Which Political Party do you align with?

I just took the quiz and came out 73% Transhumanist. I have no idea what a transhumanist is. #2 was a Constitutionalist. #3 Libertarian. (Hanging head in shame… ) That sounds like me … doesn’t it!

Take the test for fun and share the results.

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Unsurprisingly I got, in order: Womens’ equality, Green and Socialist. All at 85%

Of course the labelling is very US centric and I suspect the Womens equality would not figure as it has been settled in the EU and Australia/NZ for a long time now.

I would probably be labelled Democratic Socialist with Green leanings…would be interesting to get an international version and see how we all measure up…

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LOL, this was fun, especially as a non-USian :rofl:

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I’m not in the US obviously, but I took a stab at it.

87% Democratic
84% Women’s equality
81% Green
80% Socialist

Those are the top 4…


I liked how you did that…
My Politics

The problem was I tried to show that “Republican” was at 50%. How is that possible when Socialist is at 53%, and why are all my percentages so low?

OH! I got home and had more time ---- I noticed all the drop-down windows and did the test again. That’s why the numbers don’t match. But the results seem to be the same.-

Well - that was interesting. As a Canadian doing this test I mostly answered to those values and rights I agree with.

As for me, what I seemingly agree with the most is a mish-mash of around 85-90% agreement with some diverse ideologies. However, the most interesting part there is the bottom of the pit, or what I seem to disagree with the most (and it makes sense):



I took the test, and I’m an 87% Democrat.

I thought I would test out as more conservative, actually.

I’m very pro choice, pro environmental causes, pro feminist, and I tend to be very supportive of LGBTQ causes.

Yet I believe in welfare reform (as I know of families that have subsisted on welfare for 3 generations, although they are–to be fair–not the norm), I am a moderate on gun control, and I’m not the biggest fan of unions.

When it comes to progressive social causes, I would like to see the government help people when times are tough, but that doesn’t mean that I want the government to be an enabler (like in an alcoholic relationship). This distinction between helping and enabling is often lost in political discussions and government policy-making.

87% Democratic Socialism.

I knew there was a reason we never holiday in Wyoming or West Virginia.


Hard to take survey seriously after seeing the question about teaching critical race theory to children.

Also curious how it gives a rating on socialism; when I did not see a single question about ownership of the means of production.

Seems more like a moral panic quiz.


Agreed, but it is relevant since there are idiots here in this country that think it is and has been taught to children. :roll_eyes:

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I do believe that some form of critical race theory needs to be taught in schools.

As an example from my nursing school, I want you to please consider 2 medical devices. One is the pulse oximeter, and the other is a forehead scanning thermometer.

The pulse ox determines oxygen saturation of O2 in the bloodstream, and it accomplishes this with a laser that scans the nail bed.

Well . . . color depends upon how much light gets reflected (Science 101), and when the pulse ox was designed and built, it turns out that it was calibrated for white people.

There havd been robust studies which link poorer hospital outcomes for black people purely because of racist medical equipment.

There is the same problem with the scanning forehead thermometer.

And here’s the kicker: We can’t discuss racially biased medical equipment in nursing school because that would be a form of critical race theory, which is now against the law.

So . . . I have to knowingly enter numbers that I know are wrong in a patient’s chart, and this bothers the hell out of me.

And all I want from my instructors is a formula to add or subtract numbers as indicated to get a more accurate reading, but it’s against the rules to discuss it as this would be critical race theory.

I know you guys may want to fact-check my claims (as you should), so please see below:





Not being from the US I have found the word misused frequently, usually as a misdirected slur. When questioned about how they can justify the accusation against the actual definition of socialism it goes without saying that the silence is deafening.

I had to look up critical race theory to be honest, underwhelmed best describes my reaction.


I don’t think we can assume this was motivated by racism though, or even by indifference, I mean if it’s efficacy is manifest on the majority of the population all we need do is make sure that medical practitioners using it are fully aware of its limitations. I’m not sure what I read about critical race theory is apropos here to be honest.

This might as easily be caused by poor training tbh, either way they could change hospital policy without the “Spanish Inquisition” of critical race theory.

Political correctness gone mad? If indeed one could claim political correctness was ever not mad. If someone told me my ethnicity meant I’d be wise to sleep under a mosquito net in countries where malaria was prevalent, and to wear sun block to protect my thin white skin from the effects of ultra violet light, I’d not consider this racist, even if they added the word pasty to thin white skin.

You’d think it would possible to honestly address the fact that on occasion differing ethnicity requires different approaches in medical treatments, without any accusations of racism?


You would think . . . but it isn’t so.

And the difference between using sun block with a disussion of fair skin is a false analogy to my issues with the pulse ox, as the pulse ox was designed to exclude Black people (whether intentionally or not). The point of my post is that I believe that if critical race theory was taught in schools, then the forehead thermometer and pulse ox wouldn’t have been designed to be biased.

And–fyi–everyone is equally counseled on sunscreen. The reggae musical genius Bob Marley died from a melanoma skin cancer that probably came from excessive sun exposure.

Do ethnic differences sometimes need us to modify medical care?


But this is a different consideration than biased medical equipment, and how we aren’t allowed to talk about it.

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It sure sounds like institutional racism (aka systemic racism) to me. CRT would go a long way in addressing this non-overt yet terribly damaging form of bias.


Thank you Sheldon and Cyber for responding to my posts.

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Kevin, there’s no need to thank folks for responding to your posts. :grin:. This is a community of folks who talk with each other. You’re a member and what you have to say is as valuable as anyone else’s comments.


I do thank you guys, because I often get valuable insights that I can use . . . even in school assignments, and I am grateful for being welcomed here.

It seems to cover the McCarthism/John Birch Society and the MAGA moral panics.

Maybe the next version can have more inclusive questions like:

  1. In the future; should children that Hillary Clinton kidnaps be forced to take the Covid jab?
  2. How should the tax liability of ritual satanic cult leaders (and atheists) be proportioned in cases where they ate their dependent child halfway through the tax year?
  3. When a caucasian gets replaced by people with brown skin, should the caucasian be able to collect unemployment?
  4. Should Jewish Space Lizards be allowed to vote?