Why Are Theist So Sure Of Their God?

Indeed. On looking at a narwhal tooth it’s easy to see why such claims could be made.

Just as it seems that sex starved sailors mistook dugongs for mermaids, others mistook rhinoceris for unicorns.


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That’s an argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy.

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And a claim with no evidence.
Something I seem to have a real problem with… but I am trying.

I’m happy to accept that a complete absence of objecive evidence is a sound reason to disbelieve a claim, but it is irrational to assert that it is in and of itself evidence the claim is false.


Yes correct @Sheldon but he is also claiming he’s got evidence to prove there’s no god. Something I have made mistakes doing in the past and that is making claims with nothing to back them up. (Evidence).

I and him needs to stop doing so.

Back to my fiction writing.

I do hope you were very stoned at least, when you penned that egregious assault on the English language?


However your core premise seems valid, if he is making a claim, that claim incurs a burden of proof.


Am stoned now.
And I don’t know how I can mess up my own language but I will try harder.


And I am trying to learn, would have failed out of school though going by my actual grades. LOL.


Hi FievalJ

No need to apologies for responding late. We all have a life outside of the virtual

I will be taking some time off. I have just lost the love of my life today. .Not sure when i will be back… I’m in a different state of mind right now and nothing seems important.

Wishing you all the best.


I’m so so sorry to hear that-


I am sorry to hear you are experiencing something that hurts so deeply. Please take care of yourself through this time.


Please accept my deepest condolences, @Earth. I am so sorry for your loss.

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So sorry to hear of your loss.

A death or relationship break up?

I don’t mean to intrude, I only ask because you might feel the need to vent. Here’s a safe place to do it.



My 17 year old son, the love of my life has passed away. He had many complications that gave him no fighting chance at the end. This child was the definition of Love. He showed me a type of love I have never seen or received before. He loved and respected everyone but when he was disrespected in any way he would put his foot down immediately instead of holding it inside. He would even call me out and let me know things I should change in my life. I will miss him. I will miss all of him.

In his honor I will work on myself about the last things he pointed out like being in the present when someone speaks to you and not be distracted by media.

Moments like this make me realize that many things in life are not important.

I have had good friends pass away and even family but none have left such pain and such a hole in me.

I want to thank everyone for your condolences.


Oh fuck :sob: @Earth … there are no words I can say from one parent to another.

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Oh my dear chap I do not have the words

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The problem isn’t with the evidence. The problem is that you come to the evidence with presuppositions that correspond to an atheistic view of the evidence. I could argue all day with you along the lines of, “How did both sets of reproductive organs develop such that allowed copulation of organisms that developed these traits through random mutation, and both male and female organisms randomly mutated perfectly to allow for reproduction,” and on and on. Who cares? You’re going to evaluate that evidence already having presupposed that there is no God. I would suggest something maybe you haven’t heard. I propose that the proof for God is that without Him, you can’t prove anything.
cracks knuckles lol

To which god are you speaking of?

You do know there’s millions of them so which god are you talking about?


Welcome to Atheist Republic derekreedball, I hope your stay here is enjoyable and long.

I do not accept your proposition. I do not follow any “atheistic view of the evidence” but rather with a skeptic’s mind.

It is incumbent on the claimant to prove their claim. I do not approach any position with a preconceived notion, but I do expect a claim to be proven before I will accept it.

Please first prove a god before we can move on to the next proposition, that one must believe in a god to be able to prove anything. Personally I think you have wrapped yourself in a circular argument.


There’s only one God. The God of the Bible. “All the gods of the nations are idols, but the Lord made the heavens” (Psalm 96:5).

I am going to need more proof than just a passage from a book with a very questionable history. Please be aware, a roll of toilet paper carries more weight than the bible in here for most atheists.

The bible is the claim, not the proof.

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