Why didn't i think of this?

It seems so obvious, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. Now maybe this topic isn’t new to this forum, but I haven’t seen it mentioned in any of the posts that I’ve read in the past 1 1/2 years.
If jesus was supposed to be god in the flesh on earth, and what he did the most important thing ever to have been done in the earth’s history, then why didn’t he write any of it down himself? Was god almighty illiterate, was he too stupid to think to write down any of his teachings as he was doing it? Why didn’t he write his own gospel?
Am I asking the wrong question, or did he write his own gospel and forget to tell any of his disciples about it?
I was born and raised in a catholic family, but when I think back about it, I don’t remember ever actually reading any of the bible, we were just told that it was the word of god, no questions asked.
Why didn’t jesus write his own biography for all of mankind to read. If he was god, then he knew exactly what was going to happen, and when it was going to happen to him, why didn’t he write any of this shit down himself?
I saw this question being asked on the Atheist Experience earlier today, but I didn’t have time to watch it, so I thought I’d ask it here. Am I missing something?

It’s been mentioned a few times, but not a thread. I remember once asking about this and I was told “he was busy preaching” (hahahahahaha). hahahahahaha - oh, I gotta catch my breath.

Also I was told “his audience was mostly illiterate”… hahahahahahahaha -again, just a second…

Yes. As a perfect human or as some would claim “god incarnate”, I guess he was mostly concerned over the folks then and there; not any “future folks” still waiting for his return and “reading his word” 2000 years later. :roll_eyes:


As it is improbable that a divine jesus as described in the bible existed it is entirely plausible that he did not write anything either.

Except this question was asked from the 2cnd to 4th centuries and… Abgar V was king of Osroene with his capital city at Edessa. A city in upper Mesopotamia. According to the legend, King Abgar V was stricken with leprosy and had heard of Jesus’ miracles. Acknowledging Jesus’ divine mission, Abgar wrote a letter of correspondence to Jesus Christ asking to be cured of his ailment. He then invited Jesus to seek refuge in Edessa as a safe haven from persecution. In his alleged reply, Jesus applauded the king for his faith but turned down the request. He expressed regret that his mission in life precluded him from visiting the city. Jesus blessed Abgar and promised that after he ascended into heaven, one of his disciples would heal all of the illnesses of the king and his subjects in Edessa.

The letters, while taken seriously in many Christian traditions for centuries, are generally classed as pseudepigrapha by modern Christians and scholars. (wikepedia)

So you see, like Peter 2, Titus, parts of the epistles and Revelations, the birth narrative in Luke and Matthew, the faithful can indeed enjoy the actual words of their…umm, oh damn, perhaps they cannot.

Catholics are not supposed to read the bible. You are supposed to allow the priest to read it for you and tell you what it says. That was one of the objections protestantism had of Catholicism. The Bible is just too complex for the common man to understand.

"Up until the mid-twentieth Century, the custom of reading the Bible and interpreting it for oneself was a hallmark of the Protestant churches springing up in Europe after the Reformation. Protestants rejected the authority of the Pope and of the Church and showed it by saying people could read and interpret the Bible for themselves. Catholics meanwhile were discouraged from reading Scripture.

Identifying the reading and interpreting of the Bible as “Protestant” even affected the study of Scripture. Until the twentieth Century, it was only Protestants who actively embraced Scripture study. That changed after 1943 when Pope Pius XII issued the encyclical Divino Afflante Spiritu . This not only allowed Catholics to study Scripture, it encouraged them to do so. And with Catholics studying Scripture and teaching other Catholics about what they were studying, familiarity with Scripture grew.

But TRADITION changes very slowly… To get salvation and forgivness in the Catholic Church, you must go throught your priest. Protestants can talk directly to the man in charge.


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The bible. The word of god, at minimum inspired by god.

Written by goat herders, anonymous authors, translated from translations from multiple and sometimes dead languages.

That was over two thousand years ago. Even less than 500 years ago when the King James version was released, there were passages and wording such as:

I Corinthians 13

  1. Though I speake with the tongues of men & of Angels, and haue not charity, I am become as sounding brasse or a tinkling cymbal. 2 And though I haue the gift of prophesie, and vnderstand all mysteries and all knowledge: and though I haue all faith, so that I could remooue mountaines, and haue no charitie, I am nothing. 3 And though I bestowe all my goods to feede the poore, and though I giue my body to bee burned, and haue not charitie, it profiteth me nothing.

Who the fuck talks like this today?

This just illustrates how much one book can be warped and change (in less than 500 years), even using the same language we are using?

For a god to make sure it’s rules and guidance are there for mankind to follow you would think it would do a better job.


The answer is fairly obvious and simple.

  1. Do have any idea how difficult it must have been finding an Office Max, or a Staples, or an Office Depot back then? Geeez… You think paper and pencils just grow on trees? (Oh… Uhhhh… :thinking:)

  2. Even if Jesus did have time to browse through one of the office supply Meccas, he was a travelling bum with no money. Even with his 10% discount, he still wouldn’t be able to buy anything.

  3. And before you say it, yes, Jesus could have pilfered paper and pens from any number of hotels/motels during his travels. But, again, no money to rent a room. Besides, he always felt more comfortable sleeping in mangers, anyway.

So, there you have it. Mystery solved. You’re welcome.


Being the son of God, He surely would have been able to obtain, or have donated, a used laptop so he could write a diary and publish it on his blog. And why didn’t he just record his miracles, like turning those breads and fishes into more breads and fishes and publish them? Then we wouldn’t have been sitting here arguing against it not happening. We’d all be on our knees, praying.

C’mon! Really? That’s rather ridiculous, don’t you think? I mean, seriously, where was Jesus suppose to get a good wi-fi signal anywhere outside of a large settlement? I imagine in those days there were barely ANY cell towers out in the rural areas where he mostly stayed. Also, where exactly was he suppose to plug in the laptop to recharge it? How many power outlets have you ever seen in caves, or mangers, or out in the middle of the desert? Laptop… Good grief… :roll_eyes:

D0h! He could just charge it when he was in a large enough settlement, and rely on the battery. Same with wi-fi. Look at the battery life of chromebooks - they last “forever”. Also, he would be using it for his diary and Bible writings, not for gaming.

There is only one mention of Jesus doing anything resembling the act of writing and that’s in John 8.6 which concerns his defence of the woman ‘taken in adultery’. He scribbles in the sand. Mountains of commentary have been written about this event, pondering over what it was he wrote or was he just doodling? Even more curious is the claim of various Biblical scholars that the little story was added over a hundred years after John’s gospel was written.
As I maintain it appears the Abrahamic god despite being able create quantum mechanics and universes has trouble with basic manual dexterity projects which is propbably why he created monkeys with digits to take care of boat building, Tabernacle construction and the tricky intricacies that come with the art of writing.

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I worked for Office Max driving a truck on a delivery route for almost 17 years, and while we did have many churchs for customers, I don’t recall an order specifically for him. Go figure.


(This is a carry-over from a thread that somehow vanished within the time I was forming the following post in response to a question I was asked. Didn’t want this to go to waste, so I figured this would be a good spot for it.)

Re: Gnostic - “That aside, would you use the DNA zipper on your next child, should you see a gay one?”

First of all, how does one go about “seeing gayness” in a child? Seems like a rather nonsensical concept to me. And even IF that were possible, why the hell would I take the drastic measure of altering a child’s DNA simply to prevent him/her from being attracted to the same gender? While I have no children of my own, I do have gay family members and gay friends. And the bottom line is, people are people. As long as their activities are with consenting adults and are not harming innocents, then it should be nobody’s business who they fuck.

Yes, unfortunately, even here in the 21st Century there are those who are tormented/abused by narrow-minded religitards simply because of their sexual orientation. And, sadly, as long as there are those who continue to cling to antiquated religious dogmas, then the discrimination against homosexuals will continue. That does not mean homosexuals should be required to alter their own DNA simply to conform to the bigoted beliefs of religious zealots. If you want to go down that path, then you might as well tell those of different races to use DNA manipulation to change the color of their skin to conform to the majority race of the region in which they live.


How about the “belief” gene :dna:??? Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh, wow! That just now dawned on me. Oh the fucking IRONY! As we are all aware, an individual’s religious belief is primarily a result of the region in which he/she was born and raised as a child. Granted, once the child has grown, he/she will likely have an option to change their religious belief or discard it altogether (depending once again, of course, on the region). Nevertheless, a person’s religion is typically based on what they were taught as a child. That being said, it is almost humorous to me how the various religious folks fail to see how their particular faith is actually a CHOICE they make. In their minds, their particular god MADE THEM THE WAY THEY ARE. However (and here’s the good part), when it comes to homosexuals, those same Christians/Muslims/etc. will INSIST that homosexuality is a CHOICE, and that their god would NEVER make a person like that. It would actually be funny if the consequences of such thinking were not so damn destructive.

My apologies, but I had to make it go away.

When the punk asshole child of the neighborhood walks into your house holding a lump of shit and proceeds to mark the walls, sometimes immediate action is required.


That would require them to think outside of the religious box they are in. Most do not escape that prison.

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No apologies necessary. I actually applaud your quick and decisive actions before allowing the troll to become more toxic. He/she was certainly headed in that direction.

I’m just going to assume you are referencing some other pukn asshole child of the neighborhood and his lump of shit.


In any case. I’m glad he’s gone. I think Gnostic’s views are immoral and absurd.

Well, duh! You’re still here, aren’t you? Stop being so paranoid.