Why do atheïsts rely so heavily on science

Its not an idea you idiot, its science. Its your religion remember

Another asinine statement.

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You are shifting the problem to the other observer. The “image” remains an image inside “ brain(B) “. So question remains; where is brain B?

Yeah; the problem is you already told us that basically science is crap:


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You are just doing a play on the “brain in a vat”.

Have fun. Enjoy your conclusions.

Btw - as such, I am just a part of your inner “reality” as everything I write and you read is occurring internally - in your brain :brain:. Your mind.

Now that you are aware of me - and I’m just you talking to you - well fuck,
WE are going to have some fun!

Exactley the point Im trying to make. First I present to you the scientific model and than show you its crap

Which science says that Brain (A) and Brain (B) are separate objects, or that an image of an object exists separately from the object itself? The sensory perception of the brain, either directly or via the mirror, refers back to the same object.

Are you suggesting that flaws in human sensory systems negate the reality of physical objects?

So when I asked you how you knew it was true, and you said science is how you knew it was true; you were lying?


This is a word that he/me flings about when it suits us.

I speak from accessing other areas of me that only “he” as the persona of @The_matrix really “gets”.

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Yeah, it means whatever the loons/trolls need it to mean, even when that contradicts how they just fucking used it.

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No, but point is you will never hear this in the science narrative. You will always hear the first half about the object falling to the ground but never the other half because it undermines the atheistic belief system.

You are right about that. Maybe youre not a big fart after all. Wish you had catched up sooner though

I’m only as fast as you are dipshit.

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There is no colour outside in the real world, only elektromagnetic waves

God! You are embarrassing yourself - or this aspect of yourself - this aspect “moi” (French for me) can spell. Btw, this is just an idea floating in your mind. Doesn’t mean shit. Exists no more than the colors.

Not true. Various parts of my body are slower/faster than you

Your body doesn’t exist. Fuck you don’t get it. You were close though…

Im talking about science. And yes it should be embarrassed

Now you’re just talking about different ways of representing the real world. We are able to perceive different wavelengths as specific colors. The system works well enough for apes to tell whether real fruit is really ripe in the real world.

Caught the edit on “embarrassed” - observed it in time. Can’t escape me.

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