Why does religion promote hate towards women?

I’m confident that if men could also have babies, there would be no abortion/ reproductive/ bodily autonomy rights “issue” at all.

The morning after pill would be available at every bodega, gas station, and news stand.

But, alas, we are stuck with a combination of unreasonable, anachronistic beliefs and the realities of nature after all.


I am more than willing to allow you to post my $6,000 vanity press for free - Men Explain Religion to Me.

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One word…Control. Misogynistic overtones in religion(s), are for control of women. Equality between sexes is not displayed in our lineage in individual relationships or tribes…so…hopefully, our innate moral proclivity will overturn our domination of the females in our species, through evolutionary time.

lol not to mention…its “gods” will for him to fuck up and burn in “hell” because that’s what his “god” wanted. Just like “god” made “Lucifer” such an “evil sonovabitch” and it’s “gods” will for Lucifer and all of those evil assholes that he made to burn in hell. It says it in Isaiah that “god” is responsible for good and evil. Which also means he’s responsible for EVERYTHING including the people he sends to “Hell”!

Gotta love how Christians enjoy their own fan fiction and claim they know what their god will or wont do. They are their own god.

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Welcome to Atheist Republic.

It is religion that is a major factor in holding back our moral development. Religion says that women are third class citizens, and since so many abide by this teaching, women are treated worse than slaves.

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I’d be willing to read about religion “explained” even without the payment; there hasn’t been any decent humor literature since Keillor, IMHO.

I agree, but I also think that great ape ancestor behaviour plays a significant roll as well.

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Agreed, hunter-gatherers each had their roles in their tribes. But with the advent of farming, then the sexes were capable of social equality. Change is slow, but religion slows it even more.


Agreed. Religion also retards individual intellectual growth…while simultaneously bastardising our innate morality…which just worsens misogynistic dogmatic teachings.


Thank you. i don’t think I can post a pdf here though. I think admin would have to contact me. You can buy it on line if you want to pay real money. I published it to blow off steam & because I tired of GBC binding it in the office.

I was gunna get one and then my friend got one and said it felt like someone had kicked him in the scrote - so I told my wife “fuck that” and now she thinks I secretly want to have babies with other women.

Well…I suppose it begs the question…do you?

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No! I just kinda want my testicles to be fully operational - if not only for my self esteem!

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lol well said. I wish religtard douchebags like this would disappear. Religion is a problem. It’s been a problem.


I believe hate toward women in religion is centered on the notion that Sex is bad, lust is bad, having many sexual partners is bad, sex before marriage is bad. Women dressing showing a lot of flesh is evil. Women are seen as “Eve” the temptest and evil in religion, which is really screwed up logic.

As an athiest I am very sexual liberal, had many sexual partners, and see sex and lust as the cornerstone of living a happy life. I feel no guilt from it, feels good. I see no problems with nudity. Religion labels it evil, I label it one of the best things of life. I have no problem with women dressing showing a lot of flesh. I respect women more than my religious peers.

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From a sex education textbook (UK) in the early 60s

@DarkLover …”Eve” was not suppose to enjoy it. Interesting how it was part of her education to “fake it”.

This brings to mind an entry I once ran across from a 1930s Watchtower, where it appears that the end of women’s subjugation and submission is to simply become men.

IOW, just go from ‘10’ to ‘11’ on the Hideously Disturbing Scale. :crazy_face: :roll_eyes:


Excuse me. I put that on the refrigerator to remind you that there was a time when you had to be obedient and uncomplaining. But your turn is over! You don’t get to just lie there any more. Now it’s my turn.


WOW…just…WOW…thanks Blue, I needed that. :open_mouth:

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Finally, a useful guide for all of the confused women out there… :innocent: