Why Are Theist So Sure Of Their God?

With little to no evidence for a god, why is it they are so sure that a god exists? They also from what I have saw post anything and everything to try to prove their god.

Yes at one time I was a Christian but when I went in search for evidence to strengthen my faith I found no real evidence to back that up. For years I believed in a god that would allow my consciousness to survive death, but what would I really do with myself after a few million years? I can not imagine I could find something to keep myself preoccupied for millions of years.

I am sure I would enjoy the first few hundred years, but after that I figure I would wish for death.

So a second question arises when getting tired of having to live forever in some heaven. Or just one and that is, what the hell would I do with myself after getting tired of everything else.

Can any theist out there actually present evidence, or am I barking up an empty tree?

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The same reason you were.



Yes. The only question you need to ask yourself now is if their evidence is at your acceptable standard today as opposed to when you were a theist. Is your standard for acceptable evidence clear to you?

Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s been a while that I have been reading your posts and comments and it seems to me that you are seeking a debate or argument to reinforce your current atheism. I sense you are conflicted at times and need reassurance. Perhaps the pot may be a contributing force to this. Just my opinion and I may be wrong.


What!? Are you suggesting there’s acceptable evidence to prove a god?

I am seeking someone to actually claim there’s evidence for a god, and then actually try and post some using their bible as evidence.

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Look at your question FievalJ

My reply of Yes is to that question. Theists will present their evidence and even you have stated that the bible is referenced as evidence. To some it is acceptable evidence and to others it is not acceptable evidence.

Why you’re looking for evidence or acceptable evidence I have no clue especially in an atheist forum.
Perhaps you’re just looking forward to a debate. Be ready for it and know what acceptable evidence means to you.

What if a theist tells you that you cannot measure God because it is not in Time, Space, or Matter.
Are you ready for that one? Prepare yourself. Don’t ask me how to reply to that one but there are much better candidates here than me.


My answer would be nothing can exist outside the boundaries of time and space because it is impossible for anything to exist outside of actual reality.

They would also have to provide something for evidence outside their bible. If a thing can exist outside of time and space then it probably does not exist at all.

Sorry but I am getting a bad vibe from you, and that vibe is that you are still unsure whether or not a god could exist and still somewhat clinging onto the possibility god is actually real.

So now give me some evidence that there is a god.

Yes there are as I just feel you are still clinging onto a god.

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What is actual reality? Is it the reality you subjectively percieve? How do you know that nothing can exist outside the boundaries (if any) of this spacetime?

To prove what they say is true, yes they would. Nonetheless their holy books are evidence in themselves. If I say I have seen a supernatural being, that is evidence (though anecdotal) for the supernatural being, whether it is sufficient to prove its existence or not. Evidence is an indication of a certain statement being more true or more false, regardless of whether is corresponds to reality.


To be honest I don’t really know. Science tells us there probably wasn’t anything until time actually started, and that would be at the time of the Big Bang. I am not saying nothing existed, I am more saying now I just don’t know. Science can only bring us so far.

Yes of course.

And they will use a mostly fictional book as proof.


I can only answer for myself. My standards of evidence when I was a theist were zero. I believed whatever an authority figure told me.

But I went out to learn, trained myself, and my standards of evidence now are much higher. And I like to keep things simple and understandable. They are the same as a court of law. I do not consider this unfair or unacceptable. I require real tangible evidence, the ability to question witnesses, and other such practices anyone would experience in a court of law.

That being said, even if I accepted most theist claims, they are not a direct link to a god. For example, if it was proven to the standards of evidence of a court of law that a dead person came back to life, that only indicates the person came back to life. Making the case for divine intervention requires another trial.


No, science does not tell us there probably wasn’t anything until time actually started, science tells us



If anything at all.

I don’t actually know either.


I can provide evidence that God doesn’t exist…

  • Evolution

  • There are false parts in the Bible

  • No proof for him (or her or it…)

  • The Bible can be disproved

  • People cannot be resected

Pretty bold claim there.

Have any evidence either way?


Here is a mistake in a Lego manual.

Does that invalidate everything about Lego?


Thanks, FievelJ for helping me to better grasp the concept of evidence. “Evidence - the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid” So if I have grasped the definition correctly there is evidence for the existence of the Lochness monster, fairies,picts, giants, extraterrestrial life, a flying teapot and gods, but there is no definitive proof of their existence.


I just provided some evidence…but I shall restate them, and explain them better.

  • Evolution. If animals and plants evolved, and weren’t created, then how would God fit? Mammals came from reptiles, reptiles came from the sea, and the sea animals came from earlier animals…it would take much longer than just several thousand years, and it would also kind of render God useless…

  • There are false parts in the Bible. For example, the Bible claims that (male) homosexuality is unnatural, even though research has found that homosexuality is natural…another thing, God supposedly screams on top of a mountain at some point, but in order to be successfully loud and powerful, that would take some to accomplish…Also, Abraham’s wife, Sarai(?), has a child at old age, which is next to impossible…

  • Believers claim that the Bible is full of morality, but is the opposite of morality (unless you’re Hitler, Stalin, or the Hyena of Auschwitz). Rampant homophobia, especially against male homosexuality…rape…genital mutilation as a covenant…women and young girls as war booty…that two daughters raping their drunk dad is somehow good…God threw the people of Babel around the world and mixed up their language, so that they couldn’t accomplish anything…that Eve was punished to be in forever painful birth…that Adam was punished to forever be a working slave, working the ground…that dropping people like flies is somehow a wonderful thing…etc.

  • No proof for him (or her or it…). If there’s any actual proof for God, I’d like to see it.

  • The Bible can be disproved. Look at the above, just for a place to start…

  • People cannot be reserected. (I don’t know how to properly spell “reserected”…can someone please help me?) There’s no possible way to actually reserect people, because if the electric pulses (or whatever they’re called) stop working, you can’t get it back, unless if you do it in a relatively close time. Why do you think that it’s so important to get a person back as soon as possible if they die? Because they could not only not make it, but they could also end up with brain damage. If you stop bloodflow to the brain, then you end up dying, or you have a stroke. If your heart stops, then you kind of get brain damage…

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No, but that is one little mistake. Not a whole book of them.

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I want to just say in a single word, “Right.” but have to type a little more than that.

Yes I agree.


It is spelled resurrected.

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Thank you!

I sometimes have trouble spelling words, so thank you for that