Why Atheists Can't Be Republicans?

A book of the name “Atheists Can’t Be Republicans: If Facts and Evidence Matter,” by a man by the name of CJ Werleman. Friendly Atheist talks more about it for those who don’t know what the book is. If anyone else has read it, I was wondering what it’s like?

I want to read it, especially since I identify as an atheist Republican (who is liberal, of course).

It seems kind of ridiculous just hearing about it, which I can explain my reasons later, but I’ just wondering if anyone who read it has thoughts on the book, or if they just have thoughts in general.

Never even heard of the book, but what the FUCK does atheism have to do with political affiliation??? Personally, I do not “identify” with ANY type of political party. ESPECIALLY nowadays with both of the U.S. main parties being equally fucked up. (As they’ve pretty much always been, but that’s another topic on its own.) Regardless, NONE of that has anything to do with my being an atheist. That’s about the same as saying, “Why can’t left-handed people be Republicans.”

Sorry I have to ask this, but are you SURE you are an atheist? Because I find it curious how you keep asking such questions, just as many theists have asked in trying to group atheists into one big collective mindset. Atheist: One who lacks belief in any god(s). Period. That’s it. End of story. Has little or nothing to do with any other aspect of that individual’s life/beliefs. This shit ain’t complicated.


That’s the problem with the book.

Do I believe in any sort of God? No.

Well, the previous is moreso because atheists tend to lean one way more than the other, so I was wondering about that. I’ll do better on that next time, though, as you guys have showed me that not everyone goes one way or another. However, this time it’s because I was wondering what people thought about this book…I actually wasn’t grouping everyone together this time. I want individual responses.

Being an atheist is no guarantee of any political leanings.

@Drew I am not speaking of any academic posturing and studies, I am talking about real-world experience.


I don’t know why an Atheist can’t be a Republican. But I can guess why there are not very many.

The Republican Party 2016 platform

To put some perspective on it, here is what it says about God in the platform of their major opposition:

2020 Democratic Party Platform



I am, too. I’m a Republican atheist myself (who is also liberal), so it’s annoying when I see stuff like this book. (Not saying that you are a Republican.)

I just prefer Republican because that’s where I grew up (online), and plus the left has too many beliefs I disagree with…though there are also many on the right that I disagree with.

To be honest, the reasons both Friendly Atheist and CJ Werleman gave were kind of dumb.

Blaire White (who is a conservative transgender woman) has stated that she is non-religious:

In 2017, she described her political beliefs as center-right.[9] In 2019, White said that she is non-religious, stating that religion has had little significance in her life.[13]

Blaire White - Wikipedia

I love her, and she’s so pretty.

Blaire White:

Personally I am not a member of any party. I do not embrace any dogmas or political agendas. All I do is that on voting day I vote for the person who appears the most qualified to solve the problems of the day.

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To be honest, I just am a Republican because I feel most comfortable with them, as well as the fact that I like gun rights (like Shoe0nHead! If I remember correctly), so I stick with them. (Of course, there should be a couple regulations, especially considering that it’s a big reason for such high rates of male suicide and death. So there should be some.)

A transgender Republican is like a mouse campaigning for more mousetraps.


Well, considering that I’m a transgender man and Republican, I’d say that it’s not exactly a 0% chance. Also, we both have our reasons, though they both differ.

To be honest, I’m a liberal atheist Republican.

I had real hope for Obama, he fucked up.
I would not have voted for Hilary in a million years. Trump? Need I say more?
Creepy, child fondling, Biden with is 33% approval rating is as useless as I suspected he would be.

I just scratch my head in wonder… These are really the People America elects for President?
These are the people who lead one of the most powerful countries in the world? (I just shake my head in disgust. Fuck me. I’m not going to be around much longer anyway. It’s a fucking circus)_


He proved, once and for all, that a black man can fuck shit up just as well as any white man.


@Cognostic @Nyarlathotep Agreed.

I am an avid racing fan, been that way all of my life. Of course I like some drivers. But if they mess up or drive inappropriately, I call them out. Yet there are other fans of certain drivers who refuse to deal with that driver doing anything wrong.

In a racing forum my tag is “only mothers, dogs, and quality underwear offer unconditional support”.

Yet for many, if they adopt a political stance, for some weird reason they will support people in that group, even if they really mess up.

Obama does not walk on water, he made some huge mistakes. Trump is a lying maniac, and Biden is not presidential material.

Being a Democrat does not obligate you to support Biden unconditionally. Being a Republican does not obligate you to support Trump unconditionally.



Yup! I could name at least one from each.

Exactly. I may be a Republican, but I certainly don’t like Trump.

I’m the same way. Fuck politics.

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I would, but I’m too much in politics, plus I need to be political for my form of Men’s Rights Activism, so I guess there’s some sacrifices I have to make. Oh well.

You have surrendered your free will and your right to vote for an agenda that is questionable.

Let me make a wild guess: that all within your close circle of “friends” applaud and encourage you to participate in this activism.

It’s not questionable. I’m literally fighting for male rape victims, male victims of Domestic violence, etc.

Actually, no, my mom (a feminist) showed me a video in which a man was being abused in public, everyone was laughing, he defended himself, everyone attacked him, my mom told me it was wrong and that men should be able to defend themselves on the first hit.

Later, I came across a poster which was telling rape victims to get help (this was in elementary school, so when I was still a girl), but it only included women, so I thought “men get raped too” and shook my head in as much visible disgust as I could before walking away.

I think in 7th grade (so still a girl) English, I was messing with a guy, pulling his stuff, and when he caught me, I would give it back and we would laugh, one time I pulled his desk, I was not prepared for the loud noise, everyone was silent, teacher (female) blamed him instantly and gave him detention, he said “You never believe me,” I told her it was me, she looked at me like she didn’t believe me for several seconds, before having me move over a seat when she had punished him worse initially.

I wrote a article in 8th grade for this one magazine my teacher was having us all do, mine was on Men’s Rights (since I have been an MRA since I was 8 or 10, when I was still a girl), and my teacher was happy about the feminist student doing a feminist article but kept a straight face with me (and I’m glad she let me do it), and all my classmates looked at me weirdly at the time when I brought up men’s issues (such as longer male sentences for the same crime and background or higher suicide rates).

My friends don’t even care that I’m an MRA. They’re pretty chill about it. But none of them encourage it. Some, however, are against it.

So, sorry to break it to you, but no one encouraged or applauded me for being an MRA.

However, my MRA friends (including a gay man in the UK and a lesbian in Spain and a bisexual dude in India) all were the best, most supportive friends I’ve ever had. They are the only ones who have done nothing to hurt me, surprisingly enough, while I got told by a random male feminist that I’m both a rapist and rape apologist (as a dude) just for being sexually assaulted.

And don’t forget the female feminist who told me that men cannot get raped after I told her that a girl tried to rape me (as a dude). Or the female feminist who said “who would want to rape men?” (and back pedaled on that so fast after I told her a girl tried to rape me as a dude).

But sure, whatever you say, Chief.

Women are just as capable of being “evil” (without empathy; abusive to another) as men. Men have been coming out of the closet regarding sexual abuse (from both men and women) for decades now. The responses some people give to excuse male rape victims is no different then the excuses some people gave/give to female rape victims (she was dressed provocatively; drunk; should have “known” better; alone, etc).

The fact that men are sharing their stories should create more support systems, awareness and empathy.

But again, “fighting for a right” is different than bringing certain male issues to light and helping create emotional/mental support, and healing systems.

HOWEVER given that you are a pregnant 18 year old that will (in less than a year) be focused on childcare and financial support (work) and household management (cleaning, cooking, laundry, bills) - I doubt you will ever be in a position to effect real change in a specific area of need.