Why don't Christians give Muslims and Hindus a hard time?

Why do Christians prefer to target Atheists? I’ve noticed that it if there is a Hindu or a Muslim present, Christians don’t have much to say to them. But if you don’t have a religion at all, they tend to target you more. Why do they care so much about what an Atheist does or doesn’t believe?

Is it because the non-acceptance of any god is more offensive to them than just belief in an alternate god?

Is it because atheists do not have a history of physically attacking others with machetes and killing them if they are offended?

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Because those poor mislead Muslims and Hindus at least have SOME SORT of god guiding their lives and keeping their asses in line. We atheists, on the other hand, are a bunch of Wild Cards! We have no Divine Guidance. We have no Supreme Authority telling us when it is okay to toss gays and lesbians off of buildings. We have no All-knowing entity dictating when it is acceptable to have sexual relations with children. We have no Holy Savior to accept us into its loving arms after we strap explosives to ourselves and walk into a crowd of infidels and set off the charge. Basically, we atheists have nothing to stop us from doing horrible things to innocent people.


The simple answer. “Hindus and Muslims believe in a God.” While it is not the same god, their silly assertions actually serve to validate Christian beliefs in supernatual existence of invisible beings. After all, if the Hindus and Muslims are worshiping ‘false gods,’ that is exactly what the Bible predicted would happen.


Translation: They are all lifetime subscribers to the deluxe versions of Battshittery. Additionally, Atheists strike fear into the hearts of Christians. They cannot imagine being held responsible or getting credit for their own actions, thoughts, accomplishments, etc. They are terrified that there may not be a scapegoat (Satan) or a positive external origin (God) for all of human behavior, which would again indicate culpability or credit.
Others do great things for humanity because it is God working through them.
Others do terrible things because they do not have God in their hearts.
See how easy and convenient this all is? No thought required, just kick er’ in granny and chug along.

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Well, with all due respect, it is the inerrant word of Graud after all.

I know, and that’s why I am doing each and every horrible thing I want to do to any and every innocent person I come in contact with.

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See? That’s why the Christians have a problem with atheists. Because we are subject to doing those horrible things at random. For no reason at all. Just willy-nilly all out of control. That is terrifying to them. At least the other religions have some sort of god in control telling their followers when to do such things for a good reason.

They do tend to not like Muslims much, though Hindus tend to piss them off less than Muslims. It’s just that atheists don’t believe in anything divine, so we end up commiting a “double sin” - we don’t just not believe in their religion, we don’t believe at all. They tend to think that people have to have the ever present threat of punish present in order to behave, for some reason. Because humans (or any other animal species for that matter) apparently can’t be good without someone watching you while you masturbate.

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They’ve also done it to lesbians and not just gay men? I haven’t heard that. I was wondering if you could send some links? That would be a really interesting thing to learn about.

Well, we do have Cog, after all…

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Exactly, and how messed up would it be if people did horrible things without a good reason? Can you imagine?

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Why do I feel like this sentence should worry me?

Well, you are probably the only one qualified to answer this question. What have you been up to?

You don’t want to know. Trust me, if you knew, you’d probably start crying. Some of my friends think I’m really weird for one of the things I’m into, though 2 don’t judge me. My boyfriend does though lol

Not to pull a “wrinkles are wisdom” spiel on you, BUT, I have seen a few things in my 67 years on this hurtling mass and unless you meant crying from laughter, I doubt it. I already think you are weird and I am ultimately the only one qualified to judge everyone.


Alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’ll say it one at a time, but I’m into pregnant women.

Ah so you did mean crying from laughter.
After experiencing the entire process (as a participating witness) twice with my own children, there are a range of emotional, psychological, physical, etc., responses to pregnancy and pregnant women and to each his own. Beauty, joy, laughter, revulsion, fear, sympathy, empathy, curiosity, apprehension, attraction, arousal, guilt, aversion, and a litany of other things come to mind. Be careful what you reveal to strangers as you may have to be slapped at some point.

Hey, I don’t go around randomly admitting it. Interestingly enough, though, I’m only into 3 types of girl, and one of them isn’t even real (pregnant women, goth girls, an anime girls). I tend to like men much more, and trans people are attractive sometimes too.

Was this the “Post a song a day” thread?