Why does religion promote hate towards women?

I mean, look at this misogynist douchebag I found when I was lurking on a Christian forum. They incriminate themselves. Not only does their Bible promote misogyny, there are whole Christian groups that slam women. Is this something we should continue to tolerate?

Here’s another one quoting bullshit scripture.

Incel who doesn’t like to be “touched”. Just wants full control and to one day own a virgin.

The second - those scriptures were used often in the JW religion. And yes, the implication was we weren’t as “smart” “critical” “knowledgeable” as men…



Victor has issues. It appears (sadly) that he was bullied, which only amplifies his problems.

And Radman (married, homeless, and happy about that?) isn’t exactly the type of person who needs to give advice. Maybe he needs to focus more on improving his personal conditions instead of reaching for what he believes is THE solution … biblical passages. Look where his resorting to the bible has placed him in life, homeless and with a family to support.

Yes, I am attacking those two individuals. But neither of them is a fountain of knowledge and integrity.

Two fucked up people leaning on each other to support their position.

Because both consider women inferior and tainted, I have absolutely zero respect for them.


:joy::joy::joy: Victor: “Maybe I will have to expect staying single for life.”

Something tells me he ain’t gonna have to work too hard to achieve THAT goal. :joy::joy::joy:

That dude has issues. (There… That should win me the “Understatement of the Year” Award)


That’s just so sad. I’d throw down odds these two secretions are homeschooled.

Not that everyone who is homeschooled is weird, I know a few functioning adults who were homeschooled. These two are definitely maladjusted from some lack of social exposure though.

Think their mommies still cut their food for them?


Wow, actually you should win the prestigious “Award Within an Award” award…(full disclosure; I am in competition for the UYA also)

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No, no and no…these fucks will continue unabated if allowed. It is incumbent upon men to quell this horseshit with vitriol and condemnation commensurate with that usually reserved for racists and bigots.


They both continually victimize themselves. It’s just plain 18th century thinking. Again they think everything centers on them.

It frightens me to think what horse crap like this I didn’t pick up on from my childhood of christian youth programming. If you want to find the sources of some of this nutter crap look up Focus on the Family, and junk like The Reformed Wife. It is seriously some incel Stockholm syndrome insanity.

The Reformed Wife is seriously some kind of brain dead. You’ve been warned!


Hmmm… :thinking:… Let me guess… They both promote how a Good Christian Wife needs to “learn her proper role” in a God-Fearing Christian Family by allowing the Man of the House to control every aspect of her life and never make any decisions for herself. Ugh… :disappointed: Sadly, as disturbing as that may be on its own, it is even more disturbing how there are still so many women out there who buy into that bullshit.


1Timoty 2.9-15

This is also, to my knowledge, the only passive reference to Eve’s curse, basically “suck it up” is the advice given, keep childbearing painfully, it’s god’s curse to Eve for her sin.

LOL: And yet if you point it out to them, they deny it with the vitriol of the highly offended.

The very concept that a baby can be born into sin is immoral, the idea that I can offend a God is immoral, holding someone responsible for the sins of their father unto the fourth or tenth generation is immoral. The idea of killing whoever comes out of your front door is immoral, for any reason at all. The idea of blood sacrafice is immoral and completely unnecessary for any kind of a God thing. The act of one human being owning another as property is immoral. The idea that this all powerful god thing would conspire against someone to actually cause them pain and suffering for any reason at all is immoral. Killing people because of their sexual predispositions that you gave to them in the first place is immoral. Killing children who talk back to their parents is immoral. Wiping out entire cities, men, women, and livestock is immoral. Cutting open the stomachs of pregnant women and dashing their babies onto rocks is immoral. Forced abortion with morning after medication by jealous husbands is immoral.

This list goes on and on and on and it is all listed and sanctioned by the God of the bible, but denied by believers as they cherry-pick their way throught the text pretending it does not say what it says.


Now, why isn’t there a catchy word to commemorate what the people of Gomorrah used to do? Like, “I totally Gomorrahlized my girlfriend the other night and now she refuses to talk to me.”? Why do the Sodomists get all the historical appreciation?



“For most certainly, I tell you, until heaven and earth pass away, not even one smallest letter or one tiny pen stroke shall in any way pass away from the law, until all things are accomplished. … “

Also Jesus:

“ But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his

brother without a cause shall be in danger of the

judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca,

shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall

say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.”

Which is why we all need to drink his blood and eat his meat. Pretty fucking clear as day. I’ve got a whole bottle of his blood that I’m going to drink on my day off. I’ve got A LOT of sins to be redeemed. Gunna have a steak too. Fuck. It’s AWESOME being a Christian. So many perks.


No. I’d rather die than worship an abusive goat herder mythology. I. Shit. You. Not.



Patriarchy is famous for subjugating women.

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And aside from the wine and meat parties, there is the advantage of not being held responsible for anything bad that you do. That’s right! With Christianity, in a moment of weakness the DEVIL can make you do many evil things beyond your control. It’s not YOUR fault. You’re only human, and SATAN is wicked and tricky. But you have the peace of mind in knowing that all you have to do is ask The Lord to forgive you and to give you strength to resist that mean ol’ Devil the next time he tempts you. Even better, you can get your Christian friends to gather around and support you, regardless of the bad thing you did. As long as you repent and ask them to forgive you and ask them to pray for you, they simply MUST do so. It’s in the contract. And if you slip again… and again… and again… and agai-… (Well, you get the picture.)… it’s totally okay. The Lord has infinite patience and forgiveness. It’s NEVER your fault. The Devil tricked you… The Lord was testing you, but you failed… The Lord was teaching you a lesson… It has NOTHING to do with you being a degenerate shit-bag. No, sir! Absolutely NOT! You are a Godly Christian, struggling to do God’s Will in this Evil World of sin and temptation. Yep! Perks galore! :grin:


Aside from fearing any opinion that differs from your own, from seeing all other human beings as having a ‘sinful’ and ‘corrupt’ nature; from imagining evil to be something real in the world and capable of manipulating you and those around you thus leading to constant cowering in the shadows of godly alters. Sure, enjoy all the perks.

Behave badly.
Ask for forgiveness.

Rinse and repeat.


So … according to many christians … if every sperm is sacred and sex should just be for making babies …then it should be OK to sterilize every unmarried man?

This logic is in rebuttal to the blatant overreach that denies a woman control of her own body.


A Pennsylvania senator made a mock proposal bill doing something similar. Six weeks after your 3 kid or your 40th birthday for public health every man should get a vasectomy.

Why should restrictions only apply to one gender? I’m ok with it, snip snip boys.

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