Why do you think

Why do you think science answers all questions about Truth?

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Who says I do think that 'science answers all questions about Truth?".

Is this pure supposition?

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What is “Truth”?

Science is a continuous process of self-improving our knowledge. Thus, science in and of itself does not claim to know everything perfectly. Your premise is therefore wrong, and your question is ill-posed.


Greetings and welcome. This is what is euphemistically referred to as a “loaded question”. (may contain men of straw and poisoned well water)
First of all, you need to elaborate on how you define “Truth”. (By capitalizing the word it implies that you believe there is some sort of universal “Truth”).
Next you need to establish why you think anyone would believe this.
Last, this really doesn’t come across as a sincere question.

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I don’t, the claim is a pretty obvious straw man. The claim doesn’t even make any sense, as science is defined as the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation, experimentation, and the testing of theories against the evidence obtained. Truth is simply that which is in accordance with fact or reality. So clearly science does not answer “questions about truth”, but rather seeks the truth about the reality we observe.

Now since you’ve brought this question to an atheist forum, and I have answered as candidly as I can, will you reciprocate and do me the courtesy of answering a question.

What (if any) objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity?


I might be able to better answer your question if you could define what you mean by “truth.”

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Or what he means by “answers all questions about truth” anyway, as the wording seems oddly incongruous.


My concern about this type of discussion is a fallacy where an ambiguous word like “truth” can be used to “move the goal posts” so that we’re never talking about the same thing.

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I assume you mean scientific theory. It doesn’t. Science isn’t a belief. That’s like saying Mathematics or Astronomy are a belief. Science goes off of already existing empirical evidence and research.

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Well, if it had been formulated somehow to require science to give the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, it would be trivial. But that was not what was asked, so I’m stumped.

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What makes you think science answers questions? Science builds models based on all the evidence possible. It is a process of inquiry and not a thing. A scientific theory takes into account as much information as it can and attempts to explain “Not answer”: the world around us. When we get new information or new ways of inquiring into the world around us, science changes. How is that an ‘answer’ to anything? Science is demonstrable and predictive. The fact that you are using a computer is a testament to the effectiveness of science. Science works. This is demonstrable. It is the best method we have for understanding the world around us.


This ^^^…after thousands of years can anyone demonstrate a single objective fact that religion has uncovered about the world around us?


Humans have a seemingly limitless capacity for self-delusion…
God is a “creation” of man…
Introspection is a requirement for intellectual honesty…
Nature does not care about religion…
Rustling robes are quieter than zippers…
Of course none of these was intentionally uncovered, so there’s that.


Edit: Psalm 46:10


Welcome! I was raised in the Truth. I was one of the fortunate a born to Jehovah’s Witnesses. It was made clear that science didn’t have the Truth, only the WTBTS (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society) did as they were God’s chosen representatives here in earth that could interpret the Bible correctly.

It’s been over 25 years since I left. AND a long journey getting my questions answered.

Science uses a methodology of evidence gathering to best explain observations. I have come to accept that there is no “Truth” BUT a person can get to “what is true, as humanly possible”.


Howdy, W.A.Y.

Welcome. (Even though it’s apparent you are not here to engage in discussion. Nevertheless…) I have a couple of my own questions, if you don’t mind. (Although I do not really expect a reply…) How did gravity work before the Law of Gravity was formulated? Along similar lines, what was the highest mountain on Earth before Mt. Everest was discovered?

(Edit for rhetorical inquiries.)


Excellent points.

I think that we are living in a unique time in history.

Further in the future, science will have either won out or the human race will be extinct (extinction is the rule, not the exception), and further in the past . . . religion was the answer to everything.

So we are now at a cusp, threashold, or crossroads . . . where we are in the process of deciding between following what we want to believe, or working with what the Universe really is.

[quote=“Tin-Man, post:15, topic:3719”]
Along similar lines, what was the highest mountain on Earth before Mt. Everest was discovered?[/quote]

Um… Measuring from the center of the earth, Mt Everest is only 10th. The highest mountains are in South America. Just Sayin…


Yea. That’s fair, please tell me what answers the question “what is truth?”

To answer your question. Christ is Truth.

Thank you so much.
Christ is Truth and yes Truth is universal.
We know because we were all made in his image and it is evident to all in all of creation.
It was a sincere question.