little kids say them. You will not get in trouble for saying those words here with us, but if you say them in school or somewhere like that, you will likely get in trouble.” The great thing is, he seems to understand that. Notice, too, we don’t call them BAD words. They are “adult” words. (My wife came up with that, and I think it’s great.) We even go a step further by telling him that even WE, as adults, do not use those types words in certain places or when talking to certain people. And that is true. When I am out in public, I always tend to keep my foul mouth to myself. To me, it’s just common courtesy. Sure, like your daughter, sometimes we slip a bit when startled or when we get an unexpected bump or something. It’s natural. No biggie. With all that being said, I think your daughter handled that quite nicely. Sounds like a smart and mature young lady.