Why do atheïsts rely so heavily on science

You are thinking about my physical body. Next time leave the thinking to me

So are you saying there is a “physical” self? How do you know?

Cause you are the physical self. (Well that is what I have you belief )

Uh uh uh - tsk tsk tsk … nice try. I made no such statement. That was from you…

You don’t have to. I know everything you know :wink:

By the way; Im not talking about science in general being crap. Only when dealing with reality does it become crap.

I’ve read that 4 times, it still makes no sense, and has nothing to do with science, and absolutely nothing to do with atheism, which is only the lack or absence of belief in any deity or deities, and nothing more.

Their not there, and the scientific method has nothing at all to with my atheism, which reflects the fact that theists cannot demonstrate any objective evidence for any deity or deities, and I treat god claims the same as all other claims.

From someone who thinks there is a possessive pronoun, priceless.

Troll, I’m calling this one…


You use applied science whenever you use a car, a TV, a bicycle, heat something in a microwave, or use a vacuum cleaner—or a computer. You use science dozens if not hundreds of times every day.

Might I suggest that you spend some time finding out what the terms ‘science’ and scientific method’ actually mean because it’s clear you don’t know. I encourage you to make an effort, learning some things as basic as how the scientific method works will hopefully make you seem less ignorant and/or stupid. LOOK IT UP

Oh yeah, science is flawed. Compared with what, religious belief? That particular world view is based on faith, which is belief in that not seen. In other words, superstition.

Unlike religious belief, science and scientist make no claim to perfection nor even of truths. Science produces theories which are explanations of that which is observed and can be tested. It is a continuum, not a journey with an end…

Right now I find it hard to believe you are really the fool your post suggests. My radar tells me you are simply another common or garden variety troll.

I have nothing further to say to you on this topic until you demonstrate that you are capable of and willing to learn.

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There indicates position, it is not a possessive pronoun, so you’re illiterate, don’t know what atheism means, and don’t have even a basic grasp of the scientific method.

Science is a method for studying and explaining the natural physical world and universe. It demonstrably does work, so you’re simply wrong.

You’re is not a possessive pronoun, ffs learn to spell simple words if you want to be taken seriously.


Facts are supported by evidence, you have offered naught but bare claims, as Nyarl pointed out.

Define reality. So far you’re only in your mind.

My guess is a troll, and judging from the level of literacy, a very young troll I’d hope.

This user was suspended until tomorrow (morning?).

Ok guys I think I made a mistake by assuming most people especially atheists know how the scientific model in relationship to observing things work. That is why I didnt bother to elaborate on the opening post. From where I stand it makes perfect sense…Anyway it is getting late here in Amsterdam but I promise I will do my best tommorow to alter the post and explain in detail what I am getting at.

Im not trolling by the way but typing on mobile and doing spell check all the time while debating many people has resulted in very short anwsers which seem to give the impression Im trolling.

Uh - nope. No debate here, from you. Just someone who is lost in their mind and stopped thinking -

If the post/replys you are writing are taking too much of your time; I know a way to save some time:

Just remove the insults from your posts!

They aren’t helping explain your apparently self contradictory message, and they encourage people to believe you are a troll (and you are already on thin ice there).

A spell check won’t help if you don’t know the difference between their and there.

If you’re not trolling then you’ve given the wrong impression, with your arrogant bombast and petty insults.

Looks like the mind is still a work in progress so, perhaps not hard to get lost.

What’s the bet that the poster is too arrogant to bother about looking up basic information about science?

In the meantime I suggest more rope and a bigger shovel :face_with_monocle:

Or even a basic definition of it.

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