Why Are Theist So Sure Of Their God?

Evolution is scientifically accepted as it is our best explanation.
There are also fossils suggesting we were at one time more ape like.

There are parts of the bible also which went on the current observation of the day. Many ended up being proved false but some are accurate.


I myself am gay.

I am not going to tackle all of that but lets just say a lack for evidence does not mean there’s no god. Of course the Christian god can be mostly if not fully disproved.


The bible has parts that are correct, and parts that are not. Just because a book has mistakes, does that invalidate Lego?


Thank You @David_Killens I think you got it better.


I have seen that in another OP some atheists have corrected you and taught you better than I ever can in how to respond to the theory that God exists outside of time, space and matter, so there is no need for me to elaborate.

First of all I’m not sure why you consider the vibe 'bad, 'when it is merely a suspicion, an inkling, a hunch. I approached you with my hunch about you and you have made it clear that you are merely looking for a debate. My apologies for being wrong in my assumption about you being unsure of yourself.
As for me, there is no God/god that I have read about or heard of that I believe in.

I have no evidence to offer other than that which you already know. I make no claim that god exists and the burden is not mine.

Just for the record, when I was young and walked into bars, people would be shuffling around and some would fall silent because I was very often mistaken as an undercover cop. They couldn’t be farther from the truth. Then again many people have been misidentified at one time or another.

On another note, if you wish to practice your debate skills on that topic I brought up I would be more than happy to help by playing the devils’ advocate. I have no problem with others helping you out once you have replied or even pointing out my flaws in debating
I don’t like debating religion and I’m terrible at it but it would be fun and educational for both of us.
We can start an OP called Practice Run.
Then again maybe it’s a good idea or maybe it’s a bad one.


Yes, evolution is our best explanation…and it is seen every day, in the world. From birth to death, frogs, butterflies, moths, etc. all have evolutionary stages…if you breed foxes in a way in which only the least aggressive get bred, then they start to get spots, turn white, black, etc., some of their ears start to droop, etc…there are also many other examples, but I would have to compile a list in order to collect a huge collection of them.

Yes, I know that there is fossils suggesting that we once more ape-like…but that is still a very important thing to bring up.

Like what? I am curious.

Yes, I saw your image…

Also, I am gay. Not a big deal.

There’s a lack of evidence for unicorns. They aren’t real. In fact, porpoise horns were used and were marketed as unicorn horns, which was useful in helping the merchants sell. Same with the Bible. There is no proof for God. Those who created the Bible needed to sell an idea, so that they could control other people. If the people believed in a divine being that would squash them like a bug if they did not obey, then the people would obey, and that would be obeying those whom they believed could talk to God…

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And… it doesn’t hold to my standard for your claim. No more than the opposite backs the other claim, or meets my standards.


How does evolution prove god/s existence or not? If god existed, this being could use whatever means it wants, to bring physical beings about. Evolution is the best explanation thus far for the evidence. The question of god/s doesn’t even enter the picture.

So? There are false parts of in the bible…maybe it’s the Koran or Mormon or all or none. A book or claims by books have nothing to do with demonstrable evidence for or against the existence of god/s. The best these holy books do is perhaps demonstrate that the particular god/s they describe doesn’t exist the way they claim.

No “proof”? Proof: evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement…“you will be asked to give proof of your identity” (ever hear of fake ID - yet there would be proof). OR a person convicted yet they were “not guilty” of the crime (DNA evidence established they were innocent of murder). PROOF on its own and depending the level doesn’t get to “what is true”…

Again, who gives a shit if the bible is disproved! Who says the bible is it - the end all and be all of the god question???

People can’t be resurrected! Again - so fucking what!!! What does this answer in regard to the being of god/s? Nothing. On its own nothing! So if a person or medical science could resurrect - this is an automatic check-point for god? How the fuck could it be an automatic check-point for “no god”? Hahahaha.

I agree wholeheartedly with that statement, as I myself have come to the same conclusion.

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No there’s not really, I doubt anything can exist outside of them though anyway.

Absolute evidence that there isn’t some sort of deity also does not exist, but I highly doubt there is one.

No the burden of proof would be on my shoulders.

Yes is true.

Debating right here is fine.
We are on agreeing grounds though.

The universe is so fascinating though, but better saved for another subject I guess.

Sorry I took so damn long.


Possibly we might have come from a sea creature of some type too. And yes things are evolving constantly as many things and animals evolve all the time.

Anywhere the bible makes a visible observation that is actually true. The Jesus story is probably completely false though, and based around fiction.

It cost me over 40$, but well worth it.
There’s other images with young me, Denny and Fievel, but I can not share them here as it violates the rules.

But unicorns can exist if god can exist.
I so wish so as then Dragons would be real too.


That was sarcasm.

Like asking what is beyond that 92 Billion light-years.

We don’t know.


Darn it Fievel, if I could grant you 100,000 likes, I would.

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Holy SHIT!!!

Hell just fucking froze over :flushed:

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Good at least I wont have to worry about burning up when I go there.

If there were 100,000 here for it. xD

You’re doing it again, making unfounded claims.

You have the burden of proof .IE demonstrate that "nothing can exist outside the boundaries of time and space " and “it is impossible for anything to exist outside of actual reality”

As far as I’m aware, each of those claims is unfalsifiable, but I could be wrong.

You are correct. We have no examples of anything outside of space and time, therefore it cannot be tested. And if can not be tested, it is unfalsifiable.

No shit but I didn’t make that claim on this thread I do not believe. Can not find it on a search.

Most recently I just said about the distance of the universe or approximately 92 billion light years across.
What is on the other side?, (Shrugs)

There’s millions of things but one could be the multiverse which can not interact with this plain of existence?

Did I get it right?

Edit; I should say the I don’t know answer more often to something we can not answer.

Edit 2; I need to get back to story writing I was paid this time.

HInt hint: we do not know what the conditions are beyond the boundaries of our universe.

We have many proposals, but they are just that, ideas without being verified.

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I covered that in my first edit.

Need to step away for awhile and write my fiction.

Porpoises do not have horns.
Porpoises are a group of fully aquatic marine mammals, similar in appearance to a dolphin, all of which are classified under the family Phocoenidae, parvorder Odontoceti (toothed whales). They are, however, more closely related to narwhals and belugas than to the true dolphins.*

Do you mean Narwhales?
The narwhal or narwhale (Monodon monoceros) is a medium-sized toothed whale that possesses a large “tusk” from a protruding canine tooth. It lives year-round in the Arctic waters around Greenland, Canada, and Russia. It is one of two living species of whale in the family Monodontidae, along with the beluga whale.

Another lesson in making claims that are not properly researched?

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